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Good plot but the MCs drove me effin' mad.

Amor En Retrogrado - A.M. Riley

2.5 stars.

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When I started to read Amor En Retrogrado I was very excited. However, my excitement retrograded steadily and by the end of the book I felt totally drained and incredibly annoyed which led me to my decision to not read the next installment immediately. Although I'm tempted to give it a try eventually. It's a great pity because Amor En Retrogrado could have been a fabulous read. Fact is, I enjoyed the riveting plot and writing, but Robert and JD's characterizations and actions spoilt this book for me. I think I can cope with one major asshole in a story but it's beyond bad when I've got to struggle along with two über asshole-ish drama queens. If it hadn’t been for the engaging plot that kept me reading, I would have given up somewhere into the second half of the story because, honestly, the MCs' behavior drove me effin' mad! The plot alternated between past and present which was fine by me and spanned over fifteen years of Robert and JD’s crazy and dysfunctional relationshitship. I lost count how many times they upset me to the point where I wanted to throw my Kindle against a wall. 

That was hot…
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JD was drunk off his ass all the time and that imbecile of an attorney (Robert) filled the fridge with beer and whatnot. Is this a bad joke? Robert should have persuaded JD to attend AA meetings ASAP and he should have banned beer and hard liquor from his house permanently.

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(view spoiler) "Hate to be a prick," he said. "But could we lose the Guinness?"
"Sure," said Robert, surprised. "I only stock it for you."
*serious headdesk moment*

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Aha! Frankly, I don't know what I should believe. (view spoiler)These two deserve each other.

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I could have dealt with (view spoiler) (which, by the way, happened off page) but I could not forgive them for their basically pathetic, inexplicable and juvenile behavior. JD is a lecherous, whiny, choleric and obnoxious drunk who drowned in self-pity. And Robert did give him a run for his money in the obnoxious department. Geez, that man is sickeningly jealous and possessive, a highly volatile hothead. Robert has HUGE anger management issues and I'd recommend him to start counseling stat. Holy moly, that man is a *"?!£à+")?`^!!;ç*&! cabron! As a matter of fact, both of them are swift to take offence and fly off the handle. All. The. Time. I’ve had more issues, i.e. all the weeping and too many saccharine endearments. Also, I wasn’t too happy how the recriminations and admission of guilt had been handled. Plus, all the growling…why do I always get the impression that I’ve been catapulted among a pack of feral cats when I read a romance book? Just. Dial. It. Down. A. Notch. Thank you.

Towards the end the cheese dripped off the nooks of my Kindle when Robert and JD were oh-so sorry for everything that went wrong and made amends. Sapsville, much? It was way too convenient for my liking. Anyway, let’s wrap everything up with a lovely metaphorical bow, shall we?


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