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An inspirational journey of self-discovery. Beautiful.

Memorising You - Dan Skinner

5+++ memorable stars.*****Review completed October 7, 2013

Beautiful. Emotional. Evocative. Authentic. Just…freakin' great! Let's spread some love for this A-mazing book coz it's easily one of the best I've read this year.

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This is one of Dan's pics although slightly altered. Couldn't risk getting flagged over naked buttocks. :)
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"It's hard to want to fit in and not be able to," his voice came barely above a whisper. "They make us feel like it's easier to lie than be truthful. Easier to hide than be seen. Make us feel like we did something wrong to not be like them. Like we made a conscious choice."

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I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. "Whatcha doing?"
He smiled and blinked. "Memorizing you," his voice said, dreamily.
I was silent a moment. I wasn't certain of what he said. I saw a butterfly flit past him.

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I will keep my written review simple because the pics and quotes are worth a thousand words.

At the beginning of Memorizing You which is set in the 60s is a blank canvas, and over time the author paints a small yet utterly vivid and colorful place in a world that was essentially colorless. It's a place filled with insecurities, hope, longing, love and happiness. On the other hand, it's a borrowed haven of love with an uncertain future. Still, I can't help and look at the ending with a tiny grain of hope. In fact, I look at it like this…(view spoiler)

I guess the ending leaves room for your own thoughts, wishes and perceptions.

3 am by Gregory Alan Isakov


Don't let the cover put you off. Behind the somewhat unfortunate cover hides a true gem, and I'm very glad that I read this beautiful yet tragic love story. It was so well worth my time and money. Memorizing You is a prime example why I will never hand out guilty five stars. If I could I would have rated it with more than five stars. Memorizing You is one of those books that you don't just read--it's one to be experienced. At the very least it provides some thought-provoking impulse. I think I said the same about Rough Canvas and Mirror of My Soul because these kinds of books are so much more than love stories. They're food for your heart, mind and soul. 

If you'd like to read a story about…

…a reverent look at first love

…the shelter and warm cocoon of secret love

…not having the freedom to do little intimate things like holding hands in public

…two people who gave each other's lives a purpose

…two people who stayed true to themselves and made their own decisions

...then buy this book and read it. Chances are you're going to devour and treasure it. I must add, however, that I was privy to the fact that over the course of time their secret love turned into 'open' love which made me very happy. People can change, they're able to learn and they can be acceptive after all. Unfortunately not everybody. Ryan's (view spoiler)

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A shout out to all those readers who'd like to dip their toes into unknown waters
Memorizing You is the perfect place to pop your m-m cherry. If explicit m-m sex scenes make you uncomfortable then you needn't worry because there are none at all.

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I loved everything about this beautifully and compellingly written story. Interesting plot and setting, great dialogue and excellent narrative, wonderful MCs as well as some endearing secondary characters, i.e. David's supportive friend Rosemary as well as his awesome parents made this book an all-around winner. Even (view spoiler) came around eventually. Memorizing You is not all about tears, not in the least. There is so much gaiety to be found and some well placed banter and humor lightened the mood. 

Have you ever noticed how much beauty lies in stillness? 

I’m someone who likes to talk about problems. Yet I found it very interesting that David never pushed Ryan to talk to him when he sensed that something was wrong or when he knew he felt sad. I really liked that. There’s a deep understanding, an intense connection between these two young men and it worked so well without numerous conversations. There was nothing superfluous about their love. They shared a highly intimate and gentle bond that’s so worth striving for and many of us can only dream about it. On the other hand, I’m aware of the fact that you can say a lot through non-verbal communication; just by being there you can ease someone’s pain and sadness. It’s so true that love can be found in stillness.

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There's no denying it, I wanted to absorb every word and emotion. It is also a story that you want to lock away in your heart for a long time, so you can always go back and revisit special parts of it. Besides, this story reminded me that we should never regret anything because at one time in our life it was everything we wanted. It was everything we could ever wish for. That's why it's so essential to make memories and treasure them because they will always be there to convey comfort. And don't project your dreams on your kids. They have their own dreams. You don't own your children. You are only entitled to love, protect and guide them through life. We shouldn't forget that either.

Feed on this very inspirational journey of self-discovery.

Highly recommended.

P.S. Keep a stack of tissues at the ready.

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