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The Dark Horse   - Josh Lanyon

4.5 stars.****Review completed June 21, 2013

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Lanyon had me at…

I stared for a long time while Dan's deep voice receded into the cries of the gulls overhead and the pound of the waves on the beach a few yards away, until those too faded to a kind of white noise.

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I had an inkling this would be good. And it was actually more than good.

Dan's large hand slid under my fingers nervously fiddling with a teaspoon. "It's over, chief. Trust me."
"I do." It came out more husky than I'd intended.
He turned my hand palm up, lightly kissing it. The warmth of his lips against my surf-chilled skin made me shiver. I dropped the teaspoon. It hit the edge of my saucer with a silvery chime. He grinned.

Actor Sean Fairchild has been stalked for a year by Paul Hammond. Hammond, however, ended up dead after he lost control of his car during a police chase on Highway 138 and crashed into the California Aqueduct. Interestingly enough, the police never found Hammond's body and suddenly Sean is getting unsettling postcards again. But since everyone is convinced that Hammond was dead who had sent the cards? Or is Hammond not dead yet? A game of cat-and-mouse begins and Sean is getting jumpier by the hour and questioning his sanity.

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Lt. Daniel Moran of the LAPD is improving his meager cop salary by working as a consultant for the film industry. Dan acted as Sean's bodyguard when Hammond threatened him, and as soon as Hammond was dead their relationship began and both of them fell hard for one another. Sean has a rather long history of emotional issues (view spoiler)

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"He chooses the dark horse. He chooses(view spoiler)

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He got one arm around my waist and the other around my thigh and managed to flip me over onto my back. The Swedish mattress swallowed my frame a few obliging inches.
"The bed is having me for dinner," I said, laughing up at him.
"And I'm having you for dessert," Dan said, his voice deep and velvety.

I said, in a very bad imitation of James Cagney, "Okay, copper. You got me fair and square."
His lean cheek creased in amusement. "Oh? You're going to come quietly?"
"I always do," I whispered.

Granted, the premise of the gay cop who is accidentally also the poster boy of the new and sensitive LAPD falling for the gay Hollywood actor is kinda clichéd. Having said this, I didn't mind and Lanyon delivered a wonderful little story that provided a well-thought-out plot that was spiced up with interesting psychological aspects, complex and well-drawn characters and engaging writing. In fact, my love for Lanyon is growing. Irrevocably. I can always go back to his books when I need to read a great short. The Dark Horse is no exception and fit the bill. It's an amazing little gem, and I honestly don't know how he does it but the man knocks them out of the park all the time.

It doesn't come as a surprise that I loved Dan. The man is in his mid-thirties, mature and (sexually) experienced, very smart and I quote: old-fashioned movie-star handsome. He is very perceptive and I adored his tenderness. Besides, I really enjoyed their intimate scenes. They were well written, sexy, very sensual and even playful at times. I loved to see them laugh together in bed.

I have read quite a few books by Lanyon now and three things are (almost) a given. One MC is strong and gorgeous, physically very attractive or even handsome and the other MC is physically pretty average or above average and has to deal with health issues. Plus, one of the MCs is an excellent cook. The Dark Horse is the same although the MC with health issues is above average when it comes to looks. BTW, I got very hungry while reading this story because Sean sure knew how to cook a mouth-watering and delicious meal. Bon appétit!

To me it was very easy to figure out HUGE SPOILER(view spoiler) Baba was right. *fist bump*

I loved how Lanyon kept playing with the book title and how he referred to The Charioteer. Sean really wanted (view spoiler)Perfect. I guess I will have to read this book someday.

Recommended read.

"(…)Maybe he's just afraid to lose himself by loving someone completely."


Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/616895513