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Good but too short.

No Strings - Aline Hunter

3.5 stars.***Review posted October 16, 2013

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I really liked No Strings but it was too short.

"Leave with me, right now. Don't think. Don't hesitate. I'm going to put money on the table and we're going to walk to my truck. One night, Diane. Let yourself go for one night."

What I enjoyed were the MCs and their interesting background, especially Zeke's particular situation was an emotional challenge(view spoiler). What didn't work for me, however, was the length of the novella. There wasn't enough page time to neither develop the plot nor the characters. Also, I must admit that I've had a hard time to buy Zeke's reason of proposing the no-strings-attached ONS. That was more than a little bit brash if I may say so and a bit too far-fetched for my liking. Another aspect of the story that was kinda too much for my understanding was the fact that these two were talking about "healing" each other after one night of passion. As I see it, it can serve as a first step in the right direction but healing? Nope, not really.

She wailed as she came, thrashing against the wall, the muscles in her legs flexing. Her nails raked into his shirt until he could feel a slight sting in his arms, and he basked in the mixture of pleasure and pain. He didn't lift his head until she sighed softly and went limp in his arms.

"Jesus, woman, I knew you'd be like this." He grasped her head in his hands and gazed down at her. "You look like a kitten but you're all fucking lioness. I can't wait to feel your claws in my back."

Still, it's a good read and provides solid writing and a steamy sex scene. Hence, if you are on the lookout for something hot and quick then I'd say you should give this one a shot. Enjoy!

There is (view spoiler)

(view spoiler)

I agree, Zeke.

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