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I love Tyler to pieces.

Tyler Tied Up (Nature of Desire #7.2) - Joey W. Hill
Tyler Tied Up (Nature of Desire #7.2) by Joey W. Hill. A free short story.
5 love-me-some-Tyler stars.*****Holy Hotness Batman! *swoon* Review completed October 17, 2013

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"Whose gift is this, angel? Yours or mine?"

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"I'm going to strip you now. I want to see all of you."
"Your voice isn't steady, angel. Why don't you let me go?"
"So you can rob me of speech entirely?"

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"Are you mine, Tyler?"
"Yours and no other. You're killing me, Marguerite."

"And I want you to know, in that same raw part of my soul, that I want you to do it. Because I truly am yours, in every way. Happy birthday, Master."

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She met his gaze, their faces so close. "Thank you for giving my heart wings. Thank you for giving this birthday to me, and every one after it."
Visibly moved, he put his hand back over her wrist, gripped her there hard, his lips pressed tight. "I love you, angel. I always will. What do you say you let me take you home, and we can watch the sunset over the water?"
"I'd say that would be a perfect end to the day."
"That's every day that ends with you, angel."

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Tyler talking to his flowers…

“What do you need, baby?” Tyler squatted on his heels, wiping a sweaty arm across his forehead. Jesus, the Florida spring was stifling this year. “I’ve hand fed you, mercilessly destroyed your enemies, told you that you’re beautiful... a woman is allowed to be this difficult. Life’s too short for a rose to be this standoffish.” Stroking a finger over the leaves of the bush, he noted how tight and green the buds were. “You see this fuscia floozy next to you? She’s spreading her petals for the whole world to see. I know, maybe you don’t want to be a tramp like her, but that’s why you coming out now will be so classy and coy. You’ll be the Audrey Hepburn to her Jezebel.”

Gawd, Tyler…what kind of man talks to his flowers and treats them like a precious gift, with so much love and reference? It goes without saying that he exudes love, strength, gentleness AND class as all get out. Honestly, proper words elude me. All I can say is I. Love. Tyler. To. Pieces. I really do. There can be only one. He is that man. That hero. Now and forever. I feel like crying because I suffer from an overload of feelings but no worries, these are happy tears.

Tyler Tied Up is going to burn you and I mean that in every sense of the word.

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This short story provides an erotic and hawt sex scene that will scorch your skin but there's so much more than sex to this freebie. As a wonderful bonus, Tyler and Marguerite's interaction will melt your heart. Also, as expected Joey added plenty of emotion and depth to this novella, and the two richly-textured MCs will touch your soul like a Cupid's arrow. Tyler's love for Marguerite is so intimate, profound and all-encompassing, however, the same can be said about Marguerite's love for Tyler. Every beat of his heart is hers and vice versa. Beautiful. Just…perfect. *melts*

The plot took a surprising turn which I didn't expect in that manner. On the other hand, I don't want to say anything more because you should go into this novella without knowing too much. Satisfaction guaranteed--pun intended. Wonderfully written with plenty of witty and emotional dialogue--that's how I love my freebies.

However, before you're tackling this free short story, I recommend you to accompany Tyler and Marguerite on their very emotional and intense journey by reading Ice Queen and Mirror of My Soul. Since I blazed through these two books my reading world wasn't the same anymore.

Joey, you know it already but once again, I bow to you. Thank you. <3

I can't stress it enough…Tyler…

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