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Criss Cross - Jordan Castillo Price

4 stars.****Review completed January 5, 2014

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I'm going to make it short and sweet. This installment opens up with Vic and his former partner Maurice fishing. Vic is a little bit grossed out. 

I looked down at the hook. Maurice had squished a worm onto it. A worm spirit didn't appear and immediately start telling me about the moment of its death, so I presumed I was safe from the spirits of bugs. But then it moved and I realized it was still alive. Gross.

And when the conversation drifts toward him and Jacob hitting it off, Vic doesn't feel so peachy anymore. Good ole Vic has quite some hangups and it's tough for him to come out to his former partner. Plus, when poor Vic is haunted by images of dead people floating in the water he's definitely close to freaking out. Good thing Jacob can make him feel better later on.

"Your eyes were half-open, but they were fixed, not moving."
Oh. That must've been really attractive. Good thing anything paranormal, ugly or not, makes Jacob horny.

"Mmm, yeah."

Speaking of dirty: Jacob's a talker. And keeping my mouth full of c@ck has the added bonus of me not having to answer him. Not that the words aren't sexy as hell--I just worry that I'll sound like an idiot if I'm the one saying them.

"You should've come on me," he said. I don't know how he can look me in the eye and just say that. Even with the drugs, it wasn't anything I could speak out loud. "You'd look hot, really hot."

Vic likes to do static-surfing…*pets*
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I think Vic doesn't even know what a hoot he actually is. Love his endearingly deadpan humor. Oh, and how he's plowing through dead people with his car is just too funny for words! Sheesh, he's driving through them like a knife cuts through a piece of cake. Easy peasy. Well, they are dead, there's no resistance anymore. Vic has more than a couple hangups. I hope he's going to lose his self-conscious attitude. On the other hand, it's more than sexy to have one hot, self-assured stud loosening up a somewhat uptight Vic. Vic's anxiety about basement laundry rooms is kinda endearing and sweet, though. I must say that the villain was pretty easy to figure out in this installment. This being said, it didn't detract from my overall enjoyment of the story. I met Crash for the first time. He's an irritating ass, albeit a very interesting one and I'd love to see more of him.

I was asking my friend WHEN they would do the deed. I know, I know, I was a little bit impatient but my nagging has been rewarded with a hot shower scene. Holy cow. I'm glad they did it under a nice water jet because they could cool off without combusting in the first place. Or else…hmm…I could have hosed them down. That would have been fun, too!

Recommended read.

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