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Very emotional.

In Dark Woods - Susan Fanetti

4.5 stars. Review posted April 13, 2014

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It was intense and almost unbearably emotional occasionally. It fucking hurt. Keep a stack of tissues at the ready. Let me handle my review the same way we rip off a band-aid: quick. Fact is, I don't see any purpose in digging around the painful and fierce turmoil which had been provided by In Dark Woods. A riveting and well-written turmoil, that is.

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I'm neither a writer nor a poet. I am a simple reviewer. Yet I wanted to convey my feelings in a special way. It's not a poem, it's a listing of thoughts and I'd like to dedicate it to Isaac and Lilli. Since I didn't want to feel stupid over doing something a bit unconventional for once, I sent it to a dear friend of mine to get her…um…approval. She told me it made her cry. Well, and her response made me teary-eyed.

When tragedy strikes, time stands still
All the wait saturated with angst, despair and hope

Drowning in pain and misery
Fighting back, coping with depression, inadequacies
A savage fear rears its ugly head

Hope blooms

Wiped out by setbacks and everyday worries
Crying jags, exhaustion obliterated by strength and a battling disposition

Marked by milestones
Suppressed desires
Touching, caressing, feeling, skin on skin

Just hold me
Fucking hold me together

A climax

Incentive to keep going
Dealing with quarrels, divergences

To wing hope
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Love weathers any storm

And underneath it all a human being
No surrender, unconditional devotion

Don't take anything for granted
Gratitude, bliss

At last

Escaping the dark woods
Back on the right road

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Maybe I should hand over a thankyou to the author because her words inspired mine. 
In Dark Woods really touched me deeply. Even today I'm still thinking about this novella and I decided to upgrade my rating to 4.5 stars.

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Bottom line, In Dark Woods is a very intimate and profoundly moving portrayal of Isaac and Lilli and a must read for every fan of the Signal Bend series. 

Recommended read.



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Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/889376071?utm_medium=email&utm_source=rating