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WARNING: My review contains spoilers!

Shades of Gray (KGI, #6) - Maya Banks

Excuse me while I have a little moment here…WTF did I just read?


I'm sorry but I'm not in the mood to write a synopsis. Shades of Gray did boggle my mind. Irrevocably. I'm extremely, totally, utterly, and highly bummed! 

P.J. Rutherford. She is a woman. I mean the chick's got boobs and a vagina. But after reading her story this word conveys nothing to me anymore. Initially I wanted to label her as a Superwoman. However, I was so way off the mark that she graduated from Superwoman to Superman and then to Rambo and finally she became a female Terminator. Holy crap! I still can't believe what happened in this story. It reads like a very bad B-Movie.

OTT badass speech
OTT badass acts/action
Cheesy writing to the point where it hurt my teeth
The story took a serious turn into Sapsville
But first and foremost it was UNREALISTIC AS ALL GET OUT


There are more plot holes in Shades of Gray than in a Swiss cheese. *Sorry, Baba waves at fellow citizens* The plot is extremely ridiculous, and I'm sorry to say it but I was not willing to suspend belief. Everything about it was too far-fetched and incomprehensible. If I wouldn't have been so mad I had laughed my ass off. 

Yeah, Wonder Woman took a [shot to her thigh (the bullet almost hit the bone) and wonders never cease, coz she was running around after having been shot at. (hide spoiler)] I'm stunned. Dunno what to say. Oh, wait a second! The best has yet to come. After being [wounded she has a fight with the baddies.(hide spoiler)] Hey, that's a walk in the park for dear little P.J. *insert major eye roll moment*

Baba, admit it, you are such a jealous b@tch. 

"She's going to be fine," Donovan called back. "She kicked some ass and only has one ???measly???[bullet wound to show for it. It's going to hurt like hell for a while and she's going to be laid up until it heals,(hide spoiler)] but she's good." 

No shit!?! Yeah, our dear P.J. can handle a little bit of [blood and pain. (hide spoiler)] Ugh.

They go back to Cole's house to have a cozy evening instead of[seeing a physician who would have taken care of her injury.(hide spoiler)] That blows my mind.

"You realize how unrealistic this is," P.J. said, an hour into the movie.
"I would have never guessed," Cole said dryly.

I will refrain from posting a very sarcastic comment here. 

And then there was the final "highlight" in Vienna. As a matter of fact, it was another absurd moment. Cole and P.J. go [in on their own. What happens, huh? Male has been kidnapped, female is out of her mind, female is running to male's rescue. Female has to face off bad guys, is confronted by bad memories, female almost freaks out, pulls her act together and kills the badass baddies. Also, I felt that P.J. stooped down to Brumley's level when she behaved like a predator gone nuts and slashed his neck. In fact, there would have been other options, but she chose to kill him and she has to live with it. (hide spoiler)]Must be such a good feeling, P.J., huh? *pets* In conclusion, a woman--granted, a female Terminator--taking [down several bad guys (hide spoiler)] is beyond any reasonable explanation. Oh, P.J., please spare me your snarling and growling from now on. Thank you. *insert another major eye roll moment*

Let's not forget the cozy little coffee party among the Kelly women. Wow. What an idyllic world. Instead of seeing a shrink, P.J. has a nice conversation with all those lovely ladies. Come on! Get real here! This woman has been [cut up and raped twice.(hide spoiler)] Let's get back to the real world! *rolls eyes*

Honestly, I felt manipulated by the author because everything about this story should have been tear-inducing. Having said this, the author tried way too hard to push my lacrymal glands and it saddens me to say that she failed big-time. 

As a side note
Please, can anyone explain to me why a jaw would bulge? 

Cole's eyes were murderous and his jaw was so tight it bulged. 

Er…I thought the bulging happens in a guy's pants. Hmmm…

She was torturing herself with all the possibilities. By the time they pulled into the compound, P.J. was a wreck. 

I couldn't agree more. Reading Shades of Gray was pure torture and it wrecked me. Bottom line: there are times when we have to let go because it's painful to see a series go down the drain.


Come to think of it, I always wanted to read Steele's story and I will give it a try but then…well, it might be…


What a way to start my new reading year. I'm in dire need of a great book right now!

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