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Warning: My review contains spoilers.

Salvage - Con Riley

2 stars.**DNF at 65 %. Review posted October 15, 2013

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I guess I must come to terms that Con Riley’s writing and my reading tastes are no longer compatible. I just don’t know. After loving and devouring After Ben I was so thrilled to read the entire series and it is very unfortunate that the other two books of the series didn’t wow me at all. In fact, I was quite disappointed. Same goes for Salvage. A gloomy and somber atmosphere didn’t encourage me to jump around in delight. Honestly, why was it necessary to add so much drama to every character? It’s not realistic. I mean we all deal with problems now and then but each and every character of Salvage has been depicted as either handicapped, sick or unhappy or whatnot. There's nothing uplifting; only problems, grudges, anger, hurt, sadness, tiredness, bad moods etc. Simply put, there's crisis after crisis.

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Gabe came home because his dad suffered a heart attack. One would think that should be enough, right? But no, he had to endure another stroke.
And then we have Gabe’s sister who’s crippled due to an accident. Mike, her love interest, is trying hard to make amends for some stupid remarks he made in high school about Gabe being gay. We know that Mike is a good guy at heart but Gabe can’t cut him some slack. He goes on giving him a hard time because it’s obviously easier than to move on and accept Mike’s apology. And then there's the mysterious Jamie who's always on Gabe’s mind even though he claims he is NOT his boyfriend. Still, it’s all about Jamie here and Jamie there for a rather long part of the plot. Ugh. You gotta move on already!

Scott…good ole Scott whose shoulders were slumping in defeat or by tiredness all. The. Time. He had to take care of two kids whose mother (Scott's sister) has to face a trial in Miami. The girl wanted her mommy and was crying all the time (which was understandable) and the boy has ASD (autistic spectrum disorder). I have no experience with autistic children, but as far as I can judge he didn't have HFA (high-functioning autism). The boy needed quite a bit of care and attention. Meaning, he could be the source of many exhausting incidents, and Scott was overwhelmed and overchallenged by this situation. Still, as if he hadn’t had enough on his plate, he and the kids got sick and I mean really, really sick. IMO, that situation received too much attention as well. 

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Then we have Gabe who wasn’t delighted with his current situation at all. Selling junk--sorry, vintage stuff--and taking care of his father was not exactly what he wanted to do after college. Besides, the situation with Jamie was upsetting and unresolved. So…you see…when you put everything together then you get a picture of a really depressing story. Somewhere along the way I just got tired of reading about their issues. As a matter of fact, reading Salvage was not a joy, it was an irritating task. To be very straightforward, the story couldn’t hold my interest and the characters didn’t appeal to me either. I was bored. End of story.

Giving up on this book saddened me because Salvage was my last book by Con Riley. There are times when you need to move on and that's what I'm doing now.

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