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Warning: my review contains major spoilers

Broken Pieces - Riley Hart

2 stars.**Review completed February 26, 2014

I need to find…
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…that hype gene.
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Yes, I did enjoy hyped books in the past but more often than not I feel odd for not liking them. I would love to say…
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…instead I end up like this…
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…highly consternated. It sucks. Adding a book to my TBR pile is like playing the lottery.

Reading is a subjective experience. Even though we’ve read the same book, it happens all the time that we have a different reading experience. That’s the reason why we’re here on GR; to share our different point of views. I’m sorry to say that I’m swimming against the tide because Broken Pieces didn’t wow me. I think this story was supposed to be a tearjerker and I must admit that I cry very easily. BUT. Unfortunately, I wasn’t even close to tears whilst reading Broken Pieces. The author failed to engage me emotionally. I was turned off by:

a) The cheesy drama.

b) The constant puking or Mateo’s urge to vomit (Puky Mateo/Teo).

I recommend you this drug, Mateo. It's known to be very well tolerated. In fact, my two boys could confirm my statement.
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photo i-just-threw-up-in-my-mouth-a-little-bit_zpsd0d778e7.gif

c) The writing style.

d) The characters in general.

e) The weak Josiah and his antics, mainly after the Mateo drama. Between the age of 18 and 23 Josiah was living like he’d been dead. I could understand the no smexin part but not going out and having fun from time to time and not making any friends either and staying in his little hole of an apartment is by no stretch of the imagination relatable. I was like “Grow a pair already!” Geez. And then some inconsistencies irritated me. Josiah shaved his hair off because Teo loved it so much. Also, he didn’t go to college to defy Teo’s wish (before he met Tris) and yet he kept the chess piece and went to the beach to feed the birds. What gives? Either you really draw a line, leave everything behind and start a new life or you can drown in self-pity and “obey” his wishes. I found his behavior contradictory.

f) The repetitiveness: “I’m weak”, “I need to protect him”, the over usage of dios, dios…did I say dios, sexy and beautiful and Tristan’s pulse quirk. More than enough is too much.

g) The unerotic smexin; some of it was downright awkward.

h) The ménage scene came out of the blue; there was no build-up whatsoever. For nine years there was no sign of life from Mateo and then suddenly he’s back and they pick up where they left off. Nine years is a darn long time and people change and don’t forget when the separation happened they were teenagers. And what about Mateo’s prison time? I’m pretty sure that Swiss prisons are a walk in the park compared to yours in the States. Teo didn’t seem affected by it which is not realistic because incarceration should have left its mark on him. Besides, let’s not forget the fact that Josiah was hurt and angry. Maybe you can understand why I had my issues how the threesome happened. It was not realistic. Yet they jumped each other’s bones effortlessly even though they didn’t have any serious talk first because it’s all about “You deserve it” and “WE deserve it”. I. Just. Did. Not. Buy. It. Er…by the way, nobody "deserved it.” And let’s get real here. A relationship between two human beings where you must meet so many different needs is a daily challenge already, but we’re talking about THREE guys here. No biggie, though, they found common ground in no time flat and all the broken pieces fit so nicely and perfectly. It worked out way too easy considering there should have been so much conflict potential. I’m sorry to say it but some sappy dialogue delivered with a nice little bow is not good enough for me.

i) Too much smexin once the three were (finally) together. Not sure WHY I felt it was too much…maybe because I wasn’t turned on by it…?

j) Tristan’s mom was absolutely incoherent and confused when Mateo found her in the streets. However, shortly afterward at the emergency room she glanced at Tristan only once and recognized him immediately and was able to speak coherently. Uh-huh. Then still at the hospital the talk with Tristan. I must say that was some mighty odd plan of hers and I cannot relate to her train of thought. She said she had to overcome her problems. And even though she acted like she was agoraphobic for ages, she left the house based on her sudden desire to live and got lost. And then what? She suffered from an unexpected episode of dementia? She got depressed? She freaked out? She was in shock?  Er…I’d rather not comment.

k) The super duper sappy ending including that healing fuck. For the first time I was close to throwing up myself.

It's safe to say that Broken Pieces wasn't my cup of tea. Hence, I won't be reading the sequel.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/847549361?book_show_action=false