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A Dangerous Thing: The Adrien English Mysteries (Volume 2) - Josh Lanyon

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. 


There is potential between Adrien and Jake, although Jake can'tread see it yet.

Adrien English needs to make some changes since he is not in the best of moods. One of the reasons is his detective "friend" Jake Riordan. Jake is tough, smart, very handsome but also deeply closeted. Another reason for his sourly mood is his writer's block. Therefore Adrien decides to go out of town for a little vacation. Our wannabe criminologist is heading off for his property outside of Sonora near a little town called Basking. But when Adrien arrives at Pine Shadow Ranch he discovers a dead body in the dusty road. He does a 180 and calls the cops. However, when the law enforcement officials arrive the body has been vanished into thin air.

"Sir, I don't have the author-I-zation to waste anymore time on this bugaboo. There's nothing here."
So sayeth The Law.

Funny thing is, Adrien's handyman who had to look after his property is gone too. Shortly after Adrien makes the acquaintance of an archaeological team that has been allegedly granted permission to dig on his property. Dear ole Adrien is stunned but at the same time he is very determined to find out what's going on on his premises.

Our hero is starting to look for hints what could have happened and ends up in hospital sustaining a severe concussion. Since the cops found Jake's business card in Adrien's wallet, they contact him and Jake comes running ASAP.

"Why did you hang up like that on Saturday?"
"I got the impression you didn't…take me seriously."
A couple of beats counted out by the heart monitor. Jake wore an odd expression.
"I take you seriously."
Were we talking bodies in the road or in the bed?

Well, it can be very reassuring to have a homicide detective as backup...

A Dangerous Thing is a great read and I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish! Come to think of it I kinda regret it that I did not read this series out of order. As a matter of fact, this book is much better than Fatal Shadows and I believe I could have skipped it and wouldn't have felt lost at all.

One of Lanyon's strengths is his riveting narrative as well as his witty dialogue. He does a mighty fine job at subtle wordplay and I love his sense of humor. As always, the author will draw you into the story from the get-go. The plot is complex and intriguing and the murder mystery is well thought out. Also, Lanyon threw in a nice dose of "creepiness"…caves, NA rituals, eery chanting, anyone? 


Granted, the AE series is not packed with sex scenes, however what was there in A Dangerous Thing was well-placed and well-written.

His mouth touched mine and it went through my mind that it was his first man-to-man kiss. I seemed to experience that kiss through Jake's virgin senses: the queerness of a man's hard jaw, a man's bare lips, the texture of a man's smooth shaven cheek, so different from a woman's soft skin. The taste of a man's mouth.
It was a tentative kiss, a first kiss. Surprisingly soft, surprisingly sweet.
The second kiss was not tentative, and I did not experience it through Jake's senses because my own were swimming.
Deep and slow, searching…His hand cradled the back of my head, drawing me closer, tasting me. I tasted him back. We breathed in gentle unison, filling each other's lungs with our quiet exhalations.
Coming up for air, I said, "Man!"
He brushed his knuckles against my cheek. "How long have you been up?"
"Now there's a leading question."
His mouth twitched, but he corrected, "Awake."

Although I really like Adrien my main focus will always be on Jake. One of my GR friends told me: A different atmosphere in each book, Adrien's verve and Jake's hotness : bliss! 

Agreed but Adrien's verve can be a little bit exasperating now and then when he is getting his cocky self into some delicate situations. With that said, it would be quite favorable to listen closely what Jake has to tell him--he is the pro after all. 

"Please don't use the word intuition to me or I will slug you. Aren't you the guy who told me one of the golden rules of mystery fiction is that detectives may not solve the crime by use of intuition and/or acts of God?"
Jeez, who knew he was listening that closely? "That's in books, Jake," I protested. "Aren't you the guy who told me a cop's gut instinct is one of his best tools?"
"You're not a cop, baby. You're a bookseller. You don't have a gut instinct. You have a knack for nearly getting yourself killed."
I batted my lashes. "I didn't know you cared."
His eyes held mine briefly. "The hell you didn't."

In the light of Jake still having to embrace, accept, and actually enjoy his being gay, I'm very curious to see how Adrien and Jake's future "relationship" will pan out. They have a long way to go yet and everything between these two men is tentative and noncommittal at this point in time. Still, I'm looking forward to reading the other three books in this series.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/503943528