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Behold the Stars (Signal Bend Series) - Susan Fanetti

3.75 stars. Review posted April 4, 2014

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A vigorous Lilli who doesn't mince matters. :)
"Fuck, guys. I'm sure everybody's dick is equally enormous, okay? I promise I'm not staking a claim on the damn chair. I'll say what I came to say and leave you to your circle jerk." 

I enjoyed Move the Sun very much and I was thrilled to read the continuation of Isaac and Lilli's story in Behold the Stars. The story started off very strong and I was smiling like a crazy fool. Clearly, I was in a great place. It's hard to put a finger on it but somewhere along the line I didn't feel that irresistible pull anymore that was so obviously present in the first book. Lilli is an intelligent, strong, highly trained and careful woman, so I was quite agitated when she had a TSTL moment at 64 %. (view spoiler) was kinda amateurish and very careless. Don't get me wrong, overall I enjoyed Behold the Stars and I loved the beginning and the final 20 %. In my book, however, this installment was neither as great nor as engaging as Move the Sun. 

Let me get back to the final 20 %. Both of them (view spoiler) But while I found that part of the plot very engaging, I have to point out another minor issue of mine. After (view spoiler)

The sex in Behold the Stars isn't rough but I was glad that it didn't lack the anticipated intensity. Fact is, Isaac and Lilli complemented each other perfectly and even though it wasn't the perfect moment to (view spoiler) In any event, it wasn't a rational decision; it was Isaac's heart that tipped the scales.

Don't throw any rotten tomatoes at me now, but I must admit that I wanted more smexy times. What was a bit too much in Move the Sun was a bit lacking in this one. Although I'm perfectly fine with less rough sex, I just needed to feel more of their connection and I believe that Isaac and Lilli always 'communicated' quite spectacularly through intimacy and sex.

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Behold the Stars is definitely more somber and emotional than Move the Sun and due to its violence it's not easy to read at times. However, if you're a fan of Isaac and Lilli then it's a must read. And last but not least I'm looking forward to reading Showdown's story. Shannon, his love interest, has been set up nicely at the end of Behold the Stars.

Behold the Stars contains explicit sex and language and quite a bit of VIOLENCE (view spoiler) There's (view spoiler)

Recommended read.


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