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Mac is gorgeous!

Natural Law - Joey W. Hill

4 stars.****Third reread October 2013; new review posted October 28, 2013

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Mac wears a well-groomed beard…
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Homicide detective Mackenzie Nighthorse is working undercover as a sexual submissive at The Zone. The police are hunting down a Mistress who's killing young, submissive men. Mistress Violet is prowling The Zone when she sets her eyes on Mac and she knows right away that she wants him. She's very attracted to him, but Violet wants more than his body he so freely offers. Vi wants to understand his mind and she wants to crawl into his soul. Although Mac tries to fight her off, he has to cave in eventually. At the same time he has to face his fears. Their relationship is a bond of trust, and that trust should never be betrayed. Mac always felt D/s was about strength and power. But he's wrong because it's about trust and power exchange. Besides, it's about surrender for both of them and they must be open and honest about what they want and expect from each other.

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Mackenzie (Mac) Nighthorse is simply GORGEOUS! 

Forty-three years old, 6 feet four inches tall, 220 pounds packed with muscles, broad shoulders, a body built like a football player's that emanates raw sexuality as all get out. His nickname is The Oak coz he's got a steadfast nature and works best under pressure. Straight nose, silver eyes, dark straight eyebrows, silky dark hair interwoven with white and silver. YUMMY! Need I say more? Oh yes, I wanna lick him all over! He goes straight on my shelf being-mature-is-sexy.

"Being violent is easy, too easy." He brushed it off. "Holding back, being gentle, restraining your strength when it's not needed, that takes--"
"Character," she said. "Loads of it."

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It goes without saying that he made this story for me. I love his name that seemed to be a pun (stud, Vi's play zone, equestrian sports), but his physique and character are absolutely stunning! Whew. He's a man's man, for sure. In fact, he's beyond sexy and totally mesmerizing. Mac combines all the mouth-wateringly hot attributes that I love to see in my heroes and to top everything off, he knows how to cook. Oh my, you should have seen him in his super tight jeans, topless, feet bare, standing in front of the counter chopping veggies. Sheesh, reel it in Baba. Mac DESERVES FIVE STARS ALONE.

"Take the wine." She lifted it. "And drink. Drink it all, until the last swallow, and then give me that last swallow from your mouth."

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"Perhaps next time I have wine in my mouth," he murmured against her lips, "you'll let me put your legs on my shoulders, and I'll put my mouth on your pussy, slip my tongue in your c@nt and let all that warm, red wine run down inside. Mix with your sweet taste and drink from that."

I remember when I read Natural Law for the very first time I couldn't believe that such a fabulous hunk--such an ALPHA--would submit to a little pixie. I had a hard time dealing with the fact that Mac enjoyed going on his knees for a Mistress and accepting whatever she dished out to him. After doing another reread I believe him. Mac wants a woman (in this case Vi) to dominate him in the bedroom; it's what he desires and needs to be happy. 
Yet he feels it's a man's responsibility to protect a woman and keep her safe from harm. Violet is everything to Mac--Mistress, lover, friend, woman. It's humbling and exhilarating all at once but it also terrifies him. He doesn't want to be vulnerable in front of her. So, while Mac is all alpha on the job and in other aspects of his life, it gives him great pleasure to submit to Vi's bidding.

I must confess that I didn't like Vi when I read Natural Law for the first time, and even now I couldn't warm up to her. I don't like her. Period. She's too harsh, even mean at times. The scene where she (view spoiler) was hard to stomach. Mac didn't want it and yet she did it anyway. Funnily enough, I really liked her in Tyler and Marguerite's story Ice QueenMirror of My Soul and Tyler Tied Up. It's odd because it's like swapping sides. Tyler didn't sweep me off my feet in Natural Law but he really catapulted me on cloud nine when I was reading his love story where he found his soulmate Marguerite.

"It's like going into a temple and seeing the sacred relic there," she said, her voice still no louder than his held breath. "Wanting to touch it. Not because someone told you not to, though there is that." Her lips curved slightly. "But because you can sense a living presence in it, just beneath the surface of the elements. And you know, if you can just touch it, really feel it, feel what it means, what its soul is made of, then you can be part of it. Forever connected, never alone."
"I'm all yours, sugar," he said. "My soul is yours."

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After they ate, he curled up behind her on the bed in his room, stroking her hair until she fell asleep watching out the window as the moon rose over the marsh. When she woke, its light was streaming in. She held her hand up to it, watched the play of silver on her pale skin.
(view spoiler)
A large hand lifted into her vision, entwined its fingers with her own, and she felt Mac's broad chest pressed into her shoulder blades.
And I'm not alone.

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"It was something I didn't know, didn't understand. Not until I met you. I was looking for you. My Mistress. Mine," he said fiercely. "It's you. You're the beginning and the end of it all for me. The reason for it. I know it doesn't make sense after less than a week. But I know it. I just do."

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The chemistry between Mac and Vi is palpable and strong, their love story interesting and emotional and Joey's writing is as always great and engaging. I loved the beautiful and emotionally-charged epilogue. To be honest, I didn't particularly care about the mystery. As it was, I was entirely focused on Mac and the evolving relationship between him and Vi. If you love FemDom stories then JWH's Nature of Desire series is a must read.

"It's over, Violet," he said, and his voice was rough. "Don't let it take any part of what we were from us." He caught her hand from his stomach and bit her fingers, not gently. "I'm yours. I never stopped being yours."

Recommended read.

Natural Law contains explicit sex and language (incl. oral and anal) and strong BDSM elements, toys, spanking, voyeurism and interactive play.



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