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The Switch - Diane Whiteside

Review completed December 16, 2012

This gif reflects my reaction to The Switch. DNF at 50 %. The story/characters bordered on being silly.


I'd be lying if I'd say that I liked the author's voice. The sex scenes are kinda strange and the opposite of well-written. Here are a few writing samples for your perusal in order to get a feel for the story.

His c@ck blazed against her like an iron bar fresh from the furnace, restrained only by his jeans and her suit.

"Show me more, Sean. More of you, the flesh and blood man. Not a frozen image, caught in black and white between a book's covers. Show me what that lucky shirt is touching," she purred.

"Unzip your pants," she demanded, her voice harsh with its burden of lust.

His engorged c@ck gleamed hot and red, the color of life, against the white skin of his groin. It was uncut and thick against the dense fur, entirely natural. She doubted her hand could wrap completely around it at the base, just above his foreskin's beautiful ruffled cowl.


His hand moved faster and faster, until gold seemed to be pouring over his groin. His face contorted in ecstasy at the sensation, still watching her fascination with his movements. A deep bellow tore from his throat as an orgasm seized him and he poured his seed into the gold.


Her mouth prowled down his c@ck and took him entirely into her. It was a more astonishing sight than the first time he'd seen a man point a gun at him, intending to kill him.

They (her legs) lolled open, allowing him clear sight of her folds and the dew covering them.

He made a sound his primate ancestors would have understood. She was the first woman to take the full length of his c@ck.


He drove their bodies up to the pinnacle as if it was a fortress to be stormed, then hurled himself into his climax like a victory.

Their fantasies are pretty odd too. Some examples:

"Curb yourself, my stallion. Show me what your tongue can do for my nether lips. A woman likes to be well pleasured before she rides a mount like you.

"Gladly!" he vowed. Thought fled when she lowered herself, and his face slid into her folds like a ship entering port.


His blood burned in his veins and his seed clamored in his loins, fighting to escape the leather bonds.

"Sing for me again, my stallion. Let me hear the sweet sounds of your hunger."

He rubbed himself against her, tasting the outer approach to her hot crack, which he'd soon invade.

"Oh, godd@mn f@cking yes!" He grunted as he rode her hard, his mare to be enjoyed as he chose.


"Oh, yeah, honey, you're so fine," he praised her, relishing the pulses gripping his c@ck and destroying any brains he had left. "Hot damn, honey! Gotta…gotta pump you."

Hmmm...I don't know if I have any brains left after reading this book. That remains to be seen...

There was plenty of growling, snarling, hissing, shouting, and purring. Honestly, I felt like I was in the wrong movie. After all, I didn't want to go to the zoo. Oh, and let's not forget the widening eyes either.


They first meet in a bookstore. After having a little make-out session Beth knows instantly that Sean's a sub. The whole situation felt kinda far-fetched, not believable at all. Unfortunately I could never warm up to the characters. Besides, a clumsy hero who is blushing so easily is not to my liking either, and I found the purring and hissing heroine rather annoying. Oh well.

In conclusion, The Switch is highly overpriced and did not deliver at all. Read at your own risk--good luck!

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/469679545