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Love me some Marcus!

First Christmas: Marcus and Thomas Christmas Vignette (Nature of Desire #7.3) - Joey W. Hill
4.5 I-want-to-hug-Marcus stars!****Review completed December 30, 2013

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Marcus is not enthused to celebrate Christmas and he's pulling away more and more. Considering his past, it doesn't come as a surprise, though. However, by doing so he is also hurting Thomas. But Thomas is determined to render their first Christmas as a married couple unforgettable.

Well, you are in your forties now. Some decay is expected. Don't forget, before Christmas Eve dinner with my mother, you have to practice not using the f-bomb as punctuation on every sentence.

"I'll clean up my language for tomorrow night, but in exchange, I want to hear that word come out of your mouth now. Often. Every time I use this" --the spoon tapped his ass-- "You put it in a sentence I'll like. Statements, requests and outright begging are fine. But use it as a demand even once…"

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Good yet very painful memories…

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HOT DAMN! Of course the sex is panty-melting hot!
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"I love you, Master." It rasped out of his throat, so obvious he couldn't not say it.
Those green eyes flickered and the mouth softened. "Same goes, pet. Fuck, I missed you. I almost…but I couldn't. I just couldn't."

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"Beautiful, but it hurts," Thomas murmured. "I know just what it means."

43 pages of wonderful writing skills. Even Joey's freebies are fabulous! Sure, it is a tiny bit sentimental but isn't it the perfect time to read a beautiful and sentimental little story? 

This is a short read that packed a total punch at the end. Aside from some steamy and titillating sex, I enjoyed the quiet and reflective scenes all the more. Some well placed humor and banter as well as the adorable Julie were the icing on the very delicious cake. Besides, Marcus is such a complex and special character; I will always hold him very close to my heart. I just want to hug him! Gawd, what a man…*sniffles*

Marcus and Thomas's Christmas Vignette provided a range of deep emotions, plenty of passion and a love that goes beyond the written words of "I love you". And I think that hell froze over because…here it comes…I even liked Elaine. Geez, what's wrong with you, Baba?
Also, I must repeat myself, I want to read Julie's story. I LOVE, LOVE her! Joey said that certain secondary characters of this Christmas Vignette will get their own story and…Joey…do you hear me? I'm begging you to write Julie's. Pretty please. You can't see me right now but I'm on my knees. *puppy eyes*

All in all a heart-warming and great little number. Must be read after Rough Canvas.

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"Just enjoying what's mine. All mine."

Recommended read.

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