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Destiny Calls - Samantha Wayland

And another one bites the dust…DNF at 43 %

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Destiny Calls has a very high average rating, therefore it's probably me and not the book, so don't mind my little Baba rant. I will refrain from writing a synopsis because I prefer to get down to business right away.

Plenty of things ticked me off. Here we go…

The repetitiveness of:

Oh fu@k. Oh my god.
Holy fu@king shit.
Jesus H. Christ.
Sweet Jesus
Sweet fu@king Jesus
Holy Jesus
Sweet Jesus, Mary and Joseph
for being 'into freaky Jesus shit'
You walk with Jesus
for Christ's sake
Jesus Christ
Holy Christ
Thank Christ
Good Christ Almighty
For Christ's sweet sake
Christ on a crutch

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NOT. *sigh* Please, please spare me. This is overkill. *rolls eyes*

Patrick's transition from acting freaked out to really wanting Brandon was kind of astounding, to say the least. Whew. Now that was a speedy decision and so not believable.

Finally Patrick's co@k slid free of the confining cotton and Brandon's eyes locked onto it, his brain came to a grinding halt.
Brandon knew his mouth hung open, but he couldn't help it. He'd never seen anything like it. His gaze was riveted on the longest, thickest co@k he'd ever seen.

Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Think about taking it up your ass, Brandon. *rolls eyes again*

Holy fu@king shit.
Patrick stood close in the tight space, checking his gun and tightening the straps on his Kevlar vest. The pull of Patrick's tight shirt over thick muscle caught Brandon's attention. The shoulder holster made Patrick's already impressive chest seem impossibly wide and for a moment, he just stared.
Patrick cleared his throat and Brandon winced, looking up to find Patrick looking decidedly amused. Christ, he'd just been caught drooling over his partner at a police raid. Time to get a grip.

Yes, Brandon, that's a very good idea. Your staring contest could be deadly.

Thick-muscled strength through his shoulders and down his flanks, across his tightly ridged belly and into his thighs. He was just a really big, strong man. And he had the big, thick co@k to go with it.

So, yeah, you see I've had to deal with really massive erections and really, really big co@ks and really, really thick-muscled guys. Strong guys. Very virile guys who had to handle very long and thick shafts. I'm not quite sure if you know what I mean. Maybe I should spell it out for you?

"My god, you're beautiful," Patrick groaned.

Aaaand here comes the nodding co@khead...

photo tumblr_m5y0ydQ9b21qbaj4uo1_500_zps1b3f4a58.gif

Patrick's mouth went bone-dry and he licked his lips, trying to revive their moisture. Brandon's co@k nodded in response, sending a bolt of arousal straight down his spine and into his balls.

Duh, who would have guessed? I'm sure that the bolt of arousal wouldn't go straight to your feet. I apologize for being sarcastic but I couldn't help the little potshot.

"Sweet fu@king Jesus, Patrick." (…)
"I thought…I mean, I'd guessed that you'd be…I'd seen enough in the locker room, but I never…" Fu@kin' A.

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"Some women can't…um…enjoy…I can hurt them. I bump against the end of their vagina, against their cervix, and that can hurt. (…)

I'm impressed. You have one seriously big co@k, Patrick. Well, I can be a little bit slow on the uptake now and then but after reading it again and again, I'm sure that I've got it down pat.

What I found beyond believable was the fact that Brandon took a very severe (view spoiler) Well, anything for a "good" fu@k.

photo tumblr_m684o9h7j31rwcc6bo1_500_zpsd86dcc6e.gif

Fu@k. There weren't words currently in the English language that could describe what Brandon could do with his mouth. His tongue.

Uh-huh…hold your horses, Patrick.

Round, soft hips that tucked into a small waist beneath a long, strong back and full, pouting breasts.

*confused* I checked my boobs but they do not pout. I'm sorry if that was too much information but I found it quite ridiculous.

Brandon's moan echoed through him to clutch at his balls.


I have read and absolutely devoured Hurt and Destiny Calls can't hold a candle to Varian Krylov's Hurt. As a matter of fact, these two books are worlds apart. The writing of Destiny Calls is rather brash and cheesy at times and never grabbed me. Besides, I did not feel the chemistry between the three MCs and last but not least I could never warm up to Patrick, Brandon and Des. I'm sorry for being so straightforward but it was just blah and the more I read the less I was convinced that I would finish the book. As it was, my interest just petered out.

In the end I suppose my destiny was to DNF Destiny Calls. 

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Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/558992569