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My least favorite so far

All the Sky (Signal Bend Series) - Susan Fanetti

3 stars. Review posted April 17, 2014

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Havoc is sporting a shaved head, a beard and a very ripped and tattooed body. Right from the beginning he manifested what a real sexist and jerk he is. He did change somewhat over the course of time, but I didn’t quite buy the “I can be sweet.” What I liked best about him was his hotness factor which was pretty high and, of course, I really loved the interaction between him and Nolan. These two really hit it off and I was happy for Nolan that he found a father figure. I could practically see how he thrived and bloomed when he got Havoc’s attention. Havoc, however, was very uptight when it came to love, relationships and commitment. In fact, intimacy scared the heck out of him. Due to his upbringing it didn’t come as a surprise, though. It goes without saying (view spoiler) And I can’t help feeling a grudge against (view spoiler)

A three-star rating means that I liked the book but didn't love it. I think that Havoc and Cory can’t hold a candle to Isaac and Lilli. In my opinion All the Sky lacked depth, gripping and real emotion. By the way, drama doesn’t necessarily equal emotion, at least not to me. Another issue of mine was the plot itself as well as the writing which felt very disjointed. Nothing really flowed smoothly and the plot was all over the place at times. Plus, I wasn’t particularly fond of Cory either. Aside from love, kids need stability in their lives. Being a parent means that we should be a good role model and I think Cory could have tried harder to hold a job longer than a couple months. When she went mental I was like “Daf@ck? What was that?" As always it would have been very nice to think first and act later. I honestly don’t know what’s so difficult about having a reasonable conversation instead of going apeshit in no time flat. Also, her parenting skills are lacking. What parent lets their kid unattended wander around in the dark for hours?? It’s very careless as well as dangerous and(view spoiler)

All the Sky is by no means a bad read because it did entertain me, yet it’s not up to par with the previous books in the Signal Bend series. I hope that Len's story will appeal more to me.

My ranking
In Dark Woods 4.5 stars
Move the Sun 4 stars
Behold the Stars 3.75 stars
Into the Storm 3.5 stars
All the Sky 3 stars

All the Sky contains explicit sex and violence. One particular scene was pretty gruesome. (view spoiler)



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