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Gives Light - Rose Christo

5 beautiful stars.*****Review completed August 22, 2013

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Gives Light is a heart-warming, emotional and beautiful story that depicts a young and pure love between two Native American teenagers who physically differ yet at their hearts they are so much alike. Besides, it’s also a journey of coming to terms with who and what you are--accepting there is nothing wrong with you. Our main protagonists are Skylar the mute, calm and very mellow sixteen-year-old boy who meets the same-aged Rafael on the Nettlebush Reserve. When Skylar's father vanishes so suddenly and the authorities can't tell him if he will ever come back, Skylar's grandmother offers to look after him. The temperamental, frantic and restless Rafael is the son of the man who murdered Skylar's mother. Alleged problems are bound to occur, however, the more time Sky and Rafael spend together the more they come to like each other. Even though it's not sympathy at first glance, over time the tentativeness and aversion turns into friendship. 

I couldn't possibly put into words what that meant to me. Nor had I realized until that moment how much of a group project it was to grow up. Each of us is just an imprint of the many people who have crossed paths with us over the years, some more times than others. Most of us never think to say thank you. I know I never had.

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Death wasn't a waste of life. My mom was gone. I'd never have the chance to know her. But it was through her absence, aching and acute, that I had come to know Rafael instead.

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He broke away from my mouth and trailed his lips down the front of my throat. I felt his lips close around my scars. He kissed away their ugliness. His lips parted in tingling butterfly kisses that drained the strength from my knees. I realized he was mouthing words against my skin. Not words. Just one word.

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I sank my fingers into Rafael's coarse hair. I felt him jolt beneath my fingertips. I coaxed his lips with my own, gently, the lightest touch, an encouraging touch. It was dizzy and intoxicating and enthralling and tranquilizing, paradoxically, all at once.

It is not insta-love. It is not rushed love. It is, however, the kind of love that grows slowly yet relentlessly. It’s a tiny seed and it grows a little shyly; it wriggles its way through the soil until it thrives and will be in full bloom eventually. Although we haven’t been privy to the full-bloom part yet. I suppose that will probably happen in the sequel.

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Rose Christo writes wonderful kissing scenes that are achingly beautiful and languorous in their intensity. They are filled with want, need and longing. Perfect.

(…)I pressed up against him and kissed him like he was my lifeline, like he was air and I couldn’t breathe. I kissed him hard enough that I really couldn’t breathe, in the end, and my lips ached when we broke away, and we were both panting, him burying his face against the crook of my neck, his breath burning hot against my skin. I felt his heartbeat, jumping and hard, underneath my hand, my fingers splayed against his chest. He felt so alive. I felt so alive. He entwined our fingers and held my hand hard enough to hurt; but it was a wonderful pain, a soothing pain, the kind of pain that reminds you how human you are, how desperately your heart wants, how good it feels to finally have.

The author’s voice is a vibrant veil of beautiful words. It’s mute. It’s loud. It’s sad. It’s happy. She conveys a rather huge spectrum of emotion through her writing.

It’s a book that you must read with all your senses. Rose Christo lets the sun heat your body and when you need to cool off, the rain is going to refresh your skin like a velvet curtain. The way she describes flora and fauna, the sky and the stars, and the Native Americans and their legacy is a thing of beauty, as is the blossoming love between Rafael and Skylar. She urges you to lie down on the earth and bury your fingers in the soil, to gaze up at the sky and the stars, and soak up all the (sensuous) impressions. It’s also a lesson how you converse without uttering a waterfall of words because actions and facial expressions speak louder than any verbal communication.

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How beautiful he looked. Unsullied by the world’s darker secrets; privy to its innocent ones. I could almost believe he was inhuman and had never known anything beyond the profound simplicity of nature, tameless and wild, and the animal hearts that beat within each and every one of us.

As a reader I experience a daily flood of books that provide (manufactured) drama over drama over drama. Granted, Gives Light provides some potential for conflict as well, but overall it’s definitely on the calmer side of this range. It’s pretty much unobtrusive and gentle; a nice change for once and very much appreciated. 

Gives Light has it all. Excellent writing and great narrative, very likable, interesting and well drawn characters, as well as a wonderful setting render this story unforgettable. However, the icing on the cake is the intriguing and mystic history of bygone times. Yet a small part of your people keep these bygone times alive and breathing by initiating and living rituals and retelling rites and events. But you also give Native Americans a voice and a face by telling stories like Gives Light. Our history are our roots, and we should never forget where we were coming from. It’s a part of our identity and something we should be grateful for.

This story is a labor of love, I could feel it. It not only gives light, it is light—a ray of sunbeam that is going to warm your soul. Read it.

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Recommended read.

A thank you goes to Rosa for doing the buddy read with me. I'm looking forward to reading Looks Over with you! xxx

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/691889888