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The Devil's Trill Sonata - Matthew J. Metzger

4 stars.****Review completed March 6, 2014

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He wanted this, to stand under scalding hot spray and just hang on. Jayden hugged him like he'd never let go, and swayed them to imaginary music, and Darren was content to go with the flow, stroking water off Jayden's neck and shoulders and pressing lingering, open-mouthed kisses into wet skin as Jayden played with his hair. Eventually, Jayden found his mouth again and stole what little air remained in the tiny bathroom, letting Darren relearn the shape of his tongue and teeth and jaw, massaging both hands briefly into Darren's soaked curls before dropping one hand between them and pushing him back into the tiles. 

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He was bound to this: the swell and chorus of thirty, forty instruments in perfect harmony, and the terrible fall as the pitch plummeted. He was tied to the high, terrible shriek of lonely violins, and the deep boom of a threatening horn, like the tide rushing to claim the crying cliffs. His heart picked up, hammering in time to the crashes and bangs of waves on the shore, and his ear strained towards the low note, almost unheard under all the chaos, that whispered for calm in the eye of the storm. 

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The Devil's Trill Sonata is about making choices. Wrong and right choices. It's about friends. Fake and true friends. It's about influence and adjustment. How much do you bend to fit in? It's about distance. A distance that complicates love. At the same time, however, remoteness can strengthen the bond of love when you're willing to recognize and overcome the problems and barriers caused by a physical distance. This story is also about the scary simplicity of drifting back into darkness…

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Guiseppe Tartini's Devil's Trill Sonata


The Devil's Trill Sonata is set three years after Vivaldi in the Dark ended. While Jayden is mighty excited to live his dream at Cambridge University, Darren seems to be a little less spurred. Jayden going to Cambridge means they will have to endure a physical separation for the next three years. Instead of taking the path to an academic career, Darren prefers a nine-to-five job. He's going to start training as a crime scene examiner in Southampton. Thus far Darren could always count on Jayden being there for him and with him whenever another bad day struck him. Will Darren be strong enough to weather out their separation or will his depression draw him in a black hole again?

"Jayden, I'm bisexual. What do you want me to do, become a hermit?"
"Hang out with lesbians," Jayden replied promptly.
"…I suppose I asked for that."

This installment begins innocent enough; from piano to a strong crescendo, so to speak. It's comparable to a faint drizzle that turns into rain pattering at your window and then slowly yet steadily the rain grows stronger until a dark storm threatens to drown you. I must repeat myself, Matthew has a neat way to brighten a 'dark' story with snarky banter and humor. Whilst reading The Devil's Trill Sonata I've had enough time to get used to the prospect of a painful climax because the laughter and fun join hands with the angst and drama. I think the build-up was very well done and considering the dark theme, a certain level of drama is a necessity and that's perfectly fine by me.

I don't want to nag but I have one major complaint. There were way too many words written in italic; it was pretty distracting. In my opinion authors should use it as sparingly as possible because the effect of italic type tends to get lost when overused. Just go by the rule less is more.

Both Jayden and Darren can rely once again on Jayden's loving and supportive parents as well as Darren's older half-brother. Of course the two jesters Ethan and Paul make more than a little cameo and a few other characters are introduced in this story. The Devil's Trill Sonata sucked me in right from the start and never let go. Sure, a couple scenes tested my level of frustration and I had to question the choices they made. *points finger at Jayden* Yet at the same time I had to cut the guys some slack considering how very young they are. Engaging writing and storytelling and an interesting cast of characters made for a very good and satisfying reading experience. All in all an emotional ride that dealt with plenty of uncertainties. A story also that might tug at your heartstrings in the end, and I'm looking forward to reading Jayden and Darren's story arc in Rhapsody on a Theme which should be released coming May.

Steam: very low but sex is overrated anyway. Still, I'd love to read an erotic romance novel written by the talented Matthew J. Metzger because I'm convinced he'd deliver. Whatever he'll decide to write in the future, I feel confident that we can expect great things from Matthew. He's definitely an author to watch out for.

Recommended read.

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