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Life After Joe - Harper Fox

2 melodramatic stars. Review posted February 3, 2014

Expectations suck...

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In a nutshell
Matt is supposed to be a doctor and drowns in self-pity by swallowing every crap he can get his hands on. He's stoned, drunk and unhappy all. The. Time. Plus, he fucks everybody on two legs. Disgusting. Let's keep it simple. He's a sobbing mess of a depressing alcoholic. But of course it's not his fault (yes, it's also his fault). Joe, the little mean fucker left him for…(view spoiler) Tsk-tsk. Sorry for being a tiny bit sarcastic. How many times do I have to put up with that beat-up plot twist?

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However, the icing on the cake was when Joe (view spoiler) Well played, Matthew love. Ugh.

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And the mysterious (view spoiler) Instead of asking a couple questions that would have helped to solve the "threat", Matt prefers to shut his mouth ---> old pet peeve of mine: LACK OF COMMUNICATION, MISCOMMUNICATION, MISUNDERSTANDINGS yadda, yadda, yadda. I can't hear it anymore. I'm actually glad that I AM A CHICK cos I really do like to talk. I. Mean. Talk. As. In. Asking. Questions.

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Jesus christ on a crutch
I do not like weepy, self-pitying "heroes". I do not like doormat "heroes", either. I do not like melodrama. No, scratch that. I'm HIGHLY ALLERGIC TO CHEESY MELODRAMA. 

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Also, the first sex scene between Matt and Aaron was hugely disappointing and very awkward. I wanted to close my eyes in order to not witness that pathetic scene. Matt annoyed me from the beginning but after my first update the whole thing went downhill fast. And what the heck happened to Matt's addiction? My very best guess is that some fairy dust sprinkled upon him and cured his drug and alcohol problem. Nothing was resolved regarding that aspect of the plot. It's very unrealistic and not good enough for me.

Fairy dust. There…you are cured, Matty boy.
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It's safe to say that Life After Joe wasn't my cup of tea. Après moi le déluge.



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