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Nina Lane at her very best! Dean-a-licious…a fantastic dirty talker and a knight in shining armor!

Awaken - Nina Lane

5++++ chivalrous, beautiful and intensely erotic stars.*****Review completed December 12, 2013

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Awaken was my first beta read and I'm very grateful for having experienced Liv and Dean's journey come to an end at first hand. Thank you, Nina, you're an awesome author and a wonderful woman! A special thankyou goes to my dear friend, Jen. Doing the beta read with you was a true blast! <3
I don't tell you any news when I say that I loved all three books, yet it's obvious that Awaken is my favorite, regardless of my beta read.

Since I started to read Dean and Liv’s journey in Arouse, Nina achieved to deliver a very compelling story and character growth and came to an extraordinary conclusion with Awaken. Liv and Dean have come full circle. Even though I beta read Awaken, it doesn’t get any more honest and objective when I say this is an outstanding erotic romance book (emphasis on erotic andromance). I mean it with all my heart and I love Dean and Awaken to pieces. This is Nina Lane at her very best! I know Nina did all the writing and she deserves all the praise and Awaken is definitely her baby. Yet a tiny part of me is very proud that I got the chance to make a great book even better, and I’m very happy about the outcome. In conclusion, this is also a little bit my baby (and Jen's of course) and I feel protective about this book. Nina, Jen and I discussed Awaken extensively and after the first round of beta reads, Nina performed some major rewrites which proved to be very advantageous for Liv as well as Liv and Dean as a couple. 

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Fans of the Spiral of Bliss series know already that Liv and Dean’s happiness but also Dean’s career are threatened by “certain circumstances”. For the sake of readers who have yet to read the series, I prefer to not get into details here. Suffice it to say that a lot of things are going on in this conclusion and it ties up all the loose ends perfectly. As a matter of fact, Awaken leaves nothing to be desired.
On the one hand, this third book deals with a specific, nasty problem. On the other hand, Awaken depicts an Olivia who evolves, thrives and—in the end—truly shines. This is Liv's awakening and she starts to stand on her own. Also, she's ready to take a risk, to make her own decisions and refuses to accept Dean’s safety net. As a consequence, she evolves from the somewhat shy and innocent Liv to a mature and much more decisive woman. It pleases me tremendously to tell you that I loved Olivia without reservation in this story arc. She has come a long way and really deserves my praise.

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Dean is my knight in shining armor. Looking at Awaken, he's so chivalrous and honorable, protective, selfless, handsome and sexy as all get out. Whatever is thrown in their path, he'd go to hell and back to give Liv anything and everything she needs. Whatever the cost, Dean never flinched from doing what was best for their relationship. His love for Liv is so incredibly deep, I always feared for him that a probable loss of the love of his life would destroy him irrevocably. No worries though, there is no such thing. So, here we are at the end of their journey and what an exceptional journey it was. Please keep your tissues at the ready—I promise you’ll need them.

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Dean is a fabulous dirty talker and this particular scene went down in my book history!

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"Soon you're getting on your knees in front of me," I tell her. "Naked except for tight cotton panties that rub against your pussy. You're going to squeeze your pretty tits together so I can push my c@ck between them and f@ck them. Thrusting into that tight, damp valley all the way up to your throat. I'll shoot hard all over you, like a goddamn geyser. My come will drip off your tight nipples before I make you rub it in. Then you're going to lick my c@ck clean, swiping your tongue all over the shaft, taking it all the way into your greedy mouth."

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“Do you still want me to touch myself?”
Holy f@ck, do I ever.
“Do it,” I tell her.

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The love between Dean and Liv is unique and their intense emotional connection will make your heart pound and race. Awaken is an intensely passionate conclusion to their journey, and I'm convinced that this story is going to make your fingers and toes curl. It's advisable to have a bucket of cold water at the ready, so you can cool off now and then. Honestly, the sex scenes are fantastic and scorchingly hot! Witnessing their erotic encounters is not only a physical experience, you'll be swamped by many feelings and deep emotions. You can feel their bodies tremble, the air is saturated with heat and sparkling electricity, their strained breaths are palpable. The damp skin, the drops of sweat trickling down bare skin…it's mesmerizing. The thrill of anticipation, all the sensations, the blazing heat that surrounds these two whenever their bodies are melding together…it's going to leave you breathless. Liv and Dean's chemistry is truly explosive and the urgency, need, lust, passion and longing will push you over the edge. Also, I'm sure that the sexy dirty talk will make you all hot and bothered. Don't forget to breathe otherwise Liv and Dean are going to drive you senseless. *fans self*

I'd bend over for Dean anytime!
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This is another little sample of one of my favorite scenes.

„What are you going to do with all those pictures?“ Liv asks.
“Plaster them on the ceiling like stars so I can look up at them at night.”
“Aw.” She smiles. “Good one.”

Dean you're my star! *swoon*
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Awaken has been beautifully and compellingly penned by Nina Lane and it shines in its various and intriguing facets. Excellent plot, great and witty dialogue, some well-placed banter and first and foremost two very likable main protagonists made this story a huge all around winner. This is a labor of love, I could feel it and I will always hold it very, very close to my heart.

The way Liv and Dean love each other is primal, visceral and intense. It’s like breathing because it’s so vital and every beat of their hearts is pure devotion and strengthens their unbreakable bond. Awaken provided not only scorchingly hot sex scenes, I could also swoon over many intimate and utterly romantic moments between Liv and Dean. Fortune favored...

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Readers, you're in for a real treat. Savor and cherish every loving and titillating moment of this story because it doesn’t get any better.

Steam: 4 to 4.5

Nina, this is for you…

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Highly recommended.

Release date January 7th, 2014

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