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The Education of Sebastian - Jane Harvey-Berrick

4 stars.****Review completed February 19, 2013

Sometimes you have to take a chance on love.

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The Education of Sebastian is about a summer of stolen happiness. A summer also filled with love, bliss, hope, fear, and recklessness. But it ended badly.

Caroline is married to a US Navy medical officer who is a lot older than her. She was very young when she met him and he swept her off her feet instantly. After a while, however, she realized that she was in for an uninspiring and unkind life. The sex was desultory and boring. After two years of marriage, David was transferred to the Naval Medical Center in San Diego and he wanted her to be friends with the wife of his new CO. That's how she met Sebastian for the first time, the son of David's new CO. He was eight years old at that time and Caroline was 21. They talked about children's books and a harmless friendship grew between the two. After a while though, David informed her he'd been assigned to Camp Lejeune in North Carolina and they had to move again. Little Sebastian was devastated.

Many years later Caroline and David come back to San Diego. Caroline is not quite pleased that she had to move again, because she made friends in North Carolina and she had a job that she liked a lot. And then one sunny day on the beach of San Diego fate…happened again in the form of handsome and young Sebastian Hunter. Sebastian is seventeen years old now.

He could sense the feebleness of my will. His lovely eyes were unclouded, free of all doubt, confident and reassuring. And when he leaned forward pressing his lips lightly against mine, it was a peaceful moment at the heart of a whirling pool of emotions. It was an electric moment, the eye of the storm.
I tried to understand the feelings that filled me, making me lighter than air. I felt beautiful for the first time in my life, safe and secure.

"My gallant knight."
"Your anything," he said seriously. "But I want to be your everything."

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He jumped and turned around with a scowl on his face which broke into a huge, sexy smile when he saw me.
"I've got to go now," he breathed into the phone, "a beautiful woman is feeling me up."
"Is that right?"
Hidden by the crowd I ran my hand up the front of his jeans.
"Yeah," he said into his cellphone, "I don't know what she wants."

The marriage between Caroline and her husband is (almost) over.

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(…)Everything had a price. Every glance, every kiss, every stolen touch. It seemed desperately unfair. I didn't want to live without love. Why should I?

"Caro, don't you understand how I feel about you? I love you. You're all I want. I want a future with you--I want our lives to be together. I'm not a kid. I've had to grow up fast. I've been taking care of myself for a long time now. And I want to take care of you."
"I'm just saying that I'll understand when that changes."

"(…) Why are you so scared? I mean, forget all that legal bullshit…why do you keep trying to…I don't know, make me change my mind? What do you think I've got here that I wouldn't give up in a heartbeat to be with you? There's nothing to keep me here. I'll go anywhere, do anything to be with you."

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"In just over three months, I'll be 18. I could enlist and a few months later I could be sent to the Middle East. I'll be old enough to fight, to die for my country, but you don't think I'll be old enough to (view spoiler)

"You want honesty? Well, answer this: if I was 25 and you were 38, would we still be having this conversation?"

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Even though the age of the hero made for some uncomfortable reading moments, I really enjoyed The Education of Sebastian.Most of the time Sebastian came across as pretty mature for his age. There were moments though where his youthfulness shone through, when he'd been sulking or when an unexpected flush of anger flared up. And let's not forget his impatience as well as gushy love confessions. Although there's no getting around it to point out that the story wouldn't have suffered in any way if the hero had been a couple of years older.

It's quite obvious that the relationship between Caroline and Sebastian has been stimulated by Caroline's unhappy marriage as well as Sebastian's unkind and awful parents. If you don't find love at home then you have to look for it in another place. Caroline soaked up Sebastian's affection and love like a dried out sponge. Geez, I couldn't believe that she could withstand a man like David for so many years. They'd totally grown apart a long time ago after all. As a matter of fact, he used her as his doormat, treated her like crap, was cold and dogmatic. She was his cook, cleaner and occasional sex toy. I was honestly shocked when they had sex. What was that?? Hence, I really think that animals show more emotion during intercourse than David and Caroline.

Of course I understood that she was naïve when she married him. We all have our dreams, we all want love and happiness but when you realize it's not going to happen--ever--then you have to draw the consequences. You just have to move on. Unfortunately she waited way too long, and isn't it kind of ironic that she realized what she wanted out of life when she met such a very young man? Sebastian brought her back to life, he encouraged her to live her dreams, he showed her how to love even though this kind of love will make plenty of readers uncomfortable, including my humble self. Truth be told, I thought she should have insisted they wait until Sebastian's 18th birthday. After all, it was not that far away (only four months). Anyway, what must be, must be and everything has a price. Life is not always fair and sometimes it will end in a huge disaster. Sadly, they had to pay a high price for their summer of love.

Despite what happened that day, despite what happened later, I can't bring myself to regret the events of that summer, because Sebastian taught me how to love.

What didn't work for me
I think the book could have been benefitted from better editing. Also, I have never ever read a book before that provided that many colons…colons..colons…all the time. I took the liberty to drop them when I added the quotes to my review. I just can't look at them anymore. Well, I guess one is still there. :)

I'm off reading The Education of Caroline. Update: I'm 59 % done and it's better than the first book. 

"There is nothing to forgive," he said, his voice forceful. "We fell in love. It's not a crime."


I know not every reader will enjoy this book. You might want to check out this review:


And yet I still think that you should be reading The Education of Caroline because it's worth a try and definitely better than book 1. :)

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