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Witty and very entertaining!

After Midnight - Santino Hassell

4.5 dysfunctional stars.****Review posted November 28, 2013

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There are plenty of great reviews already, so here I am adding my two cents worth. Also, I apologize in advance for adding so many quotes but I couldn't resist. Initially I thought I'd be making it short and dysfunctional commending. Now it's going to be somewhat longer and dysfunctional but still commending.

Set in the post-war environment of Lexington in the year 2021, we meet PD (Pandora) drug dealer Gordon and his best friend Carla.

„You always look like you’re having an orgasm when you pop a cap.“
“It’s better than fucking.” He slid down in the chair in a lazy slouch.
“Then you’ve obviously been doing it wrong. Maybe I should give you some lessons.”
“Grow a cock and I’m down.”

Nice intro, don't you think?

So, we’re on our merry way, not meaning any harm when we’re hit by the stoic and gorgeous assassin-spy Adam, son of Apollo aka Mr. Greek. Well, let the bitch fest begin. Correction. Let me rephrase that. Let the entertaining bitch fest begin.

Male on female bitchin'...

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…and male on male bitchin'...

“I know civilians aren’t too bright, but you’re making very little sense even for one of them.”

“Jesus, you’re fucking paranoid. Who’s going to believe that some dude who looks like the son of Apollo came crashing (view spoiler) while he waited for his super secret connections to call off a citywide manhunt?” Gordon’s voice got louder with each word. “It’s fried and you know it.”
“The son of Apollo?”
“Christ, you’re hung up on being hot. Is that the most important part of what I said? And if you must know, I’m into Greek mythology. I totally jive on all those old shows.”
Mr. Greek stared.

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“What freaking year were you born in? You can’t be much younger than me. They had all of those shows about Amazon chicks and Greek gods, gladiators…”
“You watched shows about Amazons and Greek gods.” It was more of a flat statement than a question.
“Screw you. Them bitches were fierce.”
“You’re a bizarre person.”
“Says the guy in the bodysuit.”
Mr. Greek’s mouth sunk at the sides. “It’s protective armor.”
“Like I fucking said.”

(view spoiler)

The following quote is not a spoiler, but I spoiler-tagged it to shorten my review. :)
(view spoiler)

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“Wow, dude. Learn to drive.”
“A critique of my driving skills is unnecessary at this junction in the conversation.”
“Then stop driving like a psychopath.”

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Later on we clearly expand our horizons when we’re aware that man-whore Gordon is f@cking everything that can stand on two legs. On the other hand, G-man enjoys being  freight-trained as well. I mean you can’t always pitch, you need to catch now and then, right? After Mr. Greek spared Gordon’s sorry ass, Adam is in full-on stalker mode. There’s just a little something between these two that’s worthy of a bit of blood, sweat and tears. So, let’s gear up, squabblers!

“Many people in my line of work are given status as valentine and are expected to screw whomever we’re ordered to seduce. It doesn’t bother me. It’s just a physical act. Considering some of the things I’ve done, touching another man’s dick is not exactly going to send me into a moral meltdown.”

Huffy, snappish, testy, touchy, petulant, quick-tempered, waspish, edgy, entertaining, amusing, hysterical, jolly, silly, playful, hilarious, witty, humorous, diverting, sparkling, hot, sexy, freight-train steamy...all this and then some. Did I forget anything? Hmm…wait a second…*scratches head*…yes, it was…simply great and I loved it!

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The snappy and quick-witted dialogue made me laugh all the time and I was highlighting like crazy. Besides, the simmering tension between Adam and Gordon kept me on the edge. Their chemistry was truly off the charts and there's something very rewarding when you have to wait that long until you can push your nose at your Kindle (not quite literally) when they were jumping each other's bones. Finally. Boy, was it ever hot! Yet I got kinda annoyed when Adam proved to be some kind of c@ck blocker. (view spoiler) Gordon is a real ass but a very lovable ass nonetheless. My oh my, and he’s got a mouth on him, albeit a very delectable mouth. *makes kissy noises* He's all Mr. Prickly & Snappy on the outside but if need be he can be pretty mushy. I'm actually not sure if he knows what to do with his feelings.

"It's not your job to save me," Gordon replied with a harsh laugh. "I don't need a hero."
"You sure about that? You're the most careless person I've ever met. It's almost impressive."

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For a killer, Adam was quite polite and decent with lots of manners. Still, Gordon had a hard time to appreciate that “asset” of Adam. After Midnight could have been perfect if these two had talked like two civil beings every so often. Gordon was pissed off all the time and Adam wasn't a prime conversationalist either. Even at the end of the story they were mouthing off at each other all the time. Maybe there will be time to develop some good manners in the sequel…hopefully. There's this proverb The quarrel of lovers is the renewal of love. Like I said in one of my updates: this must be love. 

Two people with dysfunctional lives form a dysfunctional couple. What else can one expect anyway? That’s freaking normal. 

I can't wait to read the sequel. Gimme more!

A special thanks goes to Lenore for asking me to give it a shot. And thanks for reading Rough Canvas. *blows kisses*

Recommended read.



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