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The sequel to Waking Kiss. Unfortunately it's a rather huge disappointment.

Fever Dream: 2 (BDSM Ballet) - Annabel Joseph

DNF at 60 %.**2 stars. One extra star for the secondary character Liam (hero of Waking Kiss)

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After reading and enjoying Waking Kiss my expectations for Fever Dream were very high and it saddens me to tell you that the story didn’t meet my challenges, not by a long shot. I still can’t believe it. After a great beginning which was so much fun, I never thought I wouldn’t like Fever Dream. Everything went south when Rubio spanked Petra at Liam’s house (around the 22 % mark). How silly was that scene? Also, I can’t believe that he bound and spanked a vanilla girl without a prior SERIOUS TALK. There was no build-up whatsoever—only a super horny Rubio who couldn’t wait to jump the heroine’s bones. What followed suit was a very awkward sex scene at Rubio’s and plenty of silly conversations. Plus, I couldn’t stand Petra’s antics and her babbling nonsense all the time. Sheesh, she better make up her mind! Since I read and enjoyed Waking Kiss, I knew Rubio as a crude and insulting asshat but not as someone who made a TOTAL fool of himself. Yeah, jumping-jack said to say hello. WTF? The stupid nonsense that came out of his mouth was mind-boggling. No real man talks like that. Never. Ever.

My first eye roll moment:

He stared at her a moment, then he snorted. "You have sub all over you like fucking body oil. Is leaking out of your pores."
"It is not."
"I knew you were a sub from the second I met you. I just wasn't sure you knew it."

Thanks for a good laugh. Is Rubio psychic?

Another "memorable" scene…

(…) Oh, she'd had orgasms, plenty of them. This wasn't an orgasm. This was a whole-body death and resurrection. *snort*

"My cock was so happy inside you." *double eye-roll moment*

"I don't care if you want to live your own life. I won't make any demands. Only tease you and hurt you and fuck you, and maybe sometimes I'll pee on you in the shower--" I think his brains went down the plug hole.

"We could be together, you know. I think you're out of balance. Too much work, not enough play. You have sad, horny eyes." Yeah, right. O__o

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"Let's see how my pretty Petra feels. Oh…" He pretended to be shocked. "Wet as an Ocean. Wet and horny. It's a waste though. We're not using your pussy today." 

During another scene she's very distraught because (view spoiler) but he gets a hard-on. *facepalm*

"No, I didn't, and I don't. I don't want you," she snapped, turning away. "And I don't want you to make me want you when I don't want to want you. I don't want you tempting me to want you just because you can, when I've already said I don't want you." 

In case you were wondering, that's Petra babbling nonsense.

Honestly, I love reading BDSM books and it is very unfortunate that Fever Dream didn’t do it for me. Although it’s hardly a surprise considering the less than appealing dialogue as well as the strange sex which was neither hot nor sexy, let alone erotic. If anything, it was coarse and a real turn-off. Let's face it, a great BDSM book provides so much more than silly spanking scenes and quick f@cks. Besides, Ruby actually hit her (at 51 %) and I wouldn't call that "taking care of a sub." He simply ignored her signs of distress.

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There was absolutely no chemistry whatsoever between these two. Nada. Zilch. Also, I must say that one hour puttering around in my kitchen evokes more emotion in me than these silly sex scenes could ever accomplish. If I have the desire to read these kind of sex scenes then I can watch a porn movie. Simply put, fabulous sex is more than sticking a c@ck in a c@nt. I want more than inserting tab A into slot B. What I want are heartfelt feelings and emotions. Plus, I want believable dialogue and characters.

Since I DNFd the book I've missed out on the (view spoiler) Ugh! Boy, am I ever glad that I didn't have to read that scene. I decline gladly and I'm pretty sure I would have deducted the second star again. What's it going to be next time? A (view spoiler)

In any case, don't mind my little rant and happy reading!


Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/694713934