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Adrian is to die for!

Louder Than Love - Jessica Topper

5 I-want-an-Adrian-of-my-own stars.*****Review completed January 14, 2014

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"If we hurry, you can make the 6:35." I was suddenly very aware of the intimate quarters once again and had trouble finding the ignition with my key.
"I'd rather kiss you and take the 6:55."
His lips had barely pushed out the words before mine sprang into action. The moment was beautifully surreal, as I had been imagining it vividly during the last twenty minutes at dinner.

Katrina lost her husband in a tragic train wreck when she was thirty. Trying to escape her demons, she leaves New York with her little daughter Abbey and goes back to her childhood home in Lauder Lake. Now four years later, her friends can't wait for her to date again. When Katrina hires (unknowingly) recluse rock star Adrian Graves to play at Lauder Lake Public Library in front of a bunch of kids, she feels attracted to a man for the first time since Pete's death. For fun, Adrian wrote a song for a kids' TV serial years ago, and Kat's daughter Abbey is a huge fan of Maxwell MacGillikitty. The story takes it from there.

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The third photo is absolute rapture. The realization of her eleven-month-old world spinning, with its methodical ups and downs and Daddy safe next to her, has brought a gleeful, gummy smile to her face. Cheeks wide, eyes shining, and the hint of two bottom front teeth at her gum line about to break through. Pete is absolved, vindicated, rewarded. Grinning point-blank at me as I manage to capture, unknowingly, our little unit's final experience of jumping into the great unknown together. The photos speak volumes, yet they say nothing. The moment, like the ride, was too short.

photo 5762051_zps2c1cea2c.gif

"Yeah…" I watched as he took my hand in his. "Hey, no funny business," I lamely joked, my heart hammering.
He slowly knelt down in front of me, still clutching my hand. "No, I consider this very serious business. What are you thinking right now?"
"I'm thinking I want to kiss you again, but I'm scared to. Maybe I could kiss you on a safe spot, like your elbow."

photo 640482ca-782c-4940-bee7-1460f13cf805_zps1aeb6bbb.png

"Somewhere a queen is weeping…"
"Somewhere a king…has no wife," I quietly finished, stirring my coffee and raising my eyes to finally meet his again. People talk in clichés about sparks flying, but damned if we didn't have our own little pyrotechnic show happening right in my dining room.

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Our breath and movements flowed evenly, measured, in unison. He brought his torso up to meet mine as he heaved, hands grasping at my bra straps, my curls, anything tangible to keep him from floating into the ether. I witnessed his face speak a thousand words as his lips just uttered one: my name again. He was all at once demonic, blissful, tortured, humble, and at peace.

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Wow! This story took me by surprise and I never thought I'd say this but I loved Louder Than Words! Very much so. Yes, Adrian is a smoker and he did make mistakes, yet I fell head over heels in love with him. I gotta tell you that man is to die for and every positive feeling built up inside me deserves to burst out, and I really, really want to spread some love for this amazing book! In my eyes, this story had so many fascinating ingredients to qualify for a five-star read. Easily. I could even overlook my minor quibbles (scroll down to check them out). If you can get past the slow beginning then you might end up enjoying this book.

photo ea100459-e629-4832-b5a3-8020422af1dc_zps29217300.png

Louder Than Love is all kinds of amazingly beautiful, romantic, endearing and sweet. And I really mean the very good kind of sweet. No cheese, no sugar. The kind of beauty and romance that goes straight to your heart where you want to lock it away for a long time, so you can get lost in fond memories whenever you go back to that special spot for a visit.

Easy Tiger…
Make it last
Arms wide, incantation, the spell's been cast

Let me reminisce how everything began. I remember that the cover peaked my interest. However, when I saw that several readers shelved this book as new adult, my interest shriveled like a balloon. Another one of those? Really? I took notice of Karia's comment who told me it's not NA at all. Well, and then I just put it on my TBR pile and thought it would gather some dust till I was ready to remove it again. But then my friend Kelly picked it up recently, loved it and encouraged me to give it a try. After reading Louder Than Love I can tell you that anyone who's going to shelf it as NA couldn't be more wrong. Louder Than Love is a beautiful and moving story about love, loss, pain and a thoughtful and deep second chance at love between two mature adults. It is also about chasing ghosts, keeping them at bay and ultimately dealing and conquering them; making peace with your past, remembering good and bad times and be ready and willing to let your life be flooded by new ones. Hopefully only the good ones... 

photo 453618b2-c49d-4fe1-a77e-b4f4f877d754_zps2dee902a.png

For a debut I must say I'm incredibly impressed because the writing is very compelling, thoughtful, defined and mature. The characters are complex and yet they astonished me in their modesty. I will admit that the plot itself is nothing I hadn't seen before. However, what made everything so intriguing is the author's voice, her candid writing and the loving as well as realistic way she portrayed her main protagonists. Adrian is so far away from the clichéd, conceited rocker caveman alpha-hole that I fell for him instantly. I even forgave him in a heartbeat for coming to the library gig half-drunk. In fact, he sobered up quickly and delivered a wonderful performance and captured the kids' attention straightaway. Besides, we should cut him some slack because poor Adrian was so scared. It was his first live gig since forever and he needed to get his nerves under control. Coming out of hiding and performing live again after such a long time was a huge step for him. Talk about making peace with your past. Don't let his faux-pas put you off because Adrian is not a drunk at all and smoking was a rather light vice considering his ugly past. I will happily admit that I love  mature heroes. Adrian is 41, not very tall, heavily tattooed with longish, shaggy dark blond hair interspersed with gray and a sexy goatee. Oh my, count me in! If I had to describe him in two words then I'd choose humble and sexy.

I’m by no stretch of the imagination an expert when it comes to English accents. Yet I could hear Adrian when he was talking in his British accent. And I could see him sitting on the steps waiting for Kat, smiling at her when she arrived. Whatever he did and felt I was right there with him. I just know what engages my heart and the author did a fine job bringing the characters to life, especially Adrian. He was real to me.

photo 702ea742-5427-4cb9-bd7e-fbab9e4080cb_zps389d547d.png

I'm not sure what I expected but I assure you it wasn't that at all. I'm still reeling in the aftermath of what I just read and I can't decide what label I should pin on Adrian's chest. He's not a straight alpha and while there are beta qualities in him, I'd say he's probably a gamma hero. He's a wonderful character and all his skills, pros and cons blend in a perfect and very attractive mix that I appreciated tremendously. Adrian was perfect in his perfectly flawed personality which made him very human and interesting, even endearing. The interaction between him and Kat's almost five-year-old daughter was beyond fantastic and let me end up in a puddle of sugary goo at his feet. As a matter of fact, Adrian did a marvelous job at firing up his adult metal fans as well as capturing the hearts of his very young audience in public libraries. He transformed easily from tattooed badass rocker to a demure and unobtrusive performer who sang songs for kiddies and could wow them in an instant with his sincere and endearing personality. Perfect. Kudos to the author for making the clever loophole possible. I totally dug that! How smart and apt was that!?! In spite of the missing epilogue, the final 10 % were magical. And don't get me started on the more than perfect title. There were so many, many amazing and emotional moments to discover and treasure throughout the entire story. 

The sex scenes are not overtly explicit. Still, they are very sexy in a understated way that appealed very much to me and complemented the beauty of the story. 

Louder Than Love provided a rather eclectic cast of secondary characters. Unfortunately, there's one asshole to be found as well. Grant, please take a hike! Oh, and this gif is for you...

photo tumblr_mg9e2rpUNm1s01oqmo1_500_zpseea873a4.gif

Everyone should raise their hands in the air who loved Jim. I sure as heck are among those readers. *high five*

Minor quibbles
I'm allergic to giggling. Yet I'll admit Kat didn't do it all the time. Thanks for small favors. Also, I would have preferred for Kat to talk about her ghosts with Adrian so much sooner. On the other hand, I get where the author took the story and I can see why she waited so long. As aforementioned, the beginning was slow. Also, I had to wait until the 15 % mark to meet Adrian for the first time. It was a rather long wait. In the end, however, it was so well worth it.
While the ending was lovely I missed an epilogue. Honestly, I'd love to read a novella showing us the three of them happily together six or twelve months down the road. Will Abbey get a little brother or sister one day? Come on, let a girl dream, will you? Imagine, this would be the icing on the rocker cake. Future headbanger included.

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I LOVED the musical stroll down memory lane when the author interspersed more than a couple of popular bands of the 80s in the plot, and I couldn't put the book down when Adrian talked about his past. Oh my, and what great vibes flew right off the pages when Adrian showed his expertise as a musician, composer but also as a flawed human being?! All in all a fabulous debut about a recluse rock star who redeemed himself completely and was so worthy of a second chance at life and love, and a likable heroine who overcame the loss of the love of her life to find a new one. And then let's not forget the sweet and endearing Abbey who went to Mad Hatter (Manhattan) to brighten Adrian's life. Sometimes jumping into the great unknown can be very rewarding. It made me yearn for more.

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…also the ugly.

Recommended read.
Every reader who enjoyed How to Kill a Rock Star should give this book a try. I know I can't compare these two stories because there's no doubt about it they are different. Louder Than Love, however, is much more romantic than HtKaRS and so worth a shot! 

"You are the best thing to happen to me, bar none. You, Abbey…all of this. You both walked into my life and…I never knew what I wanted until you did."


Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/692734966

What the heck??? Terrible writing and BoredomVille.

Live - Mary Ann Rivers

1 pretentious star. DNF at 60 %. Review completed January 12, 2014

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Let me start by saying something positive. I enjoyed their first kisses and the smexin' in the car. 

photo tumblr_myb137nwjZ1t1onfvo1_500_zpse0bf291b.gif

What killed the entire book for me, however, was the bloated writing itself. It's pompous and pretentious. I still feel kinda sucker-punched because I requested the ARC based on my fondness for Mary Ann Rivers' The Story Guy which I enjoyed very much. Yes, I also loved the somewhat poetic and flowery writing and I felt very partial to the otherness of The Story Guy.

So, while I do love flowery, lyrical or poetic prose, I'm perfectly fine with one beautiful rose…

photo ABB_zps759c2d2e.gif

…yet I obviously have an issue with OTT flowery and pompous writing that explodes in a full-blown bouquet of distracting and all-consuming flowers where the scent of the blossoms obliterates everything else.

photo original_zps308693e9.gif

Even though the heroine's background was littered with tragedies, to me she came across as bland as her incredibly pale skin. Simply put, I found Desbaby terribly boring. Also, it really annoys the heck out of me when I initially hear the sentence 'I never cry', even though tears became a common commodity of Live. I mean it's fine by me when women AND men have a good cry once in a while, but when the tears and sobs, the thoughts of many overwhelming good-byes, and the tragic and sad character of Sarah threaten to monopolize the story, then I need to whip out my red card. It's. Just. Too. Much.

photo 677d5866-15be-4773-b51b-9f8bbb3e3d8a_zps51e730a8.png

Although it's not my arm I assure you the card is red.

Also, I assume that Sarah will get her own story and I hope for her that she's going to catch some tough alpha man who's going to kick her stubborn ass, telling her what she's got to do to get out of her pathetic state of mind. Come on, Sarah, enough is enough! Pick up the pieces and start living again.

That quote is going to strangle your tongue…or maybe your brain:

He hadn't wanted to negotiate the good-bye in the morning. Or not saying good-bye, then making every minute an excuse to spend another minute together, until the entire time they spent in the other's arms was an excuse to keep way from anything else beyond the borders of the bed.
Until leaving the bed was leaving.

Jesus christ on a crutch. Baba hadn't wanted to negotiate with the MCs, arguing over so many spoken and unspoken good-byes, then making every minute spent on this book an excuse to spend no time with her kids, until the entire time she spent in their company playing the judge over yet another verbal or physical fight was an excuse to keep way from anything else beyond the borders of their rooms.
Until leaving the house to take a breather was leaving.

How does this sound? Did you just call me goofy? I'm going to shrug it off coz I was being goofy. I think you get the gist. *facepalm*

photo tumblr_m7o3g1tgvC1ruwgo1o1_500_zpsd8946d78.gif

My elder son who's a 7th grader is reading a book by Friedrich Dürrenmatt with his classmates. If you are acquainted with the European literary world then you might be familiar with his name. Maybe I should start reading real literature because Dürrenmatt's writing is easier to grasp…than…what the heck is that?

While I found Hefin's past and provenance very intriguing, I just couldn't quite warm up to him either. I don't have a problem with beta heroes but Hefin was a bit too demure and subservient--even shy at times--for my taste. Also, I completely understand that people enjoy fetishes. Some have a foot fetish and others like Hefin are mesmerized by freckles. In this case, however, I found the fetish utterly overdone. After the freckles had been mentioned for the umpteenth time, I really got it. After all, I'm not a dense person.

Live provides tons of not so elegant style blossoms. In German we say 'Stilblüten'. I love that term. Here are a few to your perusal:

He had watched her smile at the guard and remembered the freckles that had ignored the boundary of her lip line, small ones that had sifted themselves into the pink of her lips, themselves.

Her breasts had the palest freckles of all, like gold leaf shattered over porcelain. He ignored the heavy, dark pulse in his prick.

When she had looked so gorgeous like that, sitting straight with her perfect posture and her color washing through her freckles, roses on her throat, he hadn't wanted to look like that.

photo 5bf2301a-7324-41da-98d9-0b90ff494f7a_zps93389ec4.png

I know that something is wrong when the writing distracts from the storyline or the characters. Good writing draws a reader to the heart of a story and I'm very sorry to say that I felt anything but. I just think that sometimes less is more and it would have been better to dial it down a notch. Give a story and its characters room to breathe. It was like the author suffocated her own words. Lots of sentences felt forced and stilted, like she tried hard to accomplish something that wasn't even needed in the first place. Just…let a story flow on its own, don't force it and first and foremost don't smother it.

Her breath was warm, and she had either drank (I hope the proofreader caught that mistake coz it's "she had either drunk…") her own tea, or snuck a bit of his--his spine softened in Pavlovian response to the bergamot.

photo Really-Really-Kathy-Griffin-Gif_zpsce92e202.gif

I think I just swallowed my last brain cell.

Or this…

She was stripped to elements--she wore what she could move her body in, she let her own features show her intelligence without distractions.

Seriously? I won't even bother commenting that quote.

She dropped the glue into the cut carefully, and it did sting, but watching her, her body close, was such a tenderness that the sting just brought up all of the sweet dark feelings in his chest and arranged them against his skin like salve.
When she softly blew her breath over the sealed cut, his skin tightened into thousands of sharp prickles all over, and the resulting sensation that tugged at his cock was too gentle, yet, to be completely pleasurable. The ache of wanting her was leaning a bit too hard against him.

photo tumblr_muc3016hBO1s1em4do1_250_zpsc3f71c64.gif

I flat out refuse to comment that quote.

Yet wonders never cease coz I found one that I LOVED:

He coughed out a laugh. (That's NOT what I loved but the following…): "Nothing wrong with your name."
"A lot to live up to."
"Maybe. More likely that destiny just is what it is. Nothing you have to do or live for."

Very lovely.

I couldn't help rolling my eyes whenever Hefin had to cough out a laugh. What's up with that anyway?

Another issue of mine was the incredibly sl-o-o-o-w-w-w-w pace. It made me think over and over again if I'd be able to finish the book. My thoughts were wandering to my next read numerous times and that's never a good sign. Live was very easy to put down because it wasn't engaging. Unfortunately, my bum secured itself a window seat in BoredomVille.

photo tumblr_dean-bed-sleepy_zpsd6eb381f.gif

That's when I felt it was time to clear the field. Hey, I made it to fourth base, though. There is that, right?

photo bddcd043-5efc-43ea-850b-d10cb77dab9d_zps7beb4373.png

Bottom line, while I don't remember every detail anymore I KNOW that I enjoyed the writing much more in The Story Guy. Add in the fact that the MCs appealed way more to me as well and I have my validation why I wasn't partial to Live. At all.

I told one of my friends that I need to take a lesson how to become a demure reviewer but I think that ship has sailed. I can't help being bitchy when a book irritates me so much. Come to think of it, I was pretty civil because I never dropped the f-bomb (the shelves don't count). That's progressive, isn't it?

Looking at the high average rating, Live goes straight on my shelfbooks-everyone-loved-but-baba. I'm very sorry it wasn't my cup of tea.

All quotes are taken from the pre-published copy and may be altered or omitted in the final copy. 

**ARC courtesy of Loveswept via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/812975268?utm_medium=email&utm_source=rating

Everything is hunky-dory...

Body and Soul  - Jordan Castillo Price

4.5 hot and hunky-dory stars.****Review completed January 6, 2014

photo tumblr_mwruxy4KBl1smmjbqo3_250_zps795bb152.gifphoto tumblr_mwruxy4KBl1smmjbqo2_250_zps867b35e7.gif
photo tumblr_mwruxy4KBl1smmjbqo4_250_zps7a7dc33d.gifphoto tumblr_mwruxy4KBl1smmjbqo7_250_zps3dd152c0.gif

photo 25d90fc1-a49f-4674-9b4c-d92814367c4f_zpsb4c18e72.png

photo 894ee947-e7fb-4696-8f00-7a73c7535481_zpsf951a27a.png

This is a little sample of my favorite part of Body and Soul...
I stared at that electrical outlet and focused outside myself, so Jacob had time to give me the reach-around. Clock. Microwave. Coffee maker. Coffee grinder.
What if one of 'em fell into the sink while he was pile-driving me and I ended up electrocuted? Not that there was any water present. But the lethalness of the combination of electricity and sinks is hard-wired into our primordial lizard brains, so that just seeing the two of them at the same time was enough to leave me thinking about biology class and twitching frogs…
"Uhn, God, Vic. So good. Fuck."

HolycrapthiswashotandIlovedit!! No rest for the wicked…

Body and Soul opens up with Vic and Jacob eating at Jacob's parents' home, celebrating Thanksgiving. Aside from Jacob's curious nephew who's pestering Vic with endless questions, an arm can take on a life of its own. It goes without saying that even at Thanksgiving, Vic's special ability is going to haunt him at the peaceful family table. However, the visit is short-lived when Warwick calls Vic back to duty. In order to find a few missing people, Warwick teams Vic up with a new partner named Zigler.

Whew. Body and Soul is my favorite installment in the PsyCop series. I know I'm not done yet and that might change again. Still, I really enjoyed everything about Body and Soul. The sex was INCREDIBLY enticing and panty-melting HOT. Vic's hilarious and fascinating mind worked overtime and Jacob was his usual sexy, hunky studly self. YUM! 

"Fucking hot," I mumbled into my forearm. "Fuck me harder."
Jacob went ballistic because I'd managed to string together more than two words while he was fucking me.

I loved meeting Jacob's family and seeing Vic and Jacob (well, mostly Jacob) hunting appropriate living quarters was oh-so entertaining. Boy, someone should go down on me so exquisitely too, just so I can be convinced to buy a special building. 

I know I sound like a broken record but Vic and Jacob's chemistry is so great and palpable and they are incredibly sexy together. Whatever they do I just love it. Boy, the sex in the kitchen was mind-blowingly good. I couldn't believe that I had to laugh my ass off at Vic's crazy-funny train of thought while at the same time I felt the need to take a verrrry cold shower when studly Jacob drilled him in the counter. Holy fuck! I need to calm down…

Leaves are part of the story…la-la-la…ok, now I'm much calmer. But I swear that leaves are part of Body and Soul.
photo tumblr_msmv8iKQnm1rzadffo2_500_zps1e7a3d9b.gif

Also, I'm getting quite fond of the typical Vic terminology "um" and "cripes". And public displays of affection might become somewhat more normal for Vic because he seems the get used to it eventually. Me likey. I love how much Jacob cares about Vic; I think he'd do anything for him. Hmm…wait a second, what did Jacob say?

"I would do anything for you," Jacob said, and he seemed clear as could be, totally lucid. It wasn't fair that someone could shoot his load and then say things like that.

*licks lips* Yes, that was one hell of a blowjob.

Vic talking to his deadly annoying (pun intended) and ghostly neighbor is sooooo priceless. I must admit that I'm reading these books for the sake of Vic and Jacob and the compelling writing, and not so much for the sake of the plot. Don't get me wrong, the plot is not bad by any means but it's not what allures me to devour the books. Besides, I really don't think that Vic is such a badass cop who could bring down any villain with no sweat. I mean that dude is physically so out of shape it's not even funny anymore and I'm not sure if he's such a genius with his arm either. On the other hand, I just love his lively mind. 

And then there's Crash again…

"If she's not here now," Crash said, "then I don't need to behave." He pulled a wooden box out from behind the counter as he spoke, grinning all the while. It was just banter. I don't think he actually had the hots for me. He just needed to preserve his reputation as a slut. Probably.
"I'll let you test drive a pendulum if you give me a blowjob."
"No!" I snapped.
He opened the box with a flourish. "Can't say I didn't try."

Gosh, he's an irritating jerk, albeit a lovable one. I need to read his short story.

I'm really, really thrilled how much I enjoyed this story. Everything is hunky-dory.

Though I'm going to take a little break in order to savor the rest of the series all the more. Besides, I'd like to avoid a needless disappointment by getting fed up a little bit. I'll be back, I promise.

How could I even think of reading anything else at the moment? Of course I'm tackling Secrets now.

West Coast psychic airy-fairy granola bullshit.

Recommended read.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/808873206?utm_medium=email&utm_source=rating
Criss Cross - Jordan Castillo Price

4 stars.****Review completed January 5, 2014

photo tumblr_mvkuj3PYC81smmjbqo6_250_zps3f5ea747.gifphoto tumblr_mvkuj3PYC81smmjbqo9_250_zps9909090f.gif
photo tumblr_mvkuj3PYC81smmjbqo1_250_zpseb6d5302.gifphoto tumblr_mvkuj3PYC81smmjbqo7_250_zps0a098ec8.gif

I'm going to make it short and sweet. This installment opens up with Vic and his former partner Maurice fishing. Vic is a little bit grossed out. 

I looked down at the hook. Maurice had squished a worm onto it. A worm spirit didn't appear and immediately start telling me about the moment of its death, so I presumed I was safe from the spirits of bugs. But then it moved and I realized it was still alive. Gross.

And when the conversation drifts toward him and Jacob hitting it off, Vic doesn't feel so peachy anymore. Good ole Vic has quite some hangups and it's tough for him to come out to his former partner. Plus, when poor Vic is haunted by images of dead people floating in the water he's definitely close to freaking out. Good thing Jacob can make him feel better later on.

"Your eyes were half-open, but they were fixed, not moving."
Oh. That must've been really attractive. Good thing anything paranormal, ugly or not, makes Jacob horny.

"Mmm, yeah."

Speaking of dirty: Jacob's a talker. And keeping my mouth full of c@ck has the added bonus of me not having to answer him. Not that the words aren't sexy as hell--I just worry that I'll sound like an idiot if I'm the one saying them.

"You should've come on me," he said. I don't know how he can look me in the eye and just say that. Even with the drugs, it wasn't anything I could speak out loud. "You'd look hot, really hot."

Vic likes to do static-surfing…*pets*
photo tumblr_lsoe8v2i5H1qk7alpo1_500_zpscf4d4b03.gif

photo 01b9e712-d70a-42d5-b4cd-8663613a38d9_zpse7b32dc4.png

photo tumblr_mr0i48GEDp1sdcq63o1_500_zps84805266.gif

I think Vic doesn't even know what a hoot he actually is. Love his endearingly deadpan humor. Oh, and how he's plowing through dead people with his car is just too funny for words! Sheesh, he's driving through them like a knife cuts through a piece of cake. Easy peasy. Well, they are dead, there's no resistance anymore. Vic has more than a couple hangups. I hope he's going to lose his self-conscious attitude. On the other hand, it's more than sexy to have one hot, self-assured stud loosening up a somewhat uptight Vic. Vic's anxiety about basement laundry rooms is kinda endearing and sweet, though. I must say that the villain was pretty easy to figure out in this installment. This being said, it didn't detract from my overall enjoyment of the story. I met Crash for the first time. He's an irritating ass, albeit a very interesting one and I'd love to see more of him.

I was asking my friend WHEN they would do the deed. I know, I know, I was a little bit impatient but my nagging has been rewarded with a hot shower scene. Holy cow. I'm glad they did it under a nice water jet because they could cool off without combusting in the first place. Or else…hmm…I could have hosed them down. That would have been fun, too!

Recommended read.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/807073150?utm_medium=email&utm_source=rating

I'm back among the living. My book funk is over.

Among the Living (PsyCop) - Jordan Castillo Price

4 ended-my-book-funk stars.****Review completed January 3, 2013

photo 1a321186-fcd1-4056-bdd4-f8f1d64dd5b1_zps5a55afda.png

photo tumblr_moy609j9UI1qffcrao4_500_zps462b7afa.gif

I opened my eyes again to keep myself with Marks, anchored in the present, among the living.

"Stop it, Marks. You're killing me."
He sat back on his heels, still fully clothed, and licked his lips. "Why don't you call me Jacob?" he suggested.

photo tumblr_mj7bwl0cX21s3n8gzo1_250_zps454d2b9a.gif

"New partner lined up yet?"
I wondered if "partner" was also supposed to be flirtatious, as in "sexual partner." But even my Auracel-addled mind figured that'd be a pretty far stretch.

photo 974fc368-80ca-41aa-abcf-40cf92f1ebc6_zpsecaa9d7e.png

Victor Bayne is a psychic medium and part of the PsyCop unit solving murders. 

A pair of opposites forms a Paranormal Investigation Unit. The Psychs--psychic cops--do the psychic stuff, just like you'd expect. And the Stiffs--look, I didn't name 'em--are oblivious to any psychic interference a sixth-sensory gifted criminal might throw out there. 

Vic is at his soon-to-be-ex partner's home, celebrating Maurice's retirement when he's on the lookout for the bathroom and runs into hotshot Detective Jacob Marks, the golden child of the Twelfth Precinct Sex Crimes Unit.

"So," Marks said, deftly swerving his bulging pecs around my shoulder as he maneuvered past me. I stood there gaping and trying not to choke. "Lost your stiff."
A comment about the crassness of calling Maurice a Stiff stuck somewhere around the last Auracel, as I realized that Marks not only knew who I was and what I did, but that he seemed to be flirting with me. Detective Marks--queer? Who knew? And besides, he was a Stiff, too.

Baba drools a little bit now because that dude is sexy as sin! Jacob is big with a ripped body, dark eyes and close-cropped dark hair, a neat goatee and olive skin. As a nice bonus, he sure knows how to choose the right clothes that emphasize his delectable body. It's easy for him to do the switch from a classy and expensive suit to cool jeans, a sexy T-shirt and a leather jacket. Ok, back to the story before I get lost here.

Vic and Jacob did not waste any time in that tiny bathroom and got down to business by jacking each other off. I must admit that I didn't know if I should be annoyed or amused but I got stuck with the latter. I was actually hoping for some kind of build up when I started Among the Living, but I got over my irritation fast enough. I couldn't help and smile all the time. It's fascinating to try and keep up with Vic's quick mind and Jacob took care of my need to ogle at something someone scrumptious. As many of you know I'm so not into that PNR stuff and I'd be lying if I said I didn't need a little bit of time to get used to that part of the story. The soul-sucker villain wasn't quite my cup of tea. Oh well, what did interest me the most are Vic and Jacob anyway and I'm happy that I can have my fill in the near future.

There is something to say about reading bad books. Don't throw any rotten tomatoes at me now because I'm not talking about the PsyCop series. As a matter of fact, without having read two books in a row that didn't appeal to me, I would not have jumped on Vic and Jacob. I did browse Amazon and my GR shelves for an hour and had a hard time to decide what to read. Eventually though these two guys did end my book funk and I'm happy that I had such a great start to my new reading year.

Jordan's writing is great and kept me glued to the pages. Vic is totally endearing, witty and hilarious and Jacob's hot physique is the icing on the cake. Boy, I can't wait to see what's going to happen when they actually do the deed because what I've witnessed so far was extremely sexy and enticing, i.e. the scene against the window. I'm really looking forward to getting to know these two MCs better because I WANT more background information. 

Recommended read.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/612051706?utm_medium=email&utm_source=rating

A total turn-off. Where was the warning?

Heart - Kol Anderson, Dan Skinner

1 star.* Review posted January 2, 2013

photo tumblr_mxq1kfCFiL1shiuqbo1_500_zps3ff56597.gif

photo tumblr_mb62yuISbm1rdjaa1o1_500_zps6980370c.gif

Roman meets Lucas for the first time in Vienna, Austria and spends an entire week and one night of passion with him. Emphasis on night--I found the passion and hotness factor sorely lacking and I couldn't feel any chemistry either. A few years later they meet again at Meetings and Events Center, MGM Grand, in Detroit. Shortly afterward a third party, The Pervert (Daniel), enters the f@cked up picture.

Here is the big question. Has (view spoiler) Yeah, right, it's no biggie because it's "only" fiction and it spices up a story so nicely. That's me being sarcastic.

I say this is all kinds of wrong.

One could think it doesn't come as a surprise that this happened to Roman. That dude is a total junkie, stoned to the nth every day; a disgusting slut who fucks and sucks anything and everything on two legs because he is so damn horny all the time. He needs the next orgasm more than his dignity and sanity and acts like a pathetic loser. Of course he can't commit himself to a relationship either. He depends on daddy. Hmm…too bad that daddy (view spoiler) Tsk tsk…that was so overtly predictable if it hadn't been so tragic I would have laughed. Oh, wait a second. Daddy did (view spoiler) Wow. Can you believe it? And then later on, daddy tells Lucas that (view spoiler) Clue in, daddy, mostly your son was busy getting fucked by The Pervert, certainly not by Luke. 

I'm sorry I had to take a look inside their twisted minds...
photo 527345_zps8d59b102.gif

Daniel, the pervert fucker, (view spoiler) and when they meet again the stupid dude follows the other stupid and perverted dude to the restrooms because he is so damn attracted to the whacko. They have a quick talk and agree to go to Daniel's home where The Pervert spanks and fucks Roman's ass again. The (view spoiler) However, what totally pissed me off was Roman's behavior after that shitty act. I mean how can he have sex with The Pervert over and over again? The Pervert spanked him so hard that he couldn't sit for weeks. How can he accept everything so willingly? He gets off on that shit, fine. Well, but that crap doesn't fly with me and don't tell me now it's because he's going (view spoiler) Swallowing every crap that you can get your hands on and screwing every stupid (or possibly perverted) dude is not going to improve the situation. Where the f@ck was his self-respect? 

I was hoping the three MCs would off each other in order to accomplish a neat solution. 
photo tumblr_ms79ftnOiP1qaobbko1_500_zpsbed75df8.gif

"No, but I know the type," he says. "Predictable. Safe. Boring."
"Right, because nothing like an adventurous (view spoiler) that leaves you hurting for days."
"You say that like it's a bad thing." If he didn't look as unbelievably sexy as he did saying this, I would have shot him another comeback.

*Baba hits head on the table. Repeatedly.* Ugh.

photo 880944_zpsa55e8165.gif

"You like strangers fucking you?" Daniel says. "Like being treated like a fucking whore?"
"Yes, sir!"

Daniel The Stupid Pervert is fucking Pathetic Roman with a (view spoiler) in the ass in front of a bunch of other idiots in a bar. If you're going to be with some sadist nut-job I suggest you wear your best underwear, and keep your holes clean--at all times. How I ended up with my head on a bar counter, hands tied behind my back with thick rope, and a plug up my ass is a whole other story. (…)harhar...

"Daniel!" I yell, despite my resolve. I want him to stop. But Daniel has no such plans. My ass is nice and lubed from the plug, and the (view spoiler) slides in easy but hurts when Daniel starts twisting it around. Blah, blah, blah...But the deeper it goes the more it starts to hurt until I'm asking to use my safeword.

"You need to trust me," he says. "I'm not going to hurt you. Stop freaking out over it."
SAYS THE STUPID EVIL FUCKER (view spoiler) That psycho must be delusional. And the other dude thinks that complaining is a waste of time anyway. Oh, and of course he neeeeeeeeds the next orgasm.

The (view spoiler) halfway in, and I realize this is almost over. It would be a waste of time, if I said no at this point. Also, there's the slight fact that I want to come so badly now--it's not worth fighting over. 

Where is your freaking brain, Roman!? In your pants? *makes incoherent noise* *headdesk moment*

I want to beg Daniel to make me come, but I know by now it doesn't work that way with him. So I try to stay still until Daniel is done having his perverted fun with that stupid (view spoiler) 

When he finally stops a few strangers are starting to fuck him, too ---> with their dicks. Despite them shouting the dirtiest things good ole Roman is getting off again. Hallelujah! *facepalm*

photo tumblr_migjzefaMt1qj80alo3_500_zpsf0687ea1.gif

I can feel their come-sprays hitting my ass and the back of my thighs in random places, and when the last guy finishes, I can feel the familiar touch of Daniel's hand. 

Oh, and then we just needed a little bit more jizz, right?
photo tumblr_mlfocrplwN1qzqbf4o1_400_zpse55fae47.gif

Pretty much out of the blue we've had a foursome, orchestrated by The Pervert and two of his friends. And of course Roman was happy to oblige. It was a foursome that will go down in my book history as one of the most awkward and most unerotic sex scenes that I've had the displeasure of reading about.

The ending…OMGGGGGG…seriously? Did the author really think it made that super duper douchebag junkie whore more likable in any way, shape or form? That was the explanation and redemption for his despicable behavior? Are you f@cking kidding me? I refuse categorically to be emotionally manipulated. That stilted little drama act doesn't work out for me. NEVER. EVER. Emotionally I felt so completely and utterly removed from the irritating MCs throughout the entire book. They simply didn't "click with me" and I couldn't have cared less. Nope, there are no tears from Baba. 

I didn't like the writing since it felt totally detached and clinical. In fact, this story reads like a mechanical sequence of events. Also, I NEVER liked the two perverted main protagonists, Daniel and Roman. The third dude Lucas didn't really do it for me either. Despite him being a hit-man he seemed to be the most normal among that freaking monkey cage, though. Says all. I can deal with an asshole but when I feel the need to shoot at least two out of the three main protagonists then we have a serious problem. So, you see, that was a lost cause. And last but not least the plot features a couple holes the likes a Swiss cheese has yet to discover. I guess the only thing I liked about Heart was the cover. It's just too bad that I couldn't check out one single negative review before I decided to buy the book. Usually they are even more helpful than all the glowing reviews.

I'm aware of the fact that I'm the odd one out there but it's all right. Don't mind my little rant, and I really hope you'll "enjoy" Heart more than I did. Book goes back to Amazon for a refund of my money. I'd rather buy and enjoy Criss Cross insofar as Among the Living ended my book funk.

I don't drink but I guess it's time to buy a good bottle of hard liquor…cheers.
photo tumblr_muggzpufpk1rmhhnno1_500_zps51212d13.gif

Heart contains explicit sex (incl. (view spoiler) and a NOT so racy foursome.

P.S. Where was the warning? I couldn't find anything in the blurb.


If you'd like to read the spoilers then check out the GR link below.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/782693319?utm_medium=email&utm_source=rating

Expectations suck.

The Place Where They Cried - Rose Christo

The Place Where They Cried contains 977 pages. DNF after having read 469 pages or 48 %. I will refrain from rating the book. Review posted January 1, 2013

photo tumblr_micfm8B7Vt1r0ii93o1_500_zps15fc6f1e.gif

photo Bildschirmfoto2013-10-19um133134_zps2af61dd4.png

"Hear me," I said. "We will not pander to your demands. You are not our leaders. You do not have authority over us. This country is our country. This country has been our home for hundreds of thousands of years. You came to our home to live with us; and we accept that. And we respect it. And now you will respect us, too."

photo tumblr_molox1sqiB1qdunk8o1_500_zps0173ea4d.gif

Paiute means Water People.

"From the sea emerged the earth," said the Wise Woman, her weak voice carrying through the cold air. The desert is so fickle; hot as the heart of the sun, but only so long as the sun stands in the sky. "And from the earth emerged all the creatures that lived on it. All but one. We Water People did not come from the earth. We came from the sea itself. And so observe it; in everything you do, in every struggle you face, you must be as resilient as the water from which you were born."

photo tumblr_m4twmoEU0X1qix3h3o1_500_zpse07c9008.gif

photo tumblr_mst1v9TRDe1s1qpzeo1_400_zps3e0df094.gif

(…)Without his facade I might not have noticed how golden his skin looked when the sun reached for it, scars and all. How very much his hair on the wind resembled a river of blood. He made me think of the lifeblood that pulses beneath the planet's surface. The earth has a heartbeat of its own. He, in my eyes, was that heartbeat.
"I think," Gives Grain said, "you are in love with me."

photo tumblr_morav9ZtIO1r4oq9eo1_500_zps1dc9225e.gif

Expectations suck big time.
Rose Christo's magical Gives Light really blew me away, and when I started reading The Place Where They Cried I was expecting another fantastic story. I feel totally bummed that after struggling through 469 pages I had to abandon the book because I just didn't feel "it". Also, quite often I had a hard time to distinguish between the two main protagonists' voices. On the other hand, I might take the blame because I couldn't focus on the story. What irritated me as well were the very, very generously used exclamation marks and semicolons. And I honestly don't get it why this book required almost 1000 pages. It was so incredibly loooong-winded.

I hit rough patches all the time and during a majority of the story I felt totally bored. Sure, I experienced some very beautiful moments where the author's talent really shone through…

There were very few matters over which I retained cognizance. The subtle chill rising like fog from the iced cavern floor. The sound the waterfalls made outside when they crashed into the lake. The shape of Gives Grain's mouth on mine, small and round, a budding prairie flower. The smell of him, like distant sea salts; the taste of him, like fresh rain and kindness. He tasted like kindness. If you were there to see what I saw--the blacks of his eyes like the wet tide at night, his eyes sliding closed in surrender--to feel what I felt--his eyelashes like feathers on my cheeks, his reddened lips stealing my strength away with a heartfelt apology--you would have been powerless to prevent yourself from thinking the same. 

...but overall it pains me very much to admit that the story and its characters couldn't hold my interest. It was some kind of a lackluster read for me. Besides, I just felt that reading another rough 500 pages only to end up depressed wasn't worth it ultimately. *sad face*

photo tumblr_mugojvQo4l1s3lgpzo1_500_zps3d930f23.gif

Looking at the high average rating, this must be another case ofit's me and not the book. In fact, it's not a bad book by any means, but it wasn't my cup of tea. Read it. I really hope you'll enjoy it more than I did.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/691889587?utm_medium=email&utm_source=rating

Love me some Marcus!

First Christmas: Marcus and Thomas Christmas Vignette (Nature of Desire #7.3) - Joey W. Hill
4.5 I-want-to-hug-Marcus stars!****Review completed December 30, 2013

photo 0147416a-0b88-4c13-b283-5f5dd02dd507_zps90d84d29.png

Marcus is not enthused to celebrate Christmas and he's pulling away more and more. Considering his past, it doesn't come as a surprise, though. However, by doing so he is also hurting Thomas. But Thomas is determined to render their first Christmas as a married couple unforgettable.

Well, you are in your forties now. Some decay is expected. Don't forget, before Christmas Eve dinner with my mother, you have to practice not using the f-bomb as punctuation on every sentence.

"I'll clean up my language for tomorrow night, but in exchange, I want to hear that word come out of your mouth now. Often. Every time I use this" --the spoon tapped his ass-- "You put it in a sentence I'll like. Statements, requests and outright begging are fine. But use it as a demand even once…"

photo tumblr_meols6ozIo1qg39ewo1_500_zps612a0917.gif

Good yet very painful memories…

photo tumblr_mfhr1eX7Ry1rhtqv6o1_500_zps2c9ca013.gif

photo tumblr_my7lpx5uMO1r764mao1_500_zps9b81260c.gif

HOT DAMN! Of course the sex is panty-melting hot!
photo tumblr_mmeq0235Z01rcl9fxo1_500_zps3a80b3eb.gif

photo tumblr_mqk4krUVUC1rh1wv4o1_500_zps9be3bec4.gif

"I love you, Master." It rasped out of his throat, so obvious he couldn't not say it.
Those green eyes flickered and the mouth softened. "Same goes, pet. Fuck, I missed you. I almost…but I couldn't. I just couldn't."

photo 48165373-90fb-468f-8dac-216c88a770c2_zps628cce6f.jpg

photo 05543cc3-09a4-4142-8a0d-7aaa6a337b4b_zps75a434ef.png

"Beautiful, but it hurts," Thomas murmured. "I know just what it means."

43 pages of wonderful writing skills. Even Joey's freebies are fabulous! Sure, it is a tiny bit sentimental but isn't it the perfect time to read a beautiful and sentimental little story? 

This is a short read that packed a total punch at the end. Aside from some steamy and titillating sex, I enjoyed the quiet and reflective scenes all the more. Some well placed humor and banter as well as the adorable Julie were the icing on the very delicious cake. Besides, Marcus is such a complex and special character; I will always hold him very close to my heart. I just want to hug him! Gawd, what a man…*sniffles*

Marcus and Thomas's Christmas Vignette provided a range of deep emotions, plenty of passion and a love that goes beyond the written words of "I love you". And I think that hell froze over because…here it comes…I even liked Elaine. Geez, what's wrong with you, Baba?
Also, I must repeat myself, I want to read Julie's story. I LOVE, LOVE her! Joey said that certain secondary characters of this Christmas Vignette will get their own story and…Joey…do you hear me? I'm begging you to write Julie's. Pretty please. You can't see me right now but I'm on my knees. *puppy eyes*

All in all a heart-warming and great little number. Must be read after Rough Canvas.

photo tumblr_mw3imylzKN1rkrgxgo1_500_zps7dde324e.gif

"Just enjoying what's mine. All mine."

Recommended read.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/798674640?utm_medium=email&utm_source=rating

Not Kate's best.

The Fall - Kate Sherwood

3.5 stars.****Review completed 29 December 2013

photo e79d72a5-26c3-4d79-a99d-d51d03b434cd_zps499fad6d.png

Mackenzie is convinced that buying a church and starting a business organizing gay weddings in a remote periphery is perfect to get over his latest breakup. He's pretty proud of his idea that will prevent him from thinking too much about the fact that he lost his sugar daddy. 
The church isn't in the best condition and needs some work. That's how Mackenzie meets the twins Will and Joe. Will is always worried about his hermit brother and encourages him to get laid and enjoy the comforts of life. So, you see, Mackenzie seems to come in rather handy...

He fixed his eyes on a spot across the lake and started toward it. He felt his body falling into a rhythm. His breathing was regular, his arms were strong, and his body was at home in the water. Everything was good. And for a few blessed moments of peace, he was able to ignore the images that kept bouncing into his head… 

photo tumblr_mtqnrd7XXu1qffcrao1_500_zps225c5d1b.gif

photo tumblr_m2dtkmpKoY1rpztxvo1_500_zps44180294.gif

"I thought for sure you were going to go full porn star and come on my face."
Mackenzie snorted as he came back to reality. "That's a two-hundred dollar tie. I didn't want it to get dirty."
Joe nodded slowly. "Martha Stewart would approve."
"You really think Martha Stewart is my style guide?"
"I have no idea. I get most of my fashion tips from John Deere."
"I don't know who that is."
"I didn't think you would."

photo 66852eba-e37f-4894-81c1-bd64e2f502e8_zpsd39ca224.png

I'm a real sucker of the reserved, somewhat brooding type of hero and Joe, The Worrier, fits nicely in my requirement profile. Sure, his tendency of over thinking everything can be tiring and his reluctance to open up got a tiny bit on my nerves. Still, I'm very curious to see how Joe and Mackenzie's relationship is going to evolve in the sequel. As I see it, they haven't even started yet. 

Joe wants to protect his heart and prefers the casual deal because he's always afraid to get hurt…
photo tumblr_macsu1XvFl1rwwppio1_500_zps1a905b67.gif

Due to Joe's eagerness to protect his heart and Mackenzie being busy to get his business off the ground and fending off his irritating ex-lover Nathan (Yes, Nathan, take a freaking hike!), there wasn't all that much room to develop anything substantial. That's actually one of my issues. I just wanted more relationship development between the two main protagonists. I'm rather sure the author is going to take care of that problem in the sequel. Also, there was a misunderstanding due to a pet peeve of mine: miscommunication. And last but not least, I wasn't a huge fan of Mackenzie per se. Granted, he had his very good moments, i.e. when he took care of Joe after a specific "incident". Still, he was just too needy and insecure to make a huge impression on me. Being dependent on a rich and very manipulative guy is not the way I would like to organize my life. In the end, however, I was glad that he woke up and took his life in his own hands.

In The Fall we see a lot of Joe's family and their close and intimate bonds. I felt it was very well done and conveyed a strong message of family values. In fact, the interaction between Joe and his nephew Austin was incredibly sweet, funny and BEAUTIFUL. These two are my favorite characters of The Fall and the author did an absolutely wonderful job depicting their devotion for each other. That's love in every sense of the word. PERFECT! I just wanted to cuddle and hug them. Love and respect, reasonable "guidelines" and specific boundaries, that's what a kid needs to thrive and grow into a person who will hand over the very same principles to his or her offspring.

photo 803116ca-1b12-4e28-93b3-f5154bd5dd15_zps24b96c86.png

They're playing a goofy game…

"Wash, buddy," Joe directed quietly. "Scrub those fingers, get all the dirt off. " As Austin leaned forward, Joe lowered his head until their cheeks were touching, and Austin pressed his soft face against Joe's rough stubble for one moment of pure affection. Joe would never take this for granted, but he forced himself to record the memory and then push forward. "Good washing. Let's dry those hands and then go find the vegetables in the clothes dryer."
"The friiiiiidge!"

I'm a fan of Kate Sherwood since I read and loved her Dark Horse series. Aside from a couple of minor issues I really enjoyed The Fall. It's a solid read and I'll be definitely ready to check out the sequel. However, there's no getting round it to point out that the price/performance ratio is not balanced. I think the (rather short) length of the novel is out of proportion to the sales price. Don't get me wrong, I honestly don't begrudge authors their money but considering there will be a second book a lower price would have befitted The Fall. That's just my opinion. Despite the book being a bit pricey it's worth reading, though.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/784371862?utm_medium=email&utm_source=rating


Training Season - Leta Blake

0 stars. DNF at 70 %. Full review posted December 17, 2013. I'm sorry but when an enema and shittin' in front of your partner is considered healing then I'm truly allowed to bitch.

photo Bildschirmfoto2013-12-10um211809_zpsc447023e.png

Je m'excuse, Stéphane, I know that you are not like Matty. Still, you have to suck it up because you're an excellent figure skater and a former two-time world champion. Plus, you're a fellow Swiss citizen and gay. Fits the bill. This bling bling gif depicts Matty...

photo tumblr_lsswt19wav1qd7slvo1_500.gif

Eight songs later, he had glitter body paint smeared on his chest, his eyes done up in brilliant blues and greens, and bright, cotton-candy pink lipstick on his lips. Wearing only his track pants and the gold sequined vest, he was far from fierce, but still shiny, and that made him feel almost as good. 

I should have hit Rob over the head with that stone...

photo 39922798-52b4-479e-88b5-090f250a718b_zps64a13ebf.png

There is no nice way to say it. Before you engage in such a dangerous kink like (view spoiler) you must have an extensive prep talk. What Rob did was so incredibly idiotic and risky, words simply fail me. This scene made me f@cking mad!!!

"Now, if you want me to stop, then snap your fingers three times, okay?" Rob, it would have been nice if you'd told Matty that was his safeword. Ugh. Despite Matty's panic and not being prepared at all, he just loved it! I still have to shake my head. No biggie though, it's only fiction, and I'm sure that nobody will be so stupid and imitate that crap. You know what I mean? We all have a role model function and in this case this screams big fat failure.

"Shh, I've got you. Trust me. I'd never hurt you." 

Like I mentioned in my update, my best friend could tell me to trust her and then we'd do a bungee jump without any further instructions because she would never hurt me and she would catch me if I fell. I can't help being sarcastic. Besides, the icing on the f@cked up cake was when Rob ROMANTICIZED that idiotic kink by saying:

"Do you see the North Star? Wherever you are, whenever you see that, you'll think of this. You'll think of me here with you, taking care of you, and you'll never forget. Do you understand? 

Hell yes, I got it. Not.

I was wondering too…I actually thought Rob must be psychic...

"I guess I was wondering how you knew I'd be into that. Into being kinky like that. It's like you've known from the beginning. Do I just scream kink monster, or did you know some other way?"
"I didn't know until we were in the middle of it, I guess."
*insert major eye roll moment*
"Have you ever done something like that before?"
"After my folks died, it was the first time I really felt free to explore who I was sexually. (…)

And we have another of those cases: taking care of psychological issues through BDSM kink. Mind you, it's not only a little bit of ass slapping though.

An incredibly well written and definitely erotic (view spoiler) can be found in Power Exchange by A.J. Rose. I'd say he clearly knew what he did when he wrote this particular scene.

Matty wears a mink. I could have posted a real nasty pic of a livestock breeding but I thought we should better look at something cute. Yet we all know what that means. photo ef66fc08-4403-4541-878e-bea36b9dab66_zps2145594d.png

"Not much," Matty said, wiping at his eyes, and trying to recover, but he couldn't stop laughing. "Nothing that I can repeat in front of a child. It's far too graphic. And not in the good way."
"Are you saying Figure Skating screwed you in the ass without any lube?" Ben asked.

As a side note
Ben is twelve (12). And Matty…hmm…not sure if he's an adult.

DAFUCK? My thirteen-year-old clearly lacks some vital life experience because such nonsense would never come out of his mouth.

Matty plastered an understanding smile on his face, because of course they couldn't fuck with Ben in the house. Matty was very loud after all. But it was still intensely disappointing. Is a quick mutual jerk off out of the question? 

Guess what they are going to do? Yep, on the porch of Mr. Lovely's house Rob is going to jerk Matty off. Hey, no biggie, they are not in the house and Matty was so damn HORNY, after all. He really needed that.

"I never realized watching a figure skater eat would be such a sexy experience," Rob said. "I can't explain this, but I am so turned on right now." 

Come again?

And then…

Matty dropped the spoon in the empty bowl with a clatter and met Rob's eyes. His cock was hard, and he felt hot all over, inside and out. "I am too."
"Just tell me, yes or no."
Matty swallowed hard, and he turned sideways in the chair, spreading his legs a little. "Yes. God yes. Please."

Please spare me.

Rob was on the floor between his thighs before Matty could say another word. He pushed Matty's track pants down, and Matty gasped and hunched over Rob's head when he sucked Matty's cock into his mouth. It was hot and wet, and so fucking good. Rob sucked even better than he kissed, and the kiss had been pretty amazing. 

That was hot. Not.

"No. I'm trying not to come in my pants," Matty said. Thinking about Rob and a dildo had taken him to DEFCON 1 levels of arousal. 

Uh-huh. Horny, told you so. All. The. Time.

photo tumblr_mw5rp3f6n31qkp0j6o1_500_zpsd825c076.gif

Rob made a SOUND of FRUSTRATION and Matty was INSTANTLY HARD. 

See previous comment. Baba takes a deep breath. ---> Matty is instantly hard. Just kidding.

Rob pulled his fingers free and Matty lifted his ass, begging with his body, wanting to be fucked so badly he felt like he might gag on his desire.

I had to gag too but for other reasons.

(…)It's all Brokeback Mountain hotness here, you know."

"So, can I ride, Cowboy?"
"Giddy up," Rob said so incredibly seriously that Matty had to laugh.

Clichéd, much?

"Yes, and he has beautiful hands. His hands are like an opera."
"He's like Montana in man form, and he even taste like Montana. Like pure white snow on majestic mountains. He smells like clean water--"
"The bad poetry is killing me, honey. It's got to stop."

It's killing me too and I wholeheartedly agree.


I wish I had listened to my gut instinct that told me not to read this book. Rob Lovely and Matty Marcus…that was a bad omen if I've ever heard one.
Well, if wishes were horses, beggars would ride. Training Season is a wolf in sheep's clothing--sort of. Something was really off when this story slithered from being syrupy sweet into the world of BDSM, and bad BDSM at that. It just felt wrong and totally inopportune.

Also, I'm absolutely clueless WHY these two would have felt attracted to each other in the first place. Well, that Matty would want to get f@cked by Mr. Montana personified might be understandable but Rob? A super duper gorgeous rancher is lusting after a (bitchy) bling bling diva who's wearing a mink, a handbag, and is running around like she he has swallowed a paint box? Excuse me, but that's probably wishful thinking. I might be wrong though but I honestly didn't feel "it."

I'm the first to admit that I prefer my men to be manly. Yet I'd like to point out that I really liked the effeminate Laurie, hero ofDance With Me very much. Also, I downright loved Logan, a supporting character of Six Degrees of Lust and Six Degrees of Separation. Despite Logan's fondness for makeup, he didn't act like a bitchy diva. Thanks for small favors. Also, when I feel the need to read about a bitchy woman (heroine), then I can read an M/F book. I don't want to deal with this kind of character in my M/M novels. Matty is narcissistic, bitchy, and needy with some serious hang-ups. I think he needs counseling and certainly not healing through enemas and BDSM. Also, she he lacks self-esteem and he has (view spoiler) Plus, he's got some snobbish tendencies. Yup, snobbish, because Missoula didn't provide enough shops that fit his high standard. Too bad, Matty boy, could you not find a cute Louis Vuitton handbag? *pets*

There was an instant animosity between Matty and I. No biggie though, since there was insta-lust and insta-love, the insta-animosity just added up nicely. In fact, I don't have to feel bad about it because Rob said:

"Give her time. Not everyone can fall in love with you at first sight like I did." 

Yeah, right. *snort*

The boring and mechanic sex left me absolutely cold. Being horny all the time doesn't equal chemistry. In my opinion these two shared ZERO chemistry. And the sex was neither scorching nor soul-quaking. Honestly, there is nothing soul-quaking when one dude is fucking the other one into the mattress and hits his ass with a quirt over and over again. You know somewhere along the line I just had enough of everybody being amazing and hot or blisteringly hot for that matter or everything being f@cking hot and amazing, yadda, yadda, yadda. Repetitiveness, much?

Between 38 % and 61 % I was bored out of my ever lovin' mind.

photo Kurt-Russel-Goldie-Hawn-Overboard-Bored_zpsd3ff4ad9.gif

Nope, that's not true. I don't have to make up shit to bitch about; the shit literally happened at 66 %. YIKES!!

photo i-just-threw-up-in-my-mouth-a-little-bit_zpsd0d778e7.gif

Rob inserted an enema in Matty's ass. Yeah, Matty was Rob'sgood boy and the fluid that filled Rob's ass and being in the tub on his hands and knees for Rob made him sooooo hot and amazing. Dafuck?!?!?!

"Your ass," Rob said, his voice deep and rough. "God, your ass." 

I actually expected him to make some whinny noises. After all, we're on a ranch in Montana. To make this very clear, I don't need to read about enemas in my romance novels. But the f@cking icing on the cake was what happened in great detail afterward:

He sat on the toilet seat…

He'd never had Rob sitting in front of him, holding his hands, and staring at his face as he held back the urge to let fouled enema water erupt from his ass. He'd never thought that Rob would want to see that, or that he'd expected to share such a disgusting, private moment.
"Because I want it. That's all that matters right now. What I want. Not what you want or what you understand.
Yadda, yadda, yadda

He had to hold his shit for ten minutes.

As soon as "one" left Rob's mouth, Matty released. He stared at Rob's face, a flood of hot embarrassment rolling through him as the water purged from his bowels. He felt a flicker of anger deep down wanting to roar into a flame, a rage and a rebelliousness that wanted to tear up into the moment, spit in Rob's face, and tell him to fuck off.
But Matty held it down, tamped it back, and concentrated on showing Rob whatever he wanted to see. If that was this moment, right now, vulnerable and gross on the toilet, then he'd let Rob have that, dammit. Fine. Fuck him. And just as soon as he surrendered the anger, he felt something inside himself break and HEAL.
*really, really serious headdesk moment*

That disgusting crap doesn't fly with me, sweetheart!

F@ck me sideways, I had to read that shit twice to be sure I hadn't imagined anything I just read. HEALING through shittin' in front of your partner!?!?! WTF? I had to stop eating my breakfast because I was ready to throw up. This was the moment when Training Season was down to 0 stars.

After the enema Rob bound Matty to the bed and hit his ass, balls and legs with a quirt over and over again before he f@cked him senseless. Cowboys used that thing for thick-skinned animals like cows. Ouch.

photo 160e27f0-3fb3-4441-a20e-bf491e79f34e_zps54ccae36.png

Matty was totally delirious...
"Offisher," and then, "Yesh, offisher, I'm okay."

"Are you hurting, Matty?" Rob asked, his lashes shading his eyes.
"Yes, " Matty whispered.
"Is it really bad?"
Matty choked on a small sob and nodded.

It's time to move on because I need to bleach my brain and...

photo tumblr_m6ueo5BlJH1r4u9wdo1_400_zps560d9b7c.gif

That's all.


Oh, wait, I'm not quite done yet. I've read a very interesting blog post. Please check out Romanticising BDSM and Review Backlash 


I’m sure that every author is aware of the fact that their published books are open to criticism. And in light of a recent blog post I’d like to point out that I will continue to state my honest opinion about every book that I’ll be reading in the future. One pissed off author doesn’t impress me in the least and I have no intention whatsoever to change my way of reviewing the books I’m reading. When I love a book I will say so and when I don’t enjoy a story I will clearly outline WHY the book didn’t work out for me. To be very clear, I didn’t savage a perfectly good book just for having kinks I don’t enjoy. That statement pissed me right the hell off. Even without the (view spoiler) and the toilet play this book was average at best. 

Your Kink is Not My Kink But Your Kink is OK

Sure, that specific kink about toilet play is definitely Not My Kink But Your Kink is OK. That’s fine. On the other hand, I don’t need anyone’s permission to say I don’t like that kink! And even more so because I couldn’t find a warning when I read the blurb. Truth be told, I was reluctant to give Training Season a try and ultimately I read it based on one glowing review but also because I saw the book popping up in my GR feed all the time. So, here I stand, very surprised, a bit shocked and completely disgusted in the aftermath of what I’ve been reading. It’s perfectly fine by me that this reviewer loved the book and gushed about it. BUT. I have a right to voice my opinion and I thought SINCE WE ARE ALL ADULTS WE CAN AGREE TO DISAGREE. Also, if I had known about that enema and the crap about shittin’ in front of the boyfriend--I assure you--I would never have touched that book with a ten-foot bamboo cane. Plus, the (view spoiler)is clearly an aspect of the book that bothered me as well. I’m not stupid, I can use my common sense. And it's obvious that this kind of BDSM practice is not what I call sane, safe and consensual. What Rob did was dangerous and ill-advised.

Besides, we all know how easily people can be influenced by the written word. Yes, this is fiction but it can turn into reality in no time flat when readers try to imitate that kink. I don’t know the US law but what had been the consequences if a couple would engage in (view spoiler) that would have resulted with someone harmed? I suppose the “abuser” would have to face possible criminal charges. Matty did not (view spoiler) Rob simply manipulated him and took advantage of the situation. While we’re on it I must get something else off my chest. The ever-present talk in BDSM books about connecting with your partner’s soul or soul-shattering, soul-quaking events or whatnot is honestly overdone too and most of the time it’s totally ridiculous. I think that only very few authors are actually skilled enough to pull that off and I clearly did not buy that in Training Season. I don’t need to practice BDSM to look beyond a character’s face or body. Yet I could never connect with neither Matty nor Rob. One of my favorite authors is someone who writes and practices BDSM. So, you see, I’m definitely not a BDSM hater, and I sure as hell don’t read BDSM books just so I can post a rant. As a matter of fact, a few of my all-time favorite books are BDSM-themed stories.

In consequence, it is incredibly important that authors add a disclosure to their blurb. I want to know about the toilet play. I want to know about a (view spoiler) It’s also necessary to address the fact that Matty is wearing a mink. I don’t want to turn this review in a political statement or start a discussion about livestock breeding. Still, I would never wear a fur for reasons I don’t need to spell out for you because we know what happens to those poor animals. On the other hand, Matty wearing a mink wasn’t reason enough to DNF the book, it was “only” another reason to downgrade Training Season. Long story short, an author could avoid many negative reviews just by adding a proper warning. Baba not touching that book with a ten-foot bamboo cane simply means there is one rant less on Goodreads. I’m very careful and I don’t read every hyped book because I know myself very well. What others love isn’t a guarantee that I will love the same book.

And last but not least I’ll make damn sure to never touch a bookwith a ten-foot bamboo cane that has been written by Amelia C. Gormley. I’m sorry but that bamboo cane kind of stuck with me. Come to think of it I might need to delve deeper into my psych and do some serious evaluation. Maybe I have some hidden masochistic tendencies and need a severe caning to be able to undergo a soul-quaking and life-changing experience because…darn…it might help me to understand the healing and cathartic message of Training Season.

Now I’m done bitchin’.



If you'd like to read the spoilers then check out the GR link below.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/785343487?utm_medium=email&utm_source=rating


American Love Songs - Ashlyn Kane

2 stars. DNF at 40 %.

photo Kanye-West-Gets-Bored-Easily-Rubbing-His-Goatee_zps62b515f1.gif

But only when it comes to books. My attention span is not that bad. :)

It's safe to say that I don't get what the fuss is all about. Maybe I've read a different book? Honestly, I can't even muster up enough energy to review American Love Songs. All I will say is that this story and its characters bored me to tears. I will always compare every rock band book to How to Kill a Rock Star and so far no other (rock band) story could measure up to that awesome book.


photo tumblr_mj1ls8cuOI1s26ydto1_400_zps0a7adba6.gif

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/773624440?utm_medium=email&utm_source=rating
Red Awakening - Mel Bossa, Daniel Zmigrodzki

3.5 stars.***Review posted December 10, 2013

photo tumblr_mb7w2mcgup1qiqy8mo1_500_zpse4cb7814.gif

After reading and totally despising Blue Dreams I was honestly not interested to give Red Awakening a shot. As a matter of fact, I tried to pretend that I never read Blue Dreams, so it wouldn't taint my fond memories of Split. I came back to my decision when Mel Bossa offered me an ARC. I was impressed because an author needs class to do that. 

And about your honesty...I figured, if I can convince the person who hated the book the most to give Red Awakening a chance, then I can deal with whatever comes my way. That's part of being an author. You take the ugly along with the good. 

Seriously, certain authors should follow her example. Kudos, Mel!

I've been pondering a lot about my rating. In the end, however, I couldn't justify to round up to four stars because my two main issues were too severe. Let me get down to business.

Told from Derek's (Red) POV past tense, the title of Red Awakening is quite significant. I remember that I was terribly irritated with Derek for being such a sobbing wuss in Blue Dreams and I felt that he seriously needed to man up. Well, this story is his awakening and I must say that in my eyes he didn't quite accomplish that task. This makes him--rather obviously--one of my main issues of Red Awakening. What happened in Blue Dreams had serious consequences between Nick and Derek.(view spoiler) After a terrible argument with (view spoiler) It might be very favorable to read the spoilers in order to see the connection between my synopsis and my issues.

"There's only one way to set a dove free." He took my hands in his, squeezing them tightly together.
I could almost feel the dove fitting its wings inside my palms.
Brusquely, Father Neil pulled my hands apart.
We both watched the imagined white dove fly up to the ceiling.
I chuckled nervously. "I understand."
And Father Neil stepped back. "Yes," he said. "Forgiveness is all or nothing. It's not for the faint of heart."

photo tumblr_mso3b5XR5t1qa4kuwo1_500_zps178e69ab.gif

(view spoiler)
For a second, I imagined Nick walking through Montreal with a red (view spoiler) painted across his chest. But I don't want to think about his flawless chest.

In Red Awakening we see Derek grow to a certain degree, i.e. when he (view spoiler) Still, he was too whiny and needy for my liking. I'm the first to grant a man his tears, and I honestly think that tears don't render a man effeminate. Nevertheless, I couldn't warm up to Red and his weepy behavior. This brings me to my second main issue. During the majority of the second half of the story I was stuck in the company of Derek when I wantedto spend time with Nick. Let me clarify this. I wanted to see Derek and Nick together. Meaning, I just needed to see some kind of relationship development. On the other hand, I'm aware of the fact that you can only see some relationship growth when two individuals are actually together. As it was, the reunion or reconciliation happened (view spoiler) So, you see, my wish didn't come true. While Nick was busy in (view spoiler) Derek started to (view spoiler)

It's time we put a little chaos, confusion, and heat into Blue Dreams. The place is like a picture of a marble statue. Beautiful, smooth, cold--impossible to f@ck.
I want this new club to have a pulse. Actually, I want it throbbing with sex, romance, and unholiness.

"There's something vaguely Lundanesque about you recently."

Ducati Streetfighter 848
photo 2e5af14a-c3ca-4ca9-9c40-178452ab5581_zps93e398c3.png

Nick was quick to zip me up. He stepped down into the yard and washed his hands with snow.
I tried catching my breath, watching him. "Are you putting my cum in the snow?"
Nick sauntered up the three stairs and picked up the whiskey bottle. He drank from it. "We'll grow a cum tree."

photo tumblr_mfajpnZ9gv1qe113ro1_500_zpsc626e5b5.gif

I hope that my remarks don't sound too negative because overall I really liked Red Awakening. What clearly stands out here is the author's writing. In fact, it's very good and she knows how to pen a story. Also, her deadpan humor made me smile a lot. It's pretty obvious that I have a clear preference for the insomniac and messed up Nick. My favorite secondary character is Boone, Nick's brother. He's mature and very supportive and it didn't hurt either that he's a very sexy cop. 

Red Awakening is a story about assuming responsibility, making amends and reconciliation. Even though Derek and Nick have been separated there's a strong and invisible tie between them that can't be severed. Nick and Derek deserve a second chance.

I think that readers who enjoyed Split should give Red Awakening a try. You might as well end up loving it.

It's a good feeling to merge blue and red again.

Where there was loneliness before, there is abundance.
My heart no longer feels alike a colander in my chest.

All quotes are taken from the pre-published copy and may be altered or omitted in the final copy.


**ARC courtesy of Mel Bossa, author, in exchange for an honest review.**



If you'd like to read my spoilers then check out the GR link below.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/781946688?utm_medium=email&utm_source=rating

Great little mind f@ck.

Don't... - Jack L. Pyke

4.5 kinky and erotic stars.****Review completed December 9, 2013

photo ce95da73-73fb-4d7a-98be-2e6758d60d97_zpsdf69cc5f.jpg

photo 4348579_zps3e391d8d.gif

photo bf1dddd8-1121-4903-8d9c-98ec47596163_zps5b8a02bb.jpg

"The bondage, the whips, the scenes; they…they don't turn me on. Gray--Gray turns me on with his patience, his self-control, his ability to just glance in my direction and hold me still. Mmmmm. He's…he's behind it all, and so long as I know that, I know I can calm myself enough to follow any order, feel any (view spoiler) without feeling as though I lose control, or feeling like I need to stay in control and hit someone for touching me."

photo tumblr_mndvavGo3a1qhgta4o1_500_zps1d960d36.gif

photo tumblr_msz6ufCwyp1qc7c8bo1_500_zps33292f9d.gif

"BDSM isn't all about pain, Jan," Gray said quietly. "It's about letting go and experiencing feelings you haven't yet allowed yourself to discover."

photo tumblr_mmnuqr9qaJ1s9b724o1_500_zps584a082f.gif

Whew…what the heck did I just read? A big fat yes from moi for the originality of the plot and the kinky sex! *fans self*

Don't read this book if you're not into M/M…

Don't read this book if you're not into HOT man-on-man action…

Don't read this book if you're not into BDSM…

Don't read this book if you're not into a little delicious mind f@ck…

Don't read this book if you're afraid of the unknown...

Don't read this book if you're fainthearted…

Although I must tell you that you're missing out if you're not going to read it.

photo 527345_zps8d59b102.gif

"Don't…bleed for me, Jack." 

Whichever way I look at it, I think it's best to not extensively review Don't…because this story works best when you don'tknow too much about it. Don't you enjoy original surprises? Don't you enjoy to feel a tingling sensation or a creepy feeling that's going to sneak up on you unexpectedly?

We have three main protagonists. Jack, Jan and Gray. Each of them accomplishes a different role. However, (view spoiler) was so gloriously hawt and the very best role of all. Excuse me but I just had to pick up my jaw from the floor!

Jack is Gray's sub. Although there's clearly more to the bone I prefer to not go into details here. Surprise, remember? Jack is a special dude. He's antisocial to boot and suffers from (view spoiler) So, while he's got many flaws, Jack is also very protective and he's fiercely loyal to Gray (and Jan).

I'm actually a bit weary of using BDSM to ease untreated psychological issues. Yet it worked just fine for me in Don't… I felt it really helped Jack to cope with his problems. In fact, he clearly thrived on sexual stimulation and it helped to calm his mind and ease his fears.

Jan is the vanilla type who helped to ground the high-strung Jack. He's actually the least interesting of the trio, IMO. Don't get me wrong, I definitely liked him but he wasn't really capable of heating up my blood. He's nice to have but that's it. No more, no less. 

And then there is the most fascinating character. Gray. He's the Master Dom (view spoiler) He's also a big shot at (view spoiler) Gray is Jack's tower of strength. He taught Jack patience, control and respect. Plus, he's the oldest of the trio and I sure as heck love him for being so level-headed, calm and mature. Besides, he's one hell of a sexy man. *licks lips* Nothing can rattle that guy and he's in control at all times. That's actually something I'd like to see happening in Antidote--Gray losing his calm. I'm sure that would up the ante. All things considered I would have loved to see so much more of Gray though. Unfortunately he represented more of a supporting character and yet he clearly was in a leading role nonetheless. A role I enjoyed tremendously.

Be brave, Don't…FEAR Me 

Don't… is an original and engagingly penned story. Moreover, it's actually a fascinating head f@ck. The plot and characters are intriguing and the smexy times are panty-melting hot. Add in the fact that some parts of Don't… are slightly disturbing and you can be sure the overall result is a great read. I guarantee you won't be dying of boredom while reading this book.

After reading Don't… I just felt f@cking peachy and I can't freaking wait to get my grabby hands on Antidote!! We don't have a release date yet?

Don't… contains very explicit sex and language, toys, spanking, bondage and (view spoiler) It also contains (view spoiler)Therefore it's not for the faint of heart.

Recommended read.



If you'd like to read my spoilers then check out the GR link below.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/776593958
Unrestrained - Joey W. Hill

4.5 intense (view spoiler) stars.****Review completed December 8, 2013

photo tumblr_mlbq5wYy0l1rldtu7o2_500_zpsaf3bedd4.gif

photo de4a554d-7994-4d17-9fe0-9fe37591bcbc_zps08a180ba.png

photo tumblr_mtnodcYubU1r0ii93o1_500_zps5c57464e.gif

Athena is having a drink and a little chat at the BDSM club Release when an impressive, dark-dressed man catches her eye. Having been a Mistress to her late husband, the thought of going down on her knees for a Master she'd just seen for the first time doesn't startle her that much because deep down in her heart she knows that she isn't a natural Mistress. She loved making her deceased husband happy by being his Mistress and giving him what he wanted and needed. However, she longed to explore the other side of the coin by being a sub herself. When Athena leaves the club and needs to refuel her car, a guy is assaulting her. Lucky her, the mysterious man is not too far away and rescues her. His name is...

"My name is Dale. Dale Rousseau.”
“Rousseau.” She smiled, eyes still closed. The warmth of the car was making her drowsy. Her trembling had stopped. Things were slowing down again, the fog returning. ‘Nothing is less in our power than the heart, and far from commanding, we are forced to obey it’.”
“Intriguing choice. ‘To live is not merely to breathe; it is to act; it is to make use of our organs, senses, faculties—of all those parts of ourselves which give us the feeling of existence’.”
“A Master who knows his Rousseau. Thank you, Dale."

Dale is a former SEAL, gardener, dog trainer and junkyard operator. And let's not forget that he's also an extraordinary and rigorous Master. 

photo tumblr_mk2c1sOuRA1s8ttxoo1_500_zpsb972b97b.gif

Dale and Athena are having an insightful conversation and come to an agreement.

He reached down, brushing a finger underneath the wisps of hair across her forehead. “It’s interesting where you ended up, isn’t it? On your knees?”

She tensed, but his tone made it a neutral observation. He wasn’t mocking her. “Does that have anything to do with what you want to ask me?”

“Yes. Maybe.”

photo tumblr_lynna4jL2s1qj73e2o1_500_zpsccf1f17d.gif

Unrestrained is a beautifully developed story about grief, exploring needs and desires and a second chance at love. I believe that grieving never stops (why, Athena, we are so on the same page). Over time, however, it changes its form and intensity.

“Are you ready for this, Athena?” Dale spoke in a low voice. Not interrupting her memories as much as stepping into the room and taking her hand. Prepared to lead her out of it, back to the present. “Or are you still grieving?”
“I don’t think you ever stop grieving someone you loved for so many years,” she said. “You learn how to make his memories part of your life, how to interweave them into your future, rather than letting them hold you down in the past. That’s what I’m ready to do.”

When you lose a loved one then you have the right to move on because life doesn’t stop either. You have the right to let go of your disguise and seek your own happiness because you don’t need to meet anyone’s expectations except your own. What is it that you truly want? It is all right to be sad and feel lonely or alone. It is all right to take as many months or years you need to work through the worst of your grief. It is all right to be afraid but it is also all right to fall in love again and to lean on someone’s shoulder. Also, it is all right to live out your fantasies, desires and needs. By doing that we don’t tarnish our past as long as we honor the memory of that person we loved and lost. Every action, every relationship gain a certain momentum which you simply can’t control. In fact, isn’t that very positive because sometimes it’s best to let yourself drift in the direction that was meant for you before you were even aware of what would happen? Maybe it’s called fate. In this context I need to get something off my chest. It didn't happen in Unrestrained yet I'd like to express how much I’m getting irritated with human beings who point their finger at grieving people, saying things like ‘Why, she/he only lost her/his partner a few months or a couple years ago and now she/he is in love again so soon?’ There are people in my periphery who act this way. Who are we to judge how much time anyone needs until they want to move on? We have no right to do that. I must confess that I’m pretty emotional as I’m writing this and it’s all Joey’s fault. She brings out the best and worst in me. Reading her books reduces me to an emotional mess. *sniffles*

I LOVED that Roy was such an integral part of Unrestrained. It’s obvious that he was is still very present in Athena’s life. He always will be no matter what. In any event, having been married and in love for twenty years won’t be forgotten only because he isn’t here anymore. Besides, I think that Unrestrained is as much of an (erotic) love story as it is a sign for Athena to move on, to say a final good-bye to Roy and to explore and embrace her submissive tendencies. Athena is an accomplished businesswoman. She is used to being in control and it’s not easy for her to give up the reins.

“You’re self-disciplined and selfless, and being both of those things takes a powerful will,” he observed. “Anyone who doesn’t really understand what a Dom and sub are about, would find it hard to believe you’re not really a Domme. What we are deep inside is often the opposite side of what we show to others. Deciding to reveal that, explore it, brings balance. Are you seeking balance, Athena?”
“Yes.” She looked down at his hand. He’d spread out his other fingers so they rested between hers. Just his fingertips, the curved digits above like a cage holding her hand there, a restraint she willingly accepted.

It was amazing to see how she struggled and brought her choices into question. She had such a hard time of letting go of one relationship and move into another, different one. Nothing is ever black and white, after all, and there are so many shades of grey in between. In the end, however, when all the shields are down it's about trust and taking the final step over the edge. And knowing there will be someone waiting who will catch you with strong and steady arms. What I really could rely on was the fact that she wasn’t in the game for something casual. And while Athena wanted to explore her needs, their relationship showed that you can’t exclude emotions. Only a couple of detached sessions weren't in the cards for her, not by long shot ---> talk about a situation gaining its momentum.

photo tumblr_m5nw18V37i1qhwi0mo1_500_zps81642b6a.gif

"Too fast?" she asked. Had he read her mind, or did he share her concerns?
"Can't tell. It moves like it moves. The trick is to make the in-between time quick, but draw out every moment like this"--he leaned down, kissed her again, proving the point by keeping the kiss going long enough she was breathless when he was done--"so it feels like the kind of forever you want. Then you have no regrets."

photo tumblr_mpbtgnWPJG1rhtqv6o1_500_zps7486623c.gif

Dale is a very charismatic hero. He has a firm hand, a stern mouth, a sharp mind and he's very possessive and doesn't like to share his woman. He's a man’s man who exudes a commanding presence and sex appeal as all get out. In fact, Dale is an absolute sight for sore eyes. He truly enjoys to “punish” as much as he likes to soothe. Boy, Dale can dish out an incredibly mean spanking that made me cringe now and then. Yet he throws so much perception, understanding, humor, empathy and tenderness into the mix that you simply can’t resist that man. While I'm writing this I’m still salivating and swooning over him. I really, really did appreciate that Dale was physically (view spoiler) and I loved to see how vulnerable he felt of being exposed. Silly man, don't you dare do that to yourself. I get it, he is a proud man and dealing (view spoiler) isn't easy. Yet it's an integral part of Dale but also one that doesn't define him. It goes without saying that Joey writes the absolute best and most insightful and scrumptious BDSM heroes. Ever.

photo tumblr_mmdcvtyGk51r9pt4vo1_500_zpse3ebc760.gif

The link to a song:

(view spoiler)

Minor quibbles
I really must be honest here, the endearment girl did not work for me. At. All. I don't see the forty-six-year-old successful, sexy and mature business woman as a girl. However, I loved it when Dale called her woman. Also, I downright melted when she was his sweetheart and Athena worked just fine for me as well.

I could have done without the (view spoiler) That was actually my biggest issue of the entire story.

Now let me say something about Dale that really bugged me. The man is so incredibly stubborn when it comes to (view spoiler) Athena wanting to take care of him doesn't equate to (view spoiler) for Pete's sake! Only at the end of the story did he relent a little bit because what she said to him made him think. Also, while I honestly hoped he would (view spoiler) I knew that was simply wishful thinking. I seriously doubt that he will ever do such a thing. Well, maybe in another lifetime…who knows?

And last but not least I would have loved to read an epilogue because seeing them a few months down the road would have been the icing on the cake.

Now back to the good stuff
What I also liked very much was that palpable balance that went through the entire story like a golden thread: intensity interchanged with calmness. The rigorous and stirring BDSM play did alternate with calmer interludes. I liked that Dale and Athena shared more than sex. They spent time together, they dated, they watched movies, and they had a good time with a bunch of kids. Make no mistake though, this is a difficult, emotionally intense ride and the BDSM elements are very strong. Yet I experienced enough situations that helped to steady and balance me. 

photo tumblr_msu2n6AkB51r3y12bo1_500_zpsa4c2e7f2.gif

I guess it says a lot about me that my favorite scenes were those where they had vanilla sex. Their shared intimacy during those moments meant so much to me. And of course I LOVED their passionate and sensual kisses. It's confession time, right? I actually read and love Joey's books because of her evocative and truly splendid writing. Her books provide so much depth and I feel a strong emotional connection to the characters that I can't help and fall in love with them over and over again. I honestly don't read her stories for the sake of the BDSM elements. Besides, some of the scenes in Joey's books are clearly too much for my humble vanilla nature. I know that Joey won't be offended when I say that I highly disliked Ben in Hostile Takeover. We are all entitled to our opinion and preferences, after all.

I share my absolute favorite scene of the entire book together with the author. I'm so glad we feel the same way about this particular scene. However, I can't write down the entire scene because it's several pages long. Suffice it to say it was utterly beautiful in its intensity and made me a bit teary eyed. So, when he offered her a special gift and (view spoiler) I was so happy! *butterflies in my belly* BTW, he looks absolutely (view spoiler) *swoon*

(view spoiler)

He gave her one of those deep kisses, soothing her trembling by banding his other arm around her, pushing her to her back, his chest a solid weight against hers.
Those emotions flooded her, increasing the pressure beneath her rib cage, the aching in her throat. She couldn't say it aloud, not trusting it.
I'm falling in love with you. I love you.

Unrestrained shows what a master craftswoman Joey is. It is not for nothing that I consider her the best BDSM author. No other writer leaves me in awe and breathless and in an emotional heap like she does every time I’m reading one of her books. Kudos to Joey who did it again. I guess words fail me to express properly how I feel about her evocative writing. Unrestrained depicts a fierce love story between two special characters. Thoughtful dialogue, a compelling narrative and more than enough titillating sex and love making complement this story.

photo b11a5614-6cf6-4f77-8235-f236d1d503d2_zps70d564b9.png

Unrestrained contains very explicit sex (incl. oral and anal) and language, toys, bondage, plenty of severe spanking, and a public play scene at the club Release. There is no ménage though. Still, it's not for the faint of heart.

It should be a pane of glass, not a mirror. Love is about seeing one another clearly through everything and accepting each other. (…) It's not a closed circle unless you can give as much as you're given.

This is for you, Dale…
photo tumblr_mw3imylzKN1rkrgxgo1_500_zps7dde324e.gif

Recommended read.

Buddy read with my lovely friends Kels, Nicole and Glam. Thank you, ladies! xxx


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Holy Frigging Matrimony: A Tangled Series Short Story (Tangled, #1.5) - Emma Chase

4.5 stars. I interviewed Drew for the Berner Zeitung. Please scroll down. It was fun!

photo tumblr_mn0zhxlpPy1qffcrao1_500_zps02305604.gif

Matrimony...? Drew needs a smoke...and I tell you to get rid of it. Subito!

photo tumblr_mn0zhxlpPy1qffcrao4_250_zpsadc3b492.gif

photo tumblr_mn0zhxlpPy1qffcrao7_250_zps6f4687db.gif

Here we go…

photo 1e906111-c162-4734-927c-090ccf3439db_zps300a120e.png

photo f8e9a6f1-c230-4409-9902-d09c5cb84997_zps7e5c2bd7.png

Sorry, I got sidetracked by the quotes. I'll give it another shot. Here we go again...

Hello Drew. I'm Baba, a freelance journalist for the Berner Zeitung.

Berner Zeitung? Never heard of that paper. 

I'm from Switzerland.

Shoot! I've never been to Switzerland. It's the country of watches, fine chocolate, banks as white as snow, and the Alps, isn't it? As you can imagine I was a very attentive student. *makes an angelic face* What about your women? Are they beautiful?

*gasp* Drew, I thought you were going steady?

Sure thing. But I like to do a little…er…platonic research now and then to…how should I phrase that…to enhance my bedroom activities. Makes my sweet Kate happy, for sure.

I can show you a couple pics of women Made in Switzerland.
By the way, hands off, understood? All these women are either married or have a boyfriend.

*makes incoherent noises* Baba, put the frigging pics in a spoiler! What do you think is going to happen when my Kate sees them?
*puts a hurt look on his face* I would never touch them anyway. Why would you think such a despicable thing of me? I mean look at me...I'm such a sweet little cherub, don't you think?

(view spoiler)

Hmm…interesting question. Maybe she's going to give you blue balls. Sex deprivation? Squeeze your balls? Cut them off? Pinch you in the ass? Slap you? Scream at you? I know that women can get quite agitated. Also, being in such a state of mind they become…er…quite imaginative. 
And to respond to your other question about being a sweet little cherub…? Well, maybe when pigs fly, right? You're such a sly devil, Drew.

You tell me! I would like to avoid any further complications. 

Would you like me to give you a hint as to how you can soothe your sweet Kate?

Baba, you're my knight in shining armor. Go ahead please, I'm all ears!

Thank God it's Friday, Drew.
(Editor's note: the interview took place on a Friday). Baba adds a cheeky grin.

*quizzical stare* I'm sorry--I don't speak vagina. Just what the hell is that supposed to mean? 

Holy Frigging Batman, are you still clueless? You told me that you've been a very attentive student. 

Yes. And yes. But I'm sure you're going to broaden my horizon right frigging now. After all, learning never stops.

Tongue Goes In First.

Huh? Excuse me but you kinda lost me.

Never heard of TGIF before?

Um…yes, of course I'm not that clueless. *light bulb goes on* Baba, you just slammed my mind in the gutter! Are we finished yet? I need to get back to my sweet Kate to put my tongue…you know where.

Your honesty is so refreshing, Drew, and your dirty mind is incredibly entertaining! Thanks for the speed interview! I appreciate it very much. *Baba beams*

Drew…are you still here…? Get lost…right frigging now!

"Come on, Baba Dee's in her room. You're good to go."
I pull on her hand until she crashes against me. "I don't wanna go. I want to defile the prestigious Plaza Hotel by having you ride me like a slutty mermaid in the bathtub."

Baba scurries away to look for her camera in order to chronicle that earth-shattering event.

Say cheese!

photo tumblr_mowwxxMMA01s83nuzo1_500_zps79e11b09.gif

P.S. As expected it was a hilarious ride and I really enjoyed it very much! I don't whip out five stars because it was too short and the ending was a little bit too abrupt for my liking. *Baba makes a pouty face* Still, an entertaining, quick and dirty little number. Love me some Drew! *thumbs up from moi*

photo tumblr_mw3imylzKN1rkrgxgo1_500_zps7dde324e.gif

Oh, and this is for you, Emma, coz I know you loved it.

photo tumblr_mn0zhxlpPy1qffcrao8_250_zpsc2aaa2de.gif

I think you put Drew under too much stress. He looks kinda rumpled and shaken. Crap. Maybe that's my fault? Was I too hard on him during my interview? *bats eyelashes innocently*



If you'd like to see the spoiler-tagged pics then check out the GR link below.

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Temple is delicious.

No Good Duke Goes Unpunished - Sarah MacLean

4 redeeming stars.****Review completed December 2, 2013

photo tumblr_ms74fx6HTM1qcg42vo1_500_zps3ba73d73.gif

photo tumblr_m8klaqHqkw1r4cez7o1_500_zps0947f825.gif

For the last twelve years Temple (William Harrow, Marquess of Chapin and heir to the dukedom of Lamont) had lived with the conviction that he killed Mara Lowe on the eve of her wedding with his father. After that fateful night Mara disappeared without trace. But then quite unexpectedly Mara appears at Temple's townhouse, hale and hearty. A myriad of emotions hits him. As a matter of fact, he didn't only feel relief when he knew that she was alive. If anything, Temple felt angry, betrayed and bitter. After all, she'd stolen a major part of his life when she set him up so long ago. Temple wants to know what happened that fateful night at Whitefawn. However, Mara is not willing to tell him anything if Temple won't accept a trade. Even though Temple's reputation had been destroyed twelve years ago, he was one of the wealthiest men in London. And Mara needs money (view spoiler) Finally they make a deal and start playing a "game" until Temple decides to reveal Mara's identity, so he can restore his good name in exchange for (view spoiler)

"You are angry."
He shook his head. "Angry does not even begin to describe the depths of my emotion."
She nodded, skipping backward across the room once more. "Fair enough. Furious."
He advanced. "That's closer."
"That, too."
She looked behind her, saw the sideboard looming. This wasn't a very large room, after all.
"And that. "

It's time to take responsibility for past transgressions.

photo d66b917d-b620-4762-af5a-f9e2212d1748_zps385d4804.jpg

So, while Temple is out for retribution, over time he began to actually like and adore Mara. He wanted her. Though Temple hadn't expected for that to happen.

He was beside her in an instant, collecting her in his arms, pulling her tight to him, and taking her lips. Claiming her in front of God and London. Tasting her sweetness. Her spice. The roar of those assembled faded away as he consumed her, the kiss too rough, too searing, until he realized that she was matching it with her own passion. Her own fervor.

photo tumblr_m7l17lmtj41rqq0c0o1_500_zpsf16fd7bd.gif

Lavender was a pure joy, so hilarious! There were a couple adorable scenes that included the two dozen boys, Temple, Mara and (view spoiler)
In fact, Temple has a very good hand when it comes to kids and he passed on some pearls of wisdom now and then.

Meet Lavender...
(view spoiler)

She turned in her chair to look up at him. "It was not meant as one. I was merely pointing out your libidinous ways."
His brows rose. "Libidinous."
"Roguish. Rakish. Scallawaginous. Scoundrelly."
"I'm certain that some of those words are not words."
"Now you're angling for a position as governess?"
"If the boys are learning words like scallawaginous, it might not be the worst idea."

photo d556f0b0-ad7e-4a13-ac35-b94929dea875_zps8d9252cb.jpg

At 52 % something very tragic happened.

photo tumblr_mso3b5XR5t1qa4kuwo1_500_zps178e69ab.gif

(view spoiler)

The Fallen Angel
photo tumblr_mptpnpd6dM1svftxqo1_500_zps9736d2b3.gif

There's not much smexyness in this story but what's there was very sensual and beautifully written. This may sound a bit odd to you when I say that I LOVED their sexual tension and titillating chemistry, but I wasn't really able to feel and understand their ILYs. It happened too fast and I just needed…more. I can't even explain what was actually lacking. I just know, however, that something was missing. Maybe I just needed more relationship development because in the end everything felt a little bit too rushed and resolved quite conveniently.

It was a taunt. A challenge.
One he did not refuse. He set his lips to her breast, loving the little cry that escaped her as he worried that sacred skin, sucking low and soft until the cry became a moan in the dark room. He could not stop himself from pulling her closer, lifting her from her feet, wrapping her legs about his waist, worshipping her there in that room that rarely knew pleasure and too often knew pain.
And then she'd released the strap altogether, her weight in his arms and her fingers in his hair, holding him tight against her, encouraging his caress, begging him for more, urging him to give her everything he could.

To me the best aspect of No Good Duke Goes Unpunished is the sexy-as-sin hero Temple. He's incredibly delicious and very sensual. It goes without saying that Temple is a somewhat dark, brooding and broken creature. One could think he lost his ability to smile and laugh. On the other hand, it's not surprising because twelve years marked as a killer will change a man after all. What's even better is the fact that he was a fighter and made good use of his fists in the ring. However, he doesn't only strike with his fists, he's also a ruler over thoughts and words. I think this was a battle of wits because both main protagonists have a sharp tongue and they really know how to use it. Temple repeatedly infuriates Mara with his quick mind and challenging demeanor. And once again the author achieved to write a somewhat different heroine. She might not go down in my book history as one of my favorite heroines, yet I really did like her. Plus, her background story was interesting. All in all the plot is a bit oppressive but the witty and compelling dialogue brightened the overall atmosphere of the story very nicely.

"And here I was, hoping you would give me a token to wear into battle."
Her gaze narrowed. "I ought to have your sabre tempered with."
Temple raised a brow. "Sabre tampering, is that how they refer to it at the MacIntyre Home for Boys?"
Bourne snickered, and Mara cut him a look. "You are a marquess, are you not?
"I am." 
"Tell me, do you ever act like it? I only ask because it does not seem that your friend cares much for behaving like a duke. I thought the immaturity was perhaps catching. Like influenza.
Admiration flashed in Bourne's gaze. He turned to Temple. "Charming."
"And she's armed with laudanum."
Bourne nodded. "I shan't drink anything she gives me, then."
"And a (view spoiler) she added dryly. 
He raised a brow. "And keep a vigilant watch."
"It's an intelligent plan," Temple offered.

"Hebert made you a pocket?"
She narrowed her gaze on him through the mask. "I thought I'd made it clear that I am quite skilled with a needle."
He couldn't stop the laugh that came then. The woman was remarkable. She'd received a dress that cost more than her salary for a year, and immediately installed a pocket to (view spoiler)
In more ways than one.

Minor quibbles
I was surprised how fast (view spoiler)

I love the author's writing but the more I read the more irritated I became with all those one word, two word or three word sentences, i.e.

He loved her.

Don't get me wrong. Sometimes it works fine but there are situations where it's downright annoying and it threw me out of the story.

The final chapter was too corny for my liking. On the other hand I did enjoy the epilogue and I'm thrilled to read Chase's story Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover, coming in 2014.

Despite my minor issues No Good Duke Goes Unpunished is a great addition to The Rules of Scoundrels series. It's a well-written story about vengeance, redemption and absolution and a must read for every fan of Sarah MacLean. May Temple seduce all of you! 

Recommended read.


If you'd like to read the spoilers then check out the GR link below.

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