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Full Circle - Kaje Harper

4 bittersweet stars.****Review posted July 19, 2013

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I closed the book with mixed feelings. It's a beautiful little read but it made me a tiny bit sad. My review is going to be short and sweet.

Chicago, present day
Jamison Seavers, close to sixty, is in a bar nursing his Coke when a very young man addresses him. It's Heath Grange, the adopted son of Toller Grange. Toller is Jamison's former protégée and lover, and they parted ways ages ago when Toller had to start college and became a (view spoiler) Now Heath is here to hear his father's "story" because they've had an argument over his choice of academic study and in the heat of the moment Heath's dad told him that Jamison knew everything about him.

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"You have two dads?"
"Sure. Toller and Tris. Dad is gay." The boy's smooth forehead wrinkled perplexedly. "You know that. You are Jamie?"
"Guess so." Better, that was a least better. "I just figured there was a woman in there somewhere. I did study biology once."

Jamison didn't want to hit on Toller. On top of that he wasn't even sure if Toller was gay…

"What do you think of those two?" I asked, about to comment on the size double-Es.
"Way too much muscle," Toller said. "I don't like guys who look so top-heavy they might tip over. Although the little jazz beard was cute."
"The blonde was kind of pretty," I said mildly.
"I guess. I didn't really notice."
I grinned to myself and put that worry away. My boy was gay, all right.

(view spoiler)

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Full Circle tells us the story how Jamison met Toller. Both of them had their own demons to deal with and 'healed' each other during a timespan of 300 days. The author did a very good job adding depth to the plot as well as the characters within fifty-five pages. Written very solidly, this little emotional and heartwarming read provides a bittersweet ending. Reading the blurb reveals a lot, and yet I wasn't prepared for the impact the book had on me. Somehow I didn't expect to feel sad (view spoiler)

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Let's make good memories because they will tide us over when things aren't that great and we will always remember. It's a precious gift.

Recommended read.

The name Seavers seems to be misspelled in the blurb (Severs). I did a check, and Seavers has been mentioned four times in the book.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/601858530