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First Strike - Pamela Clare

4 lickable stars.****Review posted October 24, 2013

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First Strike is the prequel to Striking Distance and tells the story how Javier met Laura at a restaurant in Dubai City in 2009. When two unappealing men are getting in Laura’s space, Javier feels the need to intervene. Javier and Laura end up having a drink and a rather interesting conversation. Laura is a very self-assured and open-minded woman and doesn’t beat around the bush…

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You can imagine what happens next. Javier follows Laura to her hotel room for a long weekend full of sizzling passion, desire and need. He intends to take control over Laura between the sheets and over a short time frame of three days he's totally dedicated to her. In fact, he's…

…ready to lead.
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Tried, Tested and Dedicated. 

Ready to Lead, Ready to Follow, Never Quit.
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…unmarried sex is illegal in Dubai. Sinners are not really welcome. photo tumblr_muveeztpBk1qzxg13o1_500_zpsc8984d5b.gif

Javier and Laura have to be very careful otherwise they could land in prison if they get caught in flagrante delicto. As an unmarried couple, Javier and Laura are not allowed to show any form of affection in public either.

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"I'm thirty-four."
A smile lit up her beautiful face. "At last I know something about you."
He leaned forward. "All you need to know about me, bella, is that I'm the man who's going to make you scream."

I know you can read Striking Distance without having read First Strike. I think, however, it’s like eating a piece of cake without the icing on top. I mean you just have to have it, right? It’s so much tastier and it can enhance your satisfaction tremendously. I’ve read the prologue of Striking Distance a while ago already and I must say it’s one of the best I’ve read in a long, long time. Therefore the anticipation as well as my expectations are very HIGH. It goes without saying that I was absolutely keen on meeting the gorgeous and passionate Navy SEAL Javier and the beautiful investigative journalist Laura in First Strike. And by reading Pamela’s first erotic novella I could somewhat quench my thirst, yet on the other hand, I’m on edge to get my hands on SD as soon as possible. The novella ends on a rather huge cliffie, but it’s one that I expected and serves as the perfect introduction to Striking Distance.

While reading this novella you should listen to the Italian version of (view spoiler) performed by (view spoiler) The song is very apt. Awww, the feelings…*goosebumps*

(view spoiler)

This song was a huge hit in Europe back in the days. Gosh, the 90s…those were the days.

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Even though (view spoiler) Javier won't quit. They will see each other again (view spoiler) After all, Javier is tried, tested and dedicated.

If you’re not into plenty of steamy, sweaty and naughty activitiessex against a wall, in bed and in the bathroom, then don’t read it. However, if the answer is a straight yes, then all I can say is naughty happy reading!

P.S. I suspect the sex in Striking Distance will be more about(view spoiler) Can't wait to see what'll happen. I expect plenty of emotions.


If you want to read the spoilers then check out the GR link below.

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