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Kaleb  - Nicole Edwards

DNF at 51%

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The beginning of Kaleb was pretty good and I liked it, but unfortunately the story took a serious turn into Sapsville sooner than later. Kaleb reminds me of an old Harlequin novel and I have to be honest, those stories do not appeal to me anymore.

The writing of Kaleb is too cheesy and the more I read I felt that my interest just petered out. The only difference between Kaleband the Harlequin novels of the 80s is the amount of sex. In fact,Kaleb features plenty of sex and it was not even well-written sex. And of course the storyline lacked in depth. Don't get me wrong. I like my smexy times like every other reader, however if the sex is boring the hell out of me then I think it's better to call it quits. I even skimmed a few pages. Also, the character development is very, very thin and the plot twist/conflict with the land is utterly predictable as well as lame. Furthermore, we have the ever present lack of communication or miscommunication. What always annoys me is:

a) there is a conflict; woman is angry, man is confused and there are mutual allegations.
b) woman and man have sex instead of addressing the issue.
c) woman storms off after having sex with man and is sulking around coz she does not want to talk about it.
d) man follows woman--in this case into the shower--they have sex again.

I mean what's the point? Is that a resolution? We're talking about adults who display a behavior like offended school kids.

Oh, let's not forget the threesome. Excuse me but WTF? It came out of the blue, like "wham" let's do it right now.

This was the side of himself that he worried Zoey wouldn't be able to deal with; the beast that lurked just beneath the surface, the one that was interested in pleasure for the sake of it and nothing more. 

Duh? *insert major eye roll moment*

It was fucking hot! NOT!!

In conclusion, my time is too precious to waste it by reading an unappealing and boring book. Onto the next one...

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/510844045