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the proposition - Katie Ashley

DNF at 50 %. I will refrain from rating this book.


Although I was looking forward to reading The Proposition, I ended up disappointed once again. Sadly, the book could not live up to my high expectations.

What did not work for me
I was aware that The Proposition dealt with Em’s ticking biological clock. In addition, I was also aware of the fact that it was not quite believable. Yet I was sure that I could have dealt with it. Having said this, there are just too many issues that ruined the book for me, though.

The beginning was very rushed, not really well developed. I love smexy times like every other reader but there was just plenty ofbland sex that I was skimming pretty soon because I was bored. In fact, there was no chemistry, no sexual tension at all. That said, how can there be sexual tension or chemistry when you have scheduled sex? I mean there is nothing thrilling about that. Then again, it could have been very exciting if it would have been written differently. After all, some authors have the ability to write great chemistry ad libitum.

Aidan comes across as immature, rather shallow and boring. It goes without saying that he wants to get into Em’s pants as soon as possible. His jokes may have been entertaining now and then, but too many times they were simply cheap, cheesy and insensitive. An example:

„I bet she spoiled you rotten,” Emma mused.
“She did and my four sisters.” He shook his head. “Jesus, it’s a wonder I’m not gay growing up around all that estrogen.”

WTF? That’s not funny. What a heedless moron.

Emma is inconsiderate, weepy, whiny, overly melodramatic, and selfish. Wanting to make up for sadness and disappointment in her life by getting pregnant sounds pretty darn selfish and shallow if you ask me. And I didn’t count how many times Em had tears in her eyes, was sobbing, crying, weeping, whining or…whatever.

Aidan opened his mouth, but Emma kept barreling on, her voice raising an octave. “Or what if I just have this huge mental block that becomes a physical one where I can’t conceive? What if I wasted all my fertile years and now I’m just going to be barren and alone for the rest of my life?”

After the first failed attempt at getting pregnant she has a major breakdown and is sobbing and blabbering dumb stuff like that?? Granted, it’s also the two year anniversary of her mother passing away. But. I don’t get it why she had to freak out like that. After all, she is not even thirty yet. What about all those (married) couples who are trying very hard to conceive for years? And what about all those (married) couples who conceive multiple times and lose the embryo (or baby) time and again?Em’s behavior has to feel like a slap to their face!Incredible. What a drama queen.

Emma finds kitchen counters offensive for conceiving. *scratches head* This woman would seriously kill my mood. :/

Emma tossed her bag on the floorboard and then slid across the leather seat. Besides the fact it cost twice as much as her Honda, it was impeccably clean on the inside. Not a crumb or spec of dust could be found while in her car a small village could have been fed by leftover food of grabbing breakfast or dinner on the run.

Disgusting. A pigsty? I’d strongly advise you to clean up your nasty mess, Em! Babies should not be exposed to that filth.

Constant ’widening eyes’ and ‘giggling’
I have noticed numerous times by now that fictional characters widen their eyes all the time and they have the tendency to giggle too much as well. I tried it out myself but I never widen my eyes. I’m clueless why anyone would do that because it’s very odd. And excessively giggling women don’t do anything for me either.

Huge interrogation mark
Honestly, it’s a mystery to me why Aidan and Em’s story would need a sequel. Oh, wait, the only reason is…(view spoiler)Naturally it goes without saying that I won’t be reading the next installment.

Overall verdict
Emma, get your act together and if you are in need of some company then just buy a dog and spare me your histrionics. Thank you.

As a side note
Everyone loved this book. Maybe this is another case of “It’s not the book it’s me.”

**Review at request of author, Katie Ashley** 

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/452695705