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Beyond bad.

Marked. Part I: The missing Link - J.M. Sevilla

Since I can't rate it with 0 stars, I'll be giving it one star. DNF at 40 %. Review completed November 21, 2013. 

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My update when I was 30 % done says all:

I don't know why I'm still reading this nuisance of a book. It takes boredom to a new level. This is me being nice. :(((( 

Jay scoots closer, forcing me to move my legs so that they come around his hips and I'm between histhunderous legs. The nearness causes my heart to quicken.

Yeah, right. No comment. 

Maybe my brothers were right?
I realize he's studying me just as intently and I start to panic.
Shit. I need to say something and not stand here like an idiot, asking to be his next murder victim.

Man, he's scary when he yells. His height stretches up even higher and his already boulder-formed muscles expand.

His arm is so massive compared to mine you can hardly tell mine's underneath his and I hold back a giggle.

"Are you saying each scar happened separately?" The moment the last words escaped my lips I want to take them back. Jay's body ripples in anger and his veins bulge out as fiery-red colors his skin. I slide off the bar stool in a panic and take a step back.

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The same fire from the truck is back in his eyes and this time it arouses an intense hunger deep inside me, a hunger for Jay, a hunger for sex so intense I ache. I've never ached down there before; it leaves me frustrated and needing Jay in a way I've never needed a man before.

His huge hand completely consumes my bare breast…

"I told myself not to fucking touch you. Your innocence comes off you like a damn perfume."

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Ok, so the dude is doing Tai Chi and then she thinks…

Once we are closer I can fully see his face. It's devoid of any emotion and I try not to panic.

How many times did I have to read about her wanting to panic? For Pete's sake then panic, what the hell do I care? *facepalm*

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My breathing becomes erratic and my heart is pounding out of every part of my body; I swear it's even vibrating my skin.

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"Damn baby, the taste of you and me together is pure fucking heaven." That's the kinkiest thing I have ever heard, but so help me it almost makes me orgasm.

"Shall we try for a fourth?"

He makes her come SEVEN times in a row without penetrating her with his dick. WOW! I'm impressed. A fantasy come true or like my friend stated from fiction to science fiction. LOL 

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I can taste myself and him together and it turns my orgasm into a bomb that shatters my body.

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The ever present time references are utterly annoying, i. e.

Chapter 13, first paragraph
11:17 pm
He fondles her breast blah blah blah, then he gets out of bed and leaves the room. She feels rejected yadda, yadda, yadda.

Second paragraph.
11:29 pm
Jay comes back into the room and slides into bed yadda, yadda, yadda.

SERIOUSLY? This goes on and on and on. What do I care?

I move to my back and Jay is on his side peering down at me with unease, but I can also see a strong need for me, a need that is making the aqua and yellow-gold of his irises appear to be swirling around.

*deep breath*

Jay's voice has hardened as he comes towards me, eyes hung low, and I back up against the door.

Reminds me of a Basset dog.

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I honestly don't know if I have read the same book like all the others because the high average rating of 4.55 (before I posted my review) did surprise me, to say the least. What attracted me to this book in the first place was the physically imperfect hero. I’m all for that. It’s very unfortunate, however, that nothing about Marked. Part I: The Missing Link appealed to me. The sex scenes are unerotic and poorly written and the writing in general is incredibly amateurish, awkward, clichéd and cheesy to boot. Also, the heroine is immature and irritating. To top everything off, the hero displayed his choleric temper more than once and his vocabulary is kinda limited. I won't beat around the bush, the shallow MCs didn’t interest me in the least and I was never immersed in their story. Honestly, I couldn't have cared less. Do you know the saying "Things that are useless to the world"? I'm sorry for being harsh but this is a book that belongs in that category.

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I don’t want to draw this out any more, so I’m ready to give up now. Onwards…


Booklikes has the option of half stars… :)

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