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Holy Frigging Matrimony: A Tangled Series Short Story (Tangled, #1.5) - Emma Chase

4.5 stars. I interviewed Drew for the Berner Zeitung. Please scroll down. It was fun!

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Matrimony...? Drew needs a smoke...and I tell you to get rid of it. Subito!

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Here we go…

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Sorry, I got sidetracked by the quotes. I'll give it another shot. Here we go again...

Hello Drew. I'm Baba, a freelance journalist for the Berner Zeitung.

Berner Zeitung? Never heard of that paper. 

I'm from Switzerland.

Shoot! I've never been to Switzerland. It's the country of watches, fine chocolate, banks as white as snow, and the Alps, isn't it? As you can imagine I was a very attentive student. *makes an angelic face* What about your women? Are they beautiful?

*gasp* Drew, I thought you were going steady?

Sure thing. But I like to do a little…er…platonic research now and then to…how should I phrase that…to enhance my bedroom activities. Makes my sweet Kate happy, for sure.

I can show you a couple pics of women Made in Switzerland.
By the way, hands off, understood? All these women are either married or have a boyfriend.

*makes incoherent noises* Baba, put the frigging pics in a spoiler! What do you think is going to happen when my Kate sees them?
*puts a hurt look on his face* I would never touch them anyway. Why would you think such a despicable thing of me? I mean look at me...I'm such a sweet little cherub, don't you think?

(view spoiler)

Hmm…interesting question. Maybe she's going to give you blue balls. Sex deprivation? Squeeze your balls? Cut them off? Pinch you in the ass? Slap you? Scream at you? I know that women can get quite agitated. Also, being in such a state of mind they become…er…quite imaginative. 
And to respond to your other question about being a sweet little cherub…? Well, maybe when pigs fly, right? You're such a sly devil, Drew.

You tell me! I would like to avoid any further complications. 

Would you like me to give you a hint as to how you can soothe your sweet Kate?

Baba, you're my knight in shining armor. Go ahead please, I'm all ears!

Thank God it's Friday, Drew.
(Editor's note: the interview took place on a Friday). Baba adds a cheeky grin.

*quizzical stare* I'm sorry--I don't speak vagina. Just what the hell is that supposed to mean? 

Holy Frigging Batman, are you still clueless? You told me that you've been a very attentive student. 

Yes. And yes. But I'm sure you're going to broaden my horizon right frigging now. After all, learning never stops.

Tongue Goes In First.

Huh? Excuse me but you kinda lost me.

Never heard of TGIF before?

Um…yes, of course I'm not that clueless. *light bulb goes on* Baba, you just slammed my mind in the gutter! Are we finished yet? I need to get back to my sweet Kate to put my tongue…you know where.

Your honesty is so refreshing, Drew, and your dirty mind is incredibly entertaining! Thanks for the speed interview! I appreciate it very much. *Baba beams*

Drew…are you still here…? Get lost…right frigging now!

"Come on, Baba Dee's in her room. You're good to go."
I pull on her hand until she crashes against me. "I don't wanna go. I want to defile the prestigious Plaza Hotel by having you ride me like a slutty mermaid in the bathtub."

Baba scurries away to look for her camera in order to chronicle that earth-shattering event.

Say cheese!

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P.S. As expected it was a hilarious ride and I really enjoyed it very much! I don't whip out five stars because it was too short and the ending was a little bit too abrupt for my liking. *Baba makes a pouty face* Still, an entertaining, quick and dirty little number. Love me some Drew! *thumbs up from moi*

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Oh, and this is for you, Emma, coz I know you loved it.

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I think you put Drew under too much stress. He looks kinda rumpled and shaken. Crap. Maybe that's my fault? Was I too hard on him during my interview? *bats eyelashes innocently*



If you'd like to see the spoiler-tagged pics then check out the GR link below.

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