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The endearment pet...

The Dark Collector - Vanessa North

2 stars.

The premise did sound very good and I sure as heck am a huge sucker for erotic or romance books that incorporate an art theme. The story and its characters, however, fell flat as a wooden board. The Dark Collector failed to engage me emotionally and the somewhat kinky sex was clinical, monotonic and boring. Besides, less is more. I would have preferred longer sex scenes instead of all those numerous fast f@cks and BJs. I was glad it was so short otherwise I would have DNFd it.

You know whenever a fictional (M/M) character is throwing the endearment pet around, I can't help and remember an outstanding book and its unforgettable hero. 

The Dark Collector:

"Oh, God, pet, you make me so crazy."

And then we have an excellent Master who's so much more charismatic and intriguing...

“Everything you hold in your arms is yours, pet,” Marcus murmured. “Everything.”

“I was here, pet. I was always here. Even if you told me you needed me just for an hour, for this, I would have been there.”

“You take care of me, pet. Just by breathing and existing, you take care of me in ways you can’t imagine.”

Marcus closed those green eyes, then turned his face to the mattress. "Thomas…I can't. Do this. God, just do it, or I'm going to break. Hold me together, pet."

I think it's natural that I think about Marcus whenever I hear that endearment and I must say The Dark Collector can't hold a candle to Marcus Aurelius Stanton.


Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/843322866?utm_medium=email&utm_source=rating