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After Hours: (InterMix) - Cara McKenna

4.5 stars.****Review completed April 21, 2013 

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I loved Willing Victim but I think that After Hours is even better. There is more meat to the bone and the story is much longer and also better developed. Though I think that Flynn is superior when it comes to dirty talk.

After a somewhat bumpy beginning I really did warm up to Kelly. I love his smile, his motivation for working as an orderly in a psychiatric ward and his irresistible skills as a lover. Let's face it: the man doesn't beat around the bush between the sheets. About halfway through there is a superb and long sex scene that was intensely erotic and deliciously A-mazing. Loved it! Kelly Robak can do me anytime. 
It's kinda strange but After Hours did remind me of Willing Victim, even though the stories and characters are different. Dunno but maybe it was the controlling sex or the bossy hero. Anyways, I absolutely enjoy Cara's voice and engaging writing. Witty and bold dialogue as well as interesting characters did complete the picture.

Kelly sexy-as-sin Robak, come on over here to Baba! We need to have a little heart-to-heart. Down boy, and stop it right now! Don't growl and get it into your thick head, you can't boss my around. Nope, I'm in charge now. I wanna look into your intriguing eyes and we really need to have a serious chat. I promise to be very nice. *crosses fingers behind back* Please scroll down…

He leaned his elbow on the bar and looked me square in the face. "I got exes who might try to tell you I treated them like servants. They were all fond of telling me a smuch, anyhow. But I work hard. I've got needs. If they don't get me to my satisfaction, I get grouchy."

"And I'm not. But I spend forty to fifty hours a week at everybody's beck and call. When I'm off, I want what I want, the way I want it."

"This is your room, so I'm letting you get your way--"
"Letting me?"
"Come by my place some weekend and maybe I'll show you mine."
"Your way doesn't sound like it takes no for an answer."
"You're welcome to find out."
"Good night, Kelly."
He straightened. "See you beneath me on the gym floor tomorrow."

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"You've done this before."
"Oh sure," I panted. "All the time."
"Not last night."
I shot him a withering look. "I reserve my man-pinning skills for deserving parties. Not just whoever turns up with some old lady's stolen lilies."
"Ooh, you go right for the groin, don't you?"
"In your dreams."

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"More what?" Another kiss, another hot exhalation.
I spoke from some thoughtless, honest place. "I don't trust myself around you. This way."
"There's something between us," he murmured. "We're just doing what it's asking."
"It feels like I'm just doing what you ask."
"And you don't like that?" As he said it, his fingers traced my lips through my panties, cock pressing close. Heat flashed, dizzying me.
I swallowed a moan, scrabbling for words. "I like it now. I'm afraid I'll wish I hadn't done so much in the morning. It feels good, but it won't last."
"That's what pleasure is."

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He spoke right against my neck, lips tickling my skin.
"Feel that?"
"Feel how bad I want you?"
He pressed roughly against me, a thrust that would've made us lovers if not for my last stitch of clothing. I answered with a little moan.
"You're so wet," he whispered. He rubbed my clit, letting his length tease my lips with the friction of wet cotton. I felt the flex of his hips as he thrust, muscle as hdd as his dick. "I can't wait to feel you."

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"Six thirty," he said, slamming the passenger door. "We'll grab dinner."
"Yeah, sure. We'll grab dinner. We'll grab one drink, and nothing else will get grabbed for the rest of the night."

"We're not messing around tonight," I informed him as we reached the main road.
"I never mess around. I'm all business in the sack."

He leaned on the bar, arm flexed, head resting on his hand. "I know you feel this, too."
"If everyone acted on every impulse they had, we'd all be obese and syphilitic and a hundred grand in debt from the home-shopping channel."
"When's the last time you spent a whole weekend just fucking?"
I laughed. "Never. Who does that?"
"We could."
"That sounds very…abrasive."
"Sex doesn't have to be some chore you do on Saturday nights after your husband rubs your feet. Come over, and let me show you a good time. Lemme have my way with you, like in your bed the other night. Was that really so bad?"

"Listen. I like you. And I want you. I'm inviting you to come over so we can explore the thing that's between us. I know you feel it, same as me. I'm offering you a chance to shut your brain off for a weekend, so we can spoil each other's bodies rotten. Let me boss you around and I promise you'll find out I give twice as good as I get. I'm not gonna try to fuck your ass or dress you up like a hooker--"
"Be still my heart. Kelly Robak, you charmer, you."
"There's four things a real man has to be able to do for a woman."
"Exactly how many man-lists do you have?"
He let my wrist go and ticked the items off on his fingers. "Fix her car. Grill her a steak. Kick the ass of any guy who makes her cry. And fuck her so hard she wakes up half-crippled."
"Oh my God." For a moment I just blinked at the gall of him. "You're…You are ridiculous. Goodnight, Kelly." I got up, heading for the exit. I realized my mistake a millisecond before he called me on it.
"Said I can fix your car, not teleport it from two towns over."
I swiveled. "I'm sure a real man can call a woman a cab, can't he?"

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The spread fingers cupping my breast crept up my neck, slid into my hair and tightened. You're not going anywhere, his fist told me. You stay right here and you come when I make you come.
It was the singularly most erotic touch I'd ever felt--the coldest, hottest, cruelest sensation.

"I want what I want, when and how I want it."

"I will. I'll let you see what I've imagined, every fucking time I've shot in my hand, thinking about you."

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Dear Kelly,

When I first met you at Larkhaven I was not psyched. I saw a tall, self-controlled and utterly imposing man displaying muscled arms and a chest dressed in dull gray, sporting bruises and scars and a mean face. You seemed to be untouchable and very remote. Truth be told, the beginning did not wow me and I was reluctant to see where we'd go from there. And even though the start was slow paced, I did warm up to you eventually (boy, did I almost burn my fingers) and your smile truly knocked my socks off. After all, still waters run deep and I enjoyed the unraveling of Kelly Paul Robak. Shut it, Kel, I'm holding the reins now.

You found your perfect match in nurse Erin Coffey. Aside from being extremely compatible in the bedroom, both of you have an unbending will to control your lives. Erin craves steadiness above and beyond and she fears the consequences of a casual sexual encounter. For both of you it's almost a physical impossibility to hand over the reins to someone else or to ask for help. But. If this person is trustworthy it's worth a try. Doesn't it feel good to open up a little bit? It's nice to have someone to lean on and to share your problems. Do you remember the saying 'A sorrow shared is a sorrow halved?' 

And just remember that sadness is like rain. Keep reminding yourself it'll pass.

You're pushy and tenacious as hell. Un-freakin-believable. But there's no getting around it to admit that I enjoyed your general bossy assholery. I hope you're proud that your obstinacy paid off big time. Holy crappity crap! About halfway through there was a first-class Sex-a-thon and Baba was a goner. Devour me! The sensation was so intensely erotic I had to remind myself to breathe from time to time, and I was thinking 'Hot damn, this is panty-melting hot!' You sure made my lady-parts tingle. Dude, stop grinning, you showoff! Yeah, yeah, I admit I was close to jumping into your story, sitting on your lap and telling you to grab my hair, my ass, my breasts. Plus, I wanted you to put your. Mouth. On. Me. Pathetic, I know. Oh, please, spare me your smug smile. *grumbles* Hmm…though you know revenge is sweet. Anyway, it's a thing of beauty to see a man who is usually so in control, coming undone. Yup, where is your complacent smile now, huh? It's gone. *smirk*

"Whatever happened to you being Mr. Control, and me just keeping my pretty mouth shut?"
"Guess I like what comes out of your mouth, as much as I care about what might go in."

An intriguing aspect of your story was the different and unique setting. Granted, I wouldn't want to work in a psychologic ward, but I found the insight interesting and it was sensitively executed. Overall I think that the special setting enhanced the plot very nicely. Besides, I appreciated your motivation why you took this job. Behind your 'scary' face lies so much kindness and you have a heart of gold. You really do care and you want to help humans everybody else has given up on yet. Hence, it's good to know that so many people want to make a difference. 

Yeah, I can feel it too, we got a little something between us…in my dreams. 

I wish you and Erin all the best and much love!

Take care.

Baba xxx

P.S. Tell Cara it would have been nice to read an epilogue. 

As a side note
After Hours contains explicit sex including oral but no anal. Even though there is some spanking (no bondage, no toys), this is not a BDSM story. 

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/593071583