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Afflicted II - Brandon Shire

Review completed December 6, 2012 / Edited December 7, 2012 

4.5 stars.*****Beautiful. Intriguing. Enticing. Carnal. Lascivious. Lush. Erotic. Raw. 

That’s Brandon’s writing—a heady flavor.


"I've fought misconceptions my whole life, Dillon. But most of that has been dealing with my own misconceptions about the presumed motives of other people."

There’s nothing more I can say about this author that hasn’t been said before. Well, let me just add that Brandon is one of those authors who define my personal standards of M/M romance. Although Afflicted II provides way less lyrical prose than Afflicted, I thoroughly enjoyed this beautifully written story. In fact, Afflicted II is yet another sensual, inspiring, and passionate journey that features Dillon and Hunter on their ultimate path to


Once arrived, there’s no going back.

"It was the way you touched me. How you explored every single inch of me before you really put your hands on me," Dillon admitted. "That first time we were in bed you searched out all the erogenous zones with your fingers, probably without even realizing it. It was subtle but very…tactile. It made me feel wanted, I mean more than just physically."


"Listen to the breath of the rain."
They were silent for a minute. Dillon closed his eyes and tried to grasp at what Hunter experienced. Hunter moved closer and put the heat of his breath in Dillon's ear. "I want you to make love to me by the rhythm of the rain," he whispered.


They had f@@@ed the night before, and then again this morning, but that had been hard lust. Now Hunter wanted passion and slow, smooth rhythm. He wanted to feel the security of Dillon's embrace, the solid unfettered motion of their lovemaking, and he wanted to make Dillon understand that he no longer had to prove anything. He moved away and set his head on his own pillow, waiting for Dillon to find the rain's pulse.


His arms were on either side of Hunter's shoulders as he looked down. Now that he had the rain's rhythm he opened his eyes and saw the ecstasy on Hunter's face. Silence sat between them; silence and the gentle whimper of his lover's agony.(…)

Brandon is a first-class director and I adore his writing skills. He goes from soft, gentle, quiet, and beautiful words to a full in-your-face crescendo of exquisite crudeness.

When I hit the 43 % mark (The Bedroom scene) I might have blushed. Not. Have I ever read such a crude yet lascivious and enticing sex scene? Probably not. It’s entirely possible that the screen of my Kindle fogged up when Dillon and Hunter did celebrate their sweat-inducing, raw and oh-so hot man-sex. Nowthat was erotic as all get out! Hunter embraced Dillon's domination.

That was the smell of winter…

Goddamn he loved sex with this man.

They (almost) crushed and devoured each other with their animalistic need. I can’t remember that I ever saw Dillon in such an uber, uber domineering pose. Wow. That blew my mind and I will shamelessly admit that I loved it. Every. Darn. Moment. Of. This. Lascivious. Interlude. It hardly needs mentioning that I devoured every sex scene. Well, and bathrooms will remind me of Dillon and Hunter for the rest of my life. 

I *think* that male authors write sex scenes differently. Hence, the sex is edgier and rougher and probably more authentic. There is nothing romantic about it either. But one thing's for sure, though, it's highly erotic and yet there is this underlying feel of tenderness that will push so many buttons as well. Brandon has the ability to bring his characters to life and I tag along eagerly to feel their pain as well as happiness. He paints a vivid and eclectic picture of authenticity.


…It's breadth, and the strength between us to know that we're ready for the next step. I want to do it this way so it lasts, and I need you to understand that for me."
"I understand."
"Do you?" Hunter asked him closely. "Then why do I still hear rejection in your voice?"
"Because I'm impulsive, and immature, and…in love with you."

Wasn’t it amazing to witness how these two men gave each other strength? They encouraged, reassured and supported one another even though they had to struggle with their own personal shortcomings. However, as soon as one of them had a problem to deal with the other one was there to offer unconditional support. As a matter of fact, Hunter wanted to save Dillon from any more pain. That was another proof of his love for Dillon. Trust, understanding, and love--that’s the foundation of a serious relationship. With that said, it was so significant that Hunter told Dillon that he loved him for the very first time when he went through a very difficult personal situation. I, for one, felt their love very deeply when I saw how they handled the ugly scene with Dillon’s mother.

Brandon packed some great emotions into the story and everything felt well thought out. I loved to see Dillon work through his family issues, and I have to admit that I really fell hard for this guy. He deserved some happy. It goes without saying that Dillon's mother was a true nightmare, and it's beyond me why a mother would even think about abandoning her own child let alone execute the evil deed. 

Dillon went so still it was like Hunter was alone in the apartment again. He emitted no breath, no whisper of movement, nothing. He was just a blank space, an absence in the middle of the room. Hunter started to reach for him but froze his hand when Dillon spoke. (…)

I loved Margie. The fag hag. She is straight-forward, intelligent, and very perceptive. The banter between her and Hunter was very entertaining, and they always put a smile on my face.

"You are such a fag hag. They should have a class just for you, call it Man Porn 101."

Yeah, Baba is so ready for some Man Porn 101...

There is more than raw lust, want and desire between Dillon and Hunter. Their love for one another is palpable but the crux of the matter is that Hunter has to acknowledge his feelings. Moreover, he has to express his love for Dillon. Hunter is a control freak and as I see it he has a hard time to accept that he can't control love; he can't control his emotions either and it's hard to let go. Life happens; life does not ask for permission. And this is about Hunter getting involved and it scared him because a man who manifests his emotions exposes himself completely. You are more prone to getting hurt. 


Honestly, the (view spoiler) However, what followed suit made me go all awwww…

This is a beautiful spoiler:

(view spoiler)


"Snow is kind of weird," Dillon said. "It's so slow, drifts a little here and there, and it doesn't make much noise," he said as he looked at Hunter. "I think I want to skip the symphony," he added as he untied Hunter's tie and slipped it from around his neck. " I would like very much for us to stay in and see if you can match its rhythm. What do you think?"

If you are looking for something different then look no further. You have found it.
I strongly advise you to read the books in order.
Afflicted II

Steam: HIGH; one particular scene is blushworthy

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