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Shock & Awe  - Abigail Roux

4 smutty and fun stars.

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HOT DAMN! Shock and Awe was a real treat and for such a short read it sure packed a punch!

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"I want to know what it feels like to kiss a guy. And you've had a lot of practice, so I know you're a good kisser."
"Are you simultaneously complimenting me and calling me a whore?"
"I'm…I'm just impressed you can take half a Percocet and say simul…simultaneous."

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"Don't," Nick warned with a point."
Kelly quirked an eyebrow.
"Don't you do it."
"Come give me a cuddle with a happy ending."
Nick was still pointing at him. "I will not be leveraged."
"Cuddle," Kelly said, waving his hand.
"I don't negotiate with terrorists!"
"Come on, Nicko, come give me a manly cuddle."
"Put down the eggs."
"Promise I'll get a cuddle?" Kelly asked.

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"Just stop talking, Beaumont," Nick grunted. "You're like the Bermuda Triangle of morals."
Zane snorted and covered it with a cough.
"Fine, be that way," Ty said. "Go be a goddamn white knight."

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Nick buried himself deep and began to laugh. "You're dirty, Kels."
"That's like Satan calling me a bad boy."

First off I think it would be very favorable to read Touch & Geauxbefore you tackle Shock and Awe because there's a serious tie-in. Come to think of it, maybe it would be good to read the entire Cut & Run series before you start with Shock and Awe. After all, it's an entertaining series and so worth reading. Also, the fun goes on with S&A.

The quotes are self-evident and I don't need to extensively review the book. Suffice it to say that I enjoyed it very much. Some hot smut and a tiny touch of kink, great and witty dialogue, and two perfect dance partners made this an all-around gratifying ride. Now I could say something about instant gratification but…I won't.

Minor quibble
I didn't want it to be over so soon. On the other hand, short and compelling instead of long and boring is fine by me.

Gimme more!

P.S. (view spoiler)…yes, please!


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