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Claimed  - Stacey Kennedy

DNF at 40 %. * 1 star. Review posted August 1, 2013

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I'm not keen on requesting ARCs when I don't know the author. My bad! Since I signed up to GR I have read my fair share of great and not so great BDSM books. Hence, I know what I like, however, Claimed is so not my cup of tea. It's among the worst BDSM books I've ever read.

I can and have overlooked the very first sentence of Claimed:
"Master Dmitri doesn't expect sex." Cora grunted.

As far as I can remember pigs are grunting. Is she a woman and human being or a pig? First sentence, first eye roll moment--not a good omen. When I was 6 % done I've had a slight headache and when I called it quits at 40 % I was ready to swallow a couple of painkillers. 

I cannot for the life of me understand why the incredibly shy Presley, who is sexually absolutely inexperienced, would feel the urge to visit the BDSM dungeon Club Sin. Let's face it, Presley can't even say the word "sex" WITHOUT BLUSHING. And what's up with her exaggerated breathing. All. The. Time?

exhaling slowly
drawing in a deep breath
(numerous times)
her deep intake of breath
she exhaled, long and deep
sucking in deep breaths
deep breaths
she sucked in a deep breath
on a deep breath, tears filler her eyes
took a deep breath
sucked in huge deep breaths
took two deep breaths
her long deep breaths
her deep breaths sounded
on a deep inhale

Baba takes a deep breath too.

After a deep suck on a tight bud, (…) 
I was wondering how someone does that exactly. That's still a mystery to me.

And here is a little writing sample:

"What about BDSM arouses you?"
His intense study reached into her soul.
(Yes, you read it correctly. They don't know each other but his intense study reached into her soul. *insert major eye roll moment*; unfortunately I've had a lot of those)
She squirmed against the leather couch, and her skin flushed wicked hot. "Err…the sex stuff."
One sleek eyebrow lifted. "The sex stuff?"
She followed the line of his brow along the masculine contours of his face. While his eyebrow arch looked simple enough, it portrayed a statement of curiosity, and he was beautiful. "You know, being tied up, dominated…and um… other stuff."

As he slid his finger over her warm cheek, her pupils dilated. Heat sped through his veins like liquid fire at the sheer purity of her features. Blood rushed to his c@ck so fast that it hardened to steel. 

Uh-huh. Beautiful. Not.

Presley is half-naked, covered with a paper blanket, legs spread wide, with her feet in stirrups and then the first thing that comes out of Dr. Schmidt's mouth is:

"I can see why Dmitri rushed to get your tests done", (…) "You're very cute." 

I don't care if she is the Pope or just Dmitri's friend but what she did was wrong and totally inappropriate. She is a physician for Pete's sake! Geez...

I didn't like the writing and couldn't connect with the MCs either. In fact, I have zero tolerance for cheesy writing. Also, the story is littered with the endearment doll (20 Kindle pages) which irritated me to no end. Right from the start it's all about doll here and doll there even though they don't know each other at all. The sex is poorly written and not erotic at all. The plot, the writing and the characters are beyond silly, and the cheese factor 10 made my head and teeth hurt. No more please.

**ARC courtesy of Random House Loveswept via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**

All quotes are taken from the pre-published copy and may be altered or omitted in the final copy.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/663205599