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A cheesy and ridiculous stage play

Queers - A.J.  Rose

1 drama-drama-drama star. Review posted February 6, 2014

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I'm going to dedicate this gif to Garrett…
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Duff came to Queers having expectations. There's no denying it, Queers couldn't live up to my very high expectations. I'm completely bummed.
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In a nutshell (between 40 % and 100 %):
Drama * Sobfest * SugarVille * Drama * Sobfest * SugarVille * Drama * Sobfest * SugarVille * Drama * Sobfest * SugarVille * Drama * Sobfest * SugarVille * Drama * Sobfest * SugarVille * Drama * Sobfest * SugarVille * Drama * Sobfest * SugarVille * Drama * Sobfest * SugarVille * Drama * Sobfest * SugarVille * Drama * Sobfest * SugarVille * Drama * Sobfest * SugarVille * Drama * Sobfest * SugarVille * Drama * Sobfest * SugarVille * Drama * Sobfest * SugarVille * Drama * Sobfest * SugarVille * 

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I am so freaking mad and frustrated I don’t know what to say. I'm still frustrated but I gotta get it off my chest before I choke on it. Bear with me when my thoughts are all over the place. Also, I apologize for using the term drama excessively. 

First off I'd like to point out that I absolutely devoured Safeword and it saddens me very much to tell you that I didn't recognize the author's voice in Queers. In fact, I enjoyed the beginning but the more I read the less I liked where the storyline was heading and I felt a strong antipathy towards the characters. I don't need to beat around the bush. The second half was a bloody nightmare. If I had bought the paperback I would have burned the book.

Of course Garrett being a delusional and stupid Drama Queen and LIVING IN CONSTANT DENIAL wasn’t enough. Nope, we needed more of that crap in the form of Brad dealing with (view spoiler) And let's not ignore the drama between Brad and Duff and to top everything off, (view spoiler) had to add another layer of drama to the plot. All the mayhem, problems and DRAMA smothered the entire book. Terrible. Queers is a bloody soap opera. No, scratch that. It was worse than a soap opera.

(view spoiler) Poor Garrett is a needy attention whore and since(view spoiler) Nice. Not. Garrett made his bed, so he can lie in it. There comes a time when I, as the reader, transcend the point where my empathy dissolves into nothingness and I end up angry and ill tempered. I gotta tell you reading Queers caused my sympathy to plummet disastrously. Honestly, I wanted to scream my head off, I was so un-f@cking-believably angry and frustrated. I actually liked Moonshine and Jackson in the beginning. However, when both of them decided to jump right into the middle of that gooey and cheesy drama, which was divided in several pathetic acts, I was so done. As in really, reallydone.

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(view spoiler) Calm down, Baba. *pets*

(view spoiler)

Dafuck? That's not irrational anger, that's just acting stupidly. Maybe Landon (view spoiler) Jackson?

As if I hadn't had to deal with enough drama, mayhem, angry outbursts etc., the women felt the need to scream their heads off, too.

"I fucking knew it!" Jennica screeched, and charged into the office, face red and claws fully extended. (…)
"It's not what you think!" Moonshine yelled from inside. "Jennica! Hey!"

Yup, (view spoiler) "is not what you think." *insert major eye roll*

*screech* *yell* *screech* *yell* *growl* *snarl* yadda, yadda, yadda.

Garrett's behavior had been explained like this (I quote):

"Because he grew up being told he was a faggot, disgusting, unlovable, mentally deficient, blah, blah, blah. So he got it in his head if he could find his one true love, he could prove them all wrong.(…)"

Regardless, it's unacceptable that Garrett did deactivate his brain cells.

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(view spoiler)

(view spoiler)

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Wasn't it incredibly convenient that (view spoiler) What a nice, sweet, little bow. I want one, too. Not.

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I'm not dense at all. I knew that I had to expect something completely different from Safeword and I really do appreciate different. But this cheesy and RIDICULOUS stage play is not my cup of tea. I'm pretty sure that Queers will go down in my book history as one of my biggest reading disappointments in 2014. Considering the very high average rating you might as well ignore my opinion. Happy dramatic reading!

Queers contains (view spoiler) LOTS of cheese, crying, screaming, snarling, growling, and EXCESSIVE drama.

Rant over.

P.S. The absolutely fantastic trailer deserves five stars! Here is the link:




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