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Red Awakening - Mel Bossa, Daniel Zmigrodzki

3.5 stars.***Review posted December 10, 2013

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After reading and totally despising Blue Dreams I was honestly not interested to give Red Awakening a shot. As a matter of fact, I tried to pretend that I never read Blue Dreams, so it wouldn't taint my fond memories of Split. I came back to my decision when Mel Bossa offered me an ARC. I was impressed because an author needs class to do that. 

And about your honesty...I figured, if I can convince the person who hated the book the most to give Red Awakening a chance, then I can deal with whatever comes my way. That's part of being an author. You take the ugly along with the good. 

Seriously, certain authors should follow her example. Kudos, Mel!

I've been pondering a lot about my rating. In the end, however, I couldn't justify to round up to four stars because my two main issues were too severe. Let me get down to business.

Told from Derek's (Red) POV past tense, the title of Red Awakening is quite significant. I remember that I was terribly irritated with Derek for being such a sobbing wuss in Blue Dreams and I felt that he seriously needed to man up. Well, this story is his awakening and I must say that in my eyes he didn't quite accomplish that task. This makes him--rather obviously--one of my main issues of Red Awakening. What happened in Blue Dreams had serious consequences between Nick and Derek.(view spoiler) After a terrible argument with (view spoiler) It might be very favorable to read the spoilers in order to see the connection between my synopsis and my issues.

"There's only one way to set a dove free." He took my hands in his, squeezing them tightly together.
I could almost feel the dove fitting its wings inside my palms.
Brusquely, Father Neil pulled my hands apart.
We both watched the imagined white dove fly up to the ceiling.
I chuckled nervously. "I understand."
And Father Neil stepped back. "Yes," he said. "Forgiveness is all or nothing. It's not for the faint of heart."

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(view spoiler)
For a second, I imagined Nick walking through Montreal with a red (view spoiler) painted across his chest. But I don't want to think about his flawless chest.

In Red Awakening we see Derek grow to a certain degree, i.e. when he (view spoiler) Still, he was too whiny and needy for my liking. I'm the first to grant a man his tears, and I honestly think that tears don't render a man effeminate. Nevertheless, I couldn't warm up to Red and his weepy behavior. This brings me to my second main issue. During the majority of the second half of the story I was stuck in the company of Derek when I wantedto spend time with Nick. Let me clarify this. I wanted to see Derek and Nick together. Meaning, I just needed to see some kind of relationship development. On the other hand, I'm aware of the fact that you can only see some relationship growth when two individuals are actually together. As it was, the reunion or reconciliation happened (view spoiler) So, you see, my wish didn't come true. While Nick was busy in (view spoiler) Derek started to (view spoiler)

It's time we put a little chaos, confusion, and heat into Blue Dreams. The place is like a picture of a marble statue. Beautiful, smooth, cold--impossible to f@ck.
I want this new club to have a pulse. Actually, I want it throbbing with sex, romance, and unholiness.

"There's something vaguely Lundanesque about you recently."

Ducati Streetfighter 848
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Nick was quick to zip me up. He stepped down into the yard and washed his hands with snow.
I tried catching my breath, watching him. "Are you putting my cum in the snow?"
Nick sauntered up the three stairs and picked up the whiskey bottle. He drank from it. "We'll grow a cum tree."

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I hope that my remarks don't sound too negative because overall I really liked Red Awakening. What clearly stands out here is the author's writing. In fact, it's very good and she knows how to pen a story. Also, her deadpan humor made me smile a lot. It's pretty obvious that I have a clear preference for the insomniac and messed up Nick. My favorite secondary character is Boone, Nick's brother. He's mature and very supportive and it didn't hurt either that he's a very sexy cop. 

Red Awakening is a story about assuming responsibility, making amends and reconciliation. Even though Derek and Nick have been separated there's a strong and invisible tie between them that can't be severed. Nick and Derek deserve a second chance.

I think that readers who enjoyed Split should give Red Awakening a try. You might as well end up loving it.

It's a good feeling to merge blue and red again.

Where there was loneliness before, there is abundance.
My heart no longer feels alike a colander in my chest.

All quotes are taken from the pre-published copy and may be altered or omitted in the final copy.


**ARC courtesy of Mel Bossa, author, in exchange for an honest review.**



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