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Even Joey's freebies are fabulous!

The Baby Shower (Nature of Desire #7.1) - Joey W. Hill

4.5 funny and hot stars.****Review completed November 5, 2013

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"Should I be worried? I know the tastes of this crowd, and the baby may be too young for some of the gifts you've brought."
"Now, they make St. Andrews' crosses in all sizes." Lauren tucked her tongue in her cheek. "And I did have it fitted with monogrammed fleece restraints."
"Oh, God…"
"Let's just hope you don't arrest us all for corrupting a minor in the womb," she said.

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"Weren't we going to talk about Marguerite's husband?"
"Absolutely…" Chloe sighed. "I work in paradise. I get to see him every day."
"You seduce him into the tea room with free dessert. If he gets a weight problem, I'm taking it out of your ass," Marguerite noted darkly. "And the dessert out of your paycheck."
"It's totally worth it."

Gorgeous Mac…
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Sexy arms and hands. YUM!

Marguerite and Tyler's gift was the BEST! Seriously beautiful as well as thoughtful. <3 <3 <3

"Oh my…"
It was two (view spoiler)

Mac is going to wear them with love and pride. :)

She made herself move, come out on the front porch to meet him. He'd stopped to get the mail and now he looked toward her, his eyes crinkling with his heartstopping smile. "Hey, sugar. How was your girl thing?"

Mac…this is for you. <3
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"Don't stop…please…"
"No, I won't, sugar. I'm here. Feel me. I'm here." He brought her down hard then, earning a keening gasp that darkened his silver gaze, tightened his lips, but his other hand remained cradling her face, his thumb catching every tear on that side. "I love you, Violet. You are everything. F@cking everything. Sshh, I'm sorry, I should have (view spoiler) showed up. I love you, sugar…"

It's been a while, so I'm going to make this short and sweet. 

Violet is meeting her girlfriends to celebrate her prospective motherhood. It's a loud and fun encounter with lots of witty and endearing banter. You can expect a couple of very "appropriate" and thoughtful gifts. Vi's husband Mac is working and (view spoiler) So, when Mac comes back home Vi is ready to dish out some sweet steamy revenge. She can count on Mac who hasn't any objections.

In The Baby Shower the fun part goes hand in hand with the HOT and kinky sex. My oh my, whenever I have the pleasure to meet Mac again I have to pay attention not to have a stroke because that man sure knows how to accelerate my heart rate. He's simply delicious and so incredibly likable lickable. I would love to check out every inch of his delectable body. *makes slurpy noises* Mac alone is reason enough to whip out my fan. I have to confess it's beyond titillating to see such a huge sexy hunk of a man on his knees and catering to his Mistress' every need and desire. *drool*

The Baby Shower is a very entertaining and sexy little number, compellingly written and deserves a place on my shelf best-freebies. This is a must read for every fan of the Nature of Desire series.

Recommended read.



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