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The Open Arms of the Sea - Jasper Dorgan

DNF at 50 %. 2 stars. Review posted April 6, 2014












The first paragraph...beautiful:
photo oie_SbTVp5BzQCm1_zps108ea73d.gif

The writing was good but my low rating reflects my BOREDOM.

I loved the cover and the title and saw the list Best Gay Military and I was like "Hell yes, count me in!" In fact, it was unavoidable to take a trip down memory lane because Special Forces: Soldiers Part I -Director's Cut is on the same list. Friendly heads up, lovers of the SF epic should go into it with realistic expectations. The Open Arms of the Sea is nothing, and I mean nothing, like Special Forces.

I will not go into details, though. I mean what can I review anyway? Proper words elude me because I was simply bored out of my ever lovin' mind. Like I mentioned in one of my updates, Deacon ogling a couple sweaty soldiers and feeling guilty won't hold my interest. There wasn't much going on and while I'm perfectly fine with a clean read I really, really need some kind of relationship development but there wasn't anything remotely close to that going on either.

This was a total bust. Well, onwards…

P.S. I wonder over and over again why authors don't hire professional editors who really command a foreign language. The French translations were not correct. A little example: a l'eglise = à l'église.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/897098790?utm_medium=email&utm_source=rating