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Surprisingly good. No idiotic, crazy, screeching biker babe. Thanks for small favors.

For Your Sake - Elayne DiSano

4 stars. Review completed March 28, 2014

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The heroine is not a biker babe. She's actually quite a lady...
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Even though Taz is a nosy gossip I already love him. Not sure but he might have been set up already with (view spoiler)

"Your chariot awaits. Keys are inside. Fixed, buffed, polished and shining like a newly, waxed…"
"Shut up," Ben snapped at him.
"What?" Taz feigned ignorance, flashing a devilish smile which made his heavily pierced eyebrows slant up before disappearing.

And Aero…holy crappity crap, that man is sexy as all get out!

"Air Force," MaryLynn hummed. "I'd like to ride his cock pit."
Eva glanced away from the window. "Says the married woman."
"Pfft, details," her friend said with a wave of her hand. "I'm an attorney. I can temporarily divorce myself."
"You're a real estate attorney, Mar."
"Well, you're a fantasy buzz-kill. And, looks like Mr. Air Force has a friend with him…holy shit!"

In 1987 when little Eva was only six years old, her mother left without bothering to explain her actions. Now twenty-six years later, Eva is back in Tippitt, West Virginia after she attended business school in Pennsylvania. She took over a card and gift shop and bought an old Victorian house which is in need of some renovations. One night when Eva (view spoiler) As it later transpired, the mountain of a man is the Mountain Skulls Motorcycle Club's enforcer. And when Ben takes care of (view spoiler) they meet again. Eva can't get the quiet and rock-solid man out of her mind anymore and Ben starts to dig around in her background.

"Could've done it the old fashioned way and ask. Would've been easier."
"Yeah, but not as fun. Plus, you could always lie."
"About what?" I don't know what else you found, but I'm sure it wasn't much."
He nodded. "True. Actually, it was quite dull."
She narrowed her eyes "I prefer…uneventful."

Told in third person POV, I enjoyed For Your Sake very much. Above all, I appreciated that Eva wasn't the expected stereotype of a biker babe. Kudos to Elayne who accomplished to write a very likable and grounded heroine among the shallow pond of hysterical and screeching biker babes. In today's romance books they are few and far between, after all. The only thing that she shared with Eva, heroine of Undeniable, was the first name. This Eva here was mature and intelligent; she wasn't a hysterical bitch who threw a screeching fit over and over again. She dressed tastefully and didn't use filthy language all the time. And to top everything off, she wasn't one of those women who run through men like underwear. Granted, some will say all those attributes will make her look somewhat boring or plain but I didn't mind. If anything, I could relate to her much better than to all those other old ladies I had the pleasure or displeasure of meeting in the past. I also appreciated the fact that Ben didn't really outshine Eva in this story. 

That leads me to another satisfying aspect of the story. I really liked the slow-burning romance. The attraction between Ben and Eva was pretty obvious from the get-go, yet they didn't hit the sheets right in the beginning of the story. In fact, the reader has to wait for a long time to actually experience their first real kiss but what do they say? Good things come to those who wait. While the sex was all right it didn't really knock my socks off. However, my favorite part of the entire book was the f@ck-tastic scene at 74 % which could make it easily on my favorites shelf. Whew. No, scratch that. Double whew. Lots of sparks were flying around and the chemistry and tension oozed out of their pores. Ben can go all dominant and pissy on me anytime! Geez, where the heck was my darn fan when I needed one?

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Needless to say that I liked the tortured hero very much. Six foot and six inches tall, ripped and adorned with a goatee and dirty blond long-ish hair are good enough to make me drool. At first sight Ben was pretty scary but when he smiled he was quite the stunner. This gorgeous hunk of a man and ex-con with his quiet and unassuming demeanor who was not afraid to show his vulnerability was a welcome change. It's very rare for him to lose his cool but when he does then you should brace yourself for a shitstorm of emotions. I enjoyed seeing Eva's (uneventful) civil world collide with Ben's outlaw world. Slowly yet steadily their lives entwined with one another and they worked towards their HEA. What I loved very much about For Your Sake was Eva's old Victorian house. I felt like I was face to face with yet another secondary character. All the descriptions of the building, the stained-glass windows and the old clawfoot tub were so heart-warming and felt vivid and blissfully domestic. All the work that Eva and Ben put into that home gave this story an extra shiny touch. I think the author did a fine job at bringing all those details to life. Knowing that Ben had never lived in a house before, I was so glad that Eva could offer him a precious gift. A real home filled with love.

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Major issue
I predict that all "Grammar Nazis" will happily whip out their red pens. Elayne, for your sake send your book to a professional editor/proofreader who will fix that shoddy job. A few examples:

Situation as per March 21, 2014
he fingers ---> her fingers
Eva watched his unfold ---> Eva watched this unfold
palpatations ---> palpitations
No by a long shot ---> not by a long shot
it must have broke his heart ---> it must have broken his heart
had lept forward ---> had leapt forward
Detatched, detatch, detatchment ---> detached, detach, detachment.

There are many more mistakes, so I think the book could benefit from better editing/proofreading.

Overall For Your Sake is a very good book that accomplished to hold my attention from start to finish. I really hope this is going to turn into a series because the potential is there and I'd love to see a couple characters again (Nosy Gossip Taz and Aero need their stories told). This may be only a biker story 'lite' because it's neither hysterically crazy nor overwhelmingly gritty and yet I appreciated the depth of the characters as well as the author's appealing storytelling skills. More please.

For his sake.

Recommended read.


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