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A good debut but it didn't measure up to Matt's Vivaldi in the Dark series.

Our Last Summer - Matthew J. Metzger

3.5 stars. Review posted March 16, 2014

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"I am in your summers."

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While Our Last Summer is a pretty impressive debut, it doesn't measure up to Matthew's Vivaldi in the Dark series. Our Last Summer was a tough one to rate. At times I felt like I was engulfed by a yoyo-effect. The beginning was promising and then it kinda fizzled out; it picked up again only to test my patience once again. The story shined the most during the last 30 %. At that point I felt totally invested in the characters as well as the plot and there was something going on. Simply put, the story was really compelling for the first time.

It was hard for me to connect with Alex who was a very closed-off and taciturn loner unlike Ryan who was more responsive. Also, it was difficult to deal with Alex's indifference (view spoiler) I caught myself telling him secretly to do something already!

Pretty much when I made do with It was good but… Matthew pulled something emotive out of his hat that proved how talented he is when he puts pen to paper.

"I am part of your summers," Alex says. "I'm part of this world, out here, in the middle of nowhere, with the sun and midnight wanderings and little secrets that don't mean anything. I'm not part of that world: of your autumn or winter or spring. I'm not there."

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Passenger -- Hearts on Fire (with Ed Sheeran)

If you are a fan of Matt's writing then I recommend you to read Our Last Summer.



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