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I love this series but First Against the Wall didn't wow me at all.

First Against the Wall  (The Administration, #6 ) - Manna Francis

3.5 stars.***Review posted October 20, 2013

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First off I'd like to say that I love this series. However, there's no getting around it to point out that I'm slightly disappointed with First Against the Wall. I really liked it but didn't love it, and I hope you won't throw any rotten tomatoes at me for confessing my honest opinion. In fact, the high average rating of 4.70 is somewhat intimidating, but I can't change how I feel about this book. As I see it, I won't bother writing an extensive and in-depth review because there are so many great ones already. Go check them out. I will just give you a summary of what didn't work out for me and of course I will tell you what I liked.

"Excellent." Warrick opened the top drawer of his desk, rummaged through the contents, and produced a tub of hand cream. "I thought I remembered that you kept something suitable in there."
He straddled Toreth's thighs and sat, facing him, reading the label. "Mm. Hypoallergenic, unscented, dermatologically tested." One eyebrow arched. "How very convenient."
That was, Toreth felt, a touch unfair. He DID use the cream for its intended purpose, because the over-processed air down in the interrogation levels was extremely drying and the gloves made his skin…but Warrick didn't look as if he'd be the least bit interested.

The story begins with a bang which I really loved and I was so hooked right from the get-go. Unfortunately though, it wasn't meant to last until the end.

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What happened afterwards wasn't a big surprise to me. (view spoiler) The Nuisance Factor Number One and evil motherfucker, Socioanalyst Carnac. Of course one can't expect anything good coming from that disgusting vermin.

Let the the mind games begin...

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"Shut up. In that case, Carnac, you can go fuck yourself, (view spoiler)

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"No, no. I understand. I was merely contemplating the fact that informing me that you had sex with someone else last night--after (view spoiler)--falls under the heading of your being unusually considerate."

Let's talk about sex….or…not. Honestly, it's nothing to write home about anyway. Granted, the sex in Toreth's office was good. Still, I KNOW how HOT and KINKY their smexy times can be, so whichever way I look at it, FAtW was simply disappointing considering how freaking lengthy the book is. 

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This scene annoyed me because I expected Warrick to support Toreth in regards to (view spoiler)

(view spoiler) Toreth to Warrick


Then I'm going to nail their testicles to the wall. Or whatever else I can get hold of, if they don't have any.

Now let me get to my main issue. Boredom. While I enjoyed some parts a lot, there were some that bored the hell outta me, they were really "blah". Besides, FAtW was waaaaay too long-winded. As far as I'm concerned I would have shortened the book considerably. In hindsight it's too bad I didn't take specific notes, so I could have told you exactly when I felt bored. I *think*, however, that most of the not so inspiring parts took place between 35 and 63 %.

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At 64 % there was another very loud bang and I was wide awake again. As a matter of fact, that specific incident made my blood boil and I was internally screaming. I really wanted to shout all kinds of vile things at Monsieur Carnac. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.


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I was forewarned that FAtW was all about Carnac and Toreth. Still, I can't help and criticize that I wanted more Warrick and Toreth. I mean this was a bloody long book and what was there of Warrick was somewhat bland and forgettable.

And last but not least the final two chapters could have been GREAT if…

Toreth hadn't drowned in self-pity and all the misery. That waspathetic and once again long-winded.

The ending of the final chapter…da fuck?

That is all. Don't mind me and read it. I'm sure you'll love it since I'm the odd one out there. FAtW goes straight on my shelf books-everyone-loved-but-baba.



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