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Atrocious writing. One of the worst books I've ever read.

Bound by Lies  - Hanna Peach

0 stars. Review completed January 27, 2014

Bound by Lies fails miserably. Geez, what an awful book. It's among the worst books I've ever read.
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Heaven help me. I am so wrong about his eyes. They aren't brown. They are the intense green of rough seas, turbulent and luring with depths that I might never be able to swim out of. And Lord, do I want to swim in them. Naked.

His voice sinks into my skin like a bite, sending heat into my blood.

A deep sadness fills me like rust-colored water into an empty glass vase when I realize the answer is yes.
I turn my back to him and slip on the jacket, transferring my heels from hand to hand. The inside of it is warm, and his scent brushes up my neck to my nose in a soft caress. God, I could lose myself in his smell and this warmth. I almost believe that this jacket is bulletproof.

He straddles the motorbike and it seems to sigh under him.

The motorbike growls to life under him like a waking lion.

My limbs work of their own volition, moving me towards him like a ship returning to harbor.

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And all I can think about is this beautiful man and how right it will feel to get very, very naked with him. Every second without him inside me, every inch of air between our bodies is a tragedy. 

It sure is a tragedy that I even considered reading this book. *shudder*

My stomach pains as if someone is wringing it in their hands. 

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My insides shatter and I am liquid stars. Unable to support myself anymore, I start to fall like dust and ash returning to the ground. But I don't land. I smell wood smoke and home as he cradles me in his arms. I feel myself floating and floating. Then the softness of the mattress underneath me. 

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At first it is just a press, his soft lips, tasting of sweet grapes and rosemary, touching mine. It is butterflies and falling leaves and it makes my skin tingle like those sparkles of sunlight that dance upon a babbling brook. 

Yep, who's babbling here?

I feel a small wet line all the way in my belly. Then he sucks, starting an energy in me like the distant rumble of earth under hooves. 

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His tongue teases my mouth and at my heart, coaxing it to open for him like a flower. I part my lips for him and he enters me with his tongue. Like a jolt of electricity, I awake. My body lights with fire, aching, consuming fire. I begin to move with him, searching for his taste, exploring his lips and his mouth, tilting my head so our breaths can fuse even more. 

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On his face I see an inner tragedy play out. 

My review won't crush this book cos the author sure as hell took care of that herself. Tons of atrocious style blossoms and cheese suffocated Bound by Lies. It's safe to say that Hanna Peach didn't make me feel peachy at all. Again, I do love flowery writing when it's done right. The writing in Bound by Lies, however, is disastrous. The author tried way, way too hard to wax lyrical and in the end failed miserably. Everything felt incredibly awkward and embarrassing. Excuse me but is this a bad joke? Also, the constant switch between past and present didn't facilitate a smooth flow of the plot. And I couldn't for the life of me connect with the shallow and absolutely trivial main protagonists, either. Oh my, I had to deal with yet another whiny and dumb heroine. Concept, storyline (what storyline?) and execution are less than 'blah', and don't get me started on the BDSM elements and the silly sex scenes. Honestly, there is no nice way to say it. Nothing, absolutely nothing, worked out for me. Bound by Lies is a terribly bad read. I'm sorry for being harsh but this book should never have seen the light of day.

And we rock. He moves faster. And I swear my underwear is just going to burn away from all this heat and friction. My head and my body are almost hurting from all this pressure inside. God, I just need him. 

God, my head and stomach are hurting, too. If I had bought a paperback I would have burned the book. *facepalm*

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A shot of heat hits the back of my eyeballs and I look away before I start to cry.

The love on his face cracks open the shell of pain across his features when he realizes what I am doing.

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Oh, and please, no more kitten. No. More. I. Mean. It.

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"Kitten, I want to make love to you."
"Yes," I cry. The aching need under my skin crackles like electricity. 

Yes, I'm going to stop this whole nonsense now. DNF at 40 %. I want my money back.

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P.S. Bound by Lies was a total PITA. And while I felt the need to hit my head on my table, I couldn't help doing this…
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